NAME Wireless SD Card Multi-Channel RGB Controller

NAME Wireless SD Card Multi-Channel RGB Controller

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Product specification

NAME:Wireless SD card multi-channel RGB controller



WirelessSD card multi-channel RGB controllerusing advanced computer control chip to control all the led lighting lamps and lanterns, for example: the point light source, soft light wall lamp, washing, glass curtain wall lamp, etc. Using infrared remote control, choose pattern files, adjust rate of change, pause, looping, electric storage and switch function. System power search SD card all the "*. LED" file and press the file name from small to large order, read and play the last saved file and mode. Users can choose change pattern. After select all the files, and then press the select key file added to cycle through the pattern file. Its wiring, flexible connection is convenient, simple to use. It can realize the jump, the gradation, the frequency,the horse race, running water and so many effect, according to the customer physical demand. User can also edit the data flies through the incidental pattern editing software(Led Editor v1.0), kinds of change pattern , easy to use , The specific method of editing software see instructions.

Technical parameters

● working temperature: -20-60

● supply voltage: DC12-24V

● output: 24CH RGB

● external dimension :L340ΧW142ΧH54 mm

● packing size :L360ΧW160ΧH60 mm

● net weight : 1.5kg

● gross weight: 1.6kg

● static power consumption :<1W

●Frame frequency: max 25 frames per second

●Grey: 255 magnitude

● Maximum number of documents pattern:64

External Dimention

Saddles buttons Specifications

Interface Specifications

SD card input interface and signal indicator:

The power input and output interface load:

Direction for use

1Connects the load line, power, Before connecting the power to ensure no circuit between phenomenon,

2There are six buttons on the remote control, the key function is as follows:

1): ON/OFF button, any condition that can be opened or closed controller outputs,

2): pause key, in the open controller outputs condition, can press this button to stop and display the current state of output, to observe,

3): select the files in the open reduction, and without pause controller outputs under the condition of the button, can choose by order of the broadcast downward pattern files.

4): choose documents, in the open controller outputs, and no pause condition, can choose by the order of the play button up designs files. To preserve in SD card "*", again after total LED press this button for looping SD card of files, circulation patterns from the document. Looping, if this button will jump back to the first figure files.

5): speed reduction in open controller outputs, and without pause condition, can reduce frame frequency through this button, the frame frequency minimum 1 frames per second.

6): speed controller outputs in open and no pause condition, can pass this button, the frame frequency increases frame frequency for maximum 25 frames per second.

3Card before determine the FAT32 formatting SD card.

4Inno SD card or SD card is not successful, reset the reservation system will play seven color schemes (change), and jumping out of the green light is green (during normal working with the slow speed playback and flash), the user can through this phenomenon to malfunction. If no state in the card, please insert electric reset.

5After the power, the controller can save the SD card all the files, and led by order, choose from the file is executed by the sequence. Therefore, in the file name SD card can refer to the following names, so, in choosing files, by changing the name of serial number can change the pattern of corresponding changes in all the files in the file

6If you want to put out the SD card ,please power off first, otherwise the SD card will be broken

7 The controller supports the maximum number of valid documents led is 64, that is, when the SD card in the number of files saved led more than 64,only the first search to the document 64 files as a valid document.

8 All parameters in the factory prior to the user's use of the environment and requirements of the configured parameters, edit the data if the user needs its own pattern files, please read the attached documents. If you need other communication formats (LPD6803/WS2801 / TM1803 / DM413/TM1809/D705, etc.), please contact us, we will request you to customize the most suitable for your products.

Typical Application

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