Name: Letchercounty Elementary Athletic Association (L.C.E.A.A.)

Name: Letchercounty Elementary Athletic Association (L.C.E.A.A.)


Name: LetcherCounty Elementary Athletic Association (L.C.E.A.A.)


Purpose: Section I: The Purpose of this association shall be to promote better

athletic relations among its members.


Membership: Section I: Membership in the LetcherCounty Elementary Athletic

Association (L.C.E.A.A.) shall consist of these schools, including their pee wee programs:

1. Arlie Boggs Elementary

2. Cowan Elementary

3. Fleming Neon Middle School

4. Letcher Elementary

5. Letcher Middle School

6. Jenkins Middle School

7. Martha Jane Potter Elementary

8. West Whitesburg Elementary

9. Whitesburg Middle School


Officers: Section I: The Athletic Director shall be appointed by the


Section II: The Director of Elementary Athletics will serve as

Secretary and Treasurer.


Representation: Section I: The Principal or Certified Designee shall represent each

School at all meetings of the LCEAA. Each school has one vote with

no vote by proxy.

Section II: Special meetings of the association shall be called by the

Athletic Director or upon a petition submitted by a minimum of five

Member schools.

Section III: Representation of the majority of the schools will

constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Financial Statements:

Section I: The Host School shall make a complete financial statement to the

LCEAA and his/her accounts will be audited by a committee of three, appointed

by the finance officer for this purpose.

After all fees and expenses have been paid for tournament play and $150.00 is left in the bank, the remainder will be divided among the schools at the end of the year.


Board of Control:

Section I: The LCEAA Board of Control shall have general control of the affairs

of the LCEAA. A majority of members of the Board of Control shall constitute a

quorum for the transaction of business provided that all members of the Board of

Control shall have been notified at least three (3) days prior to the time of the


Section II: In case of controversy, all members of the Board of Control shall

Constitute a Board of Appeals which shall hear all complaints, decide all protests,

and interpret the constitution of the LCEAA, after an appeal has been made to the

Elementary Athletic Director. The Board of Control shall be the Principals. An

Appeal of the decision made by the Board of Control must be made within five

days to the Superintendent of Letcher County.

Section III: Appeals must be made to the Superintendent of Letcher County and

the Athletic Director. After 10 days the decision of the Board of Control shall be




Section I: Any protest, or request for interpretation of the constitution and by-

laws shall be made to the Elementary Athletic Director, in writing, within one

week following the cause for this action. Two copies of the request shall be

furnished to the Elementary Athletic Director. The request for action shall set

forth all circumstances and allegations surrounding the controversy.

Section II: The member school against which action is requested shall have one

week to answer charges following their notification by the Athletic Director who

will forward one copy of allegations to the Principals. The Athletic Director shall

respond within ten (10) working days.



Section I: Thirty days before any regular meeting, the member school may file

with the Athletic Director, in writing, any proposed changes in the LCEAA

constitution and by-laws and the Director shall submit these proposed changes

which have been made to the member schools at least twenty calendar days prior

to the next regular meeting. Except by unanimous vote by secret ballot by the

delegates, no other amendment shall be considered at the meetings, except those

submitted through the letter. Changes in the by-laws may only be made

at the May meeting.

Section II: A two-thirds majority of all votes cast by the Board of Control shall

be necessary to amend the constitution and by-laws.

Section III: Any rule changes to be made shall be made by the LCEAA Board of

Control by a two-thirds vote of the LCEAA membership and the rule change shall

take effect during the current school year.

There will need to be an Agenda for each regular meeting faxed to the member


Rules Governing LetcherCountyElementary School Athletics

The following rules are to govern the athletic events as of July 2005, and all future athletic events until amended by the LCEAA and approved by the Letcher County Board

of Education. The LCEAA will follow KHSAA rules and bylaws unless specified different in this document.

1. The principal of the participating school shall furnish information to the Director of

Elementary Athletics, as requested by a letter that will be sent to all Principals or

Head Teachers of all the participating schools. Notification of the date of the

drawing will be in the hands of the Principals a minimum of one (1) week prior to

the drawing. The seeding shall be held during the week preceding the


2. The eligibility list, on a separate sheet or form, provided by the Director of

Elementary Athletics with a signature of the Principal or Head Teacher, will be

sent to the Athletic Director one (1) week prior to the beginning of the playing

season. The eligibility list shall consist of the following information:

  1. Name and Age of Players
  2. Grade Level
  3. Date of Birth
  4. School Attended the Preceding Year
  5. Parents’ Name and Address

3. Before an athlete may participate in any sport governed by these rules, their name

must appear on the official eligibility list on file with the Director of Elementary


4. A player must live in the school’s attendance zones and be enrolled at the school to be eligible to play any sport at any level. Students that transfer and live out of the district must attend the school closest to where they live and are eligible to participate upon enrollment. Starting with the 2014/2015 school year, students repeating a grade in grades 6-8 will not be able to participate in athletics according to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. Players enrolled in feeder schools are eligible at other schools if that sport is not offered at their school. A three person board (district athletic director, high school athletic director and assigning secretary) will make a ruling on any player eligibility issues.

5. Homeschooled students are not eligible to participate in the LCEAA activities.

6. One (1) county tournament or competition will be held for girls’ basketball,

boys’ basketball, football,volleyball, and cheerleading. Boy’s baseball, girl’s softball and archery will not have a county tournament at this time. Teams will be seeded for all tournaments with all participating teams sharing equally in tournamentsproceeds. The conclusion of the tournament will be the end of the sports season and no practice or contest will be allowed until the next year. Sport teams will be permitted to compete in the 14th Regional Middle School Tournament.

7. All players must wear legal numbers to insure proper identification in all sports where numbers are appropriate.

8. Standardized trophies will be given after the tournament in girl’s basketball, boy’s basketball, cheerleading,football,and volleyball; one (1) to the winning team, one (1) to the runner up one (1) to the third place, and one (1) to the fourth place winner. Trophies will be 24, 22, 20, 18 inches respectively and will be presented to the school after each tournament. One coaches plaque will be awarded to the winning coach.

9. Cheerleading Competition: Cheerleading is for students in grades 4-8.Cheer Squads must cheer at 75% of home games before eligible to participate in the competition. The cheerleading competition will be held prior to Christmas break. The winning cheerleading teams will be chosen by three (3) KAPOS judges. The Athletic Director will be responsible for hiring the judges and the host school will be responsible for setting up the cheerleading competition.The competition will be based on the KHSAA score sheet. The order of the competition will be done by a prior drawing. A 10 minute warm-up will be provided to each school squad prior to the start of the competition. The coaches will have a brief verification time with the judges prior to the announcement of the competition results. The results will be announced immediately following the competition. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES SHALL BE FINAL.

10. A round-robin schedule established by the Elementary Athletic Director will be

played in each sport with each school playing every other school a home and an away seeded game. The win-loss record will then be used to seed teams for LCEAA playoffs. Any games that have not been made up by the time the tournament starts will be counted as a forfeit. Games are to be played as scheduled by the Athletic Director and if canceled because of weather must be played when rescheduled by the Athletic Director.

Contracts in the amount of $500 will be instituted among schools participating in the LCEAA for each middle school sport. The purpose of the contracts is to ensure participating schools play each other as scheduled from year to year. A clause dealing with severe weather cancellations will be included in the contracts. A three person board (district athletic director, high school athletic director and assigning secretary) will make a ruling regarding any issues related to the contracts.

11. No team shall be allowed to participate in the tournament without being under the

supervision of the school Principal, teacher of the school, or the Board

approved designee.

12. Official rules of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) and the National Federation of Sports will be used in calling all contest of the LCEAA.

13. Any questions concerning athletic events will be referred to the Director of

Elementary Athletics. If he/she cannot resolve the issue, it will be referred to

the Board of Control.

14. Each home school participating in athletic events shall have the Principal, or his/he designated faculty member, excluding the coach, in charge of the athletic contest.

15. Principals are expected to make an effort to get certified coaches for each sport. If this is not possible, the following considerations must be met: a coach must be a high school graduate and 21 years of age. Certified coaches must have First Aid/CPR training. Non-certified coaches must be approved by the principal, have an annual background check and First Aid/CPR training.School level coaches are allowed to coach AAU teams during the sport’s off-season if interested.

16. As of 8/11, all pee-wee programs are considered school affiliated. The paraprofessional coach must be approved by the principal, have a yearly background check, and current First Aid/CPR. The main purpose is to provide student insurance to all participants.

Elementary schools are encouraged to have an organized pee-wee program for grades K-5. Principals make the decisions regarding the structure of their program. Principals can decide to have elementary games prior to the middle school C-team games if desired. C-team games must tip-off at 6 o’clock.

Gate admission prices for all pee-wee games (all sports or activities) are $2 for adults and $1 for students. Officials will be paid $30 per game and $5 for each additional quarter

All pee-wee activities, except for football, will be played as an intramural school league (flag football for grades K-1 is intramural). Players must play on the team that they attend school (Arlie Boggs students may play at Cowan Elementary if the school does not have a team).

The start date for pee-wee football is August 1st and the end date is October 15th or after playing the limit of 15 games, whichever comes first. The teams can play each county school or schools out of the district.

Only two (2) coaches/paraprofessionals can be on the field at any time giving the players instruction.

Any football player that is age 11 prior to August 1st is ineligible to play pee-wee football and must play up on the middle school team.

17. All participating schools must play at least eight (8) basketball and volleyballgames prior to entering the tournament for that sport. Games not played for seeding purposes will be counted as a forfeit. If a contest is not played the Athletic Director and the Principals involved will determine how the win/loss situation will be counted.

18. Any game not made-up by tournament time becomes a loss.

19. Girls’ basketball (grades 4-8)may start practice on July 15th. Scheduled games for all schools will start on or after the opening day of school for students and end by November 15th of each year. Boys’ basketball practice (grades 4-8) starts October 15th. The season for all schools will start on the week following the conclusion of the Girl’s Tournament and end January 31st of each year unless agreed upon by the Board of Control. Football may begin practice on July 15th with thefirst 5 days in helmets and shorts and will begin scheduled games by August 15th. Maximum number of football games will be 15 (regular and post season).

20.Volleyball (grades 4-8) will be played in the spring. They may start practice January 1st and play thru mid- March.

21.Boy’s Baseball and Girl’s Softball (grades 6-8) will start mid-March and play thru May.

22. Member schools will be permitted to play two (2) games per weekMonday-Thursdayin archery,boy’s basketball, girl’s basketball, baseball, softballand volleyball (when school is in session) with a maximum of thirty (30) games. Two scrimmages may be played without counting on the total games. Scrimmages must be played prior to the season opening. Intersquad scrimmages must have KHSAA licensed officials.

23. Tournament sponsorship: Each school will host one sport per year on a rotational basis. Girls basketball and boy’s basketball tournaments will be held at either Fleming Neon Middle School or LetcherMiddle School. Football can be held at Fleming Neon Middle School, Letcher Middle School, and the old WHS site. Volleyball can be held at Fleming Neon Middle School, Letcher Middle School, or Whitesburg Middle School. The cheerleading competition will be held at Letcher County Central (if not possible due to scheduling, it will be held at FNM or LMS). The finals/consolation games will be held at Letcher County Central for all middle school sport programs if possible. Schools hosting football, softball, and baseball tournaments will be done a rotational basis like other sports. The gate money will only be divided among the 3 team sites. The concession money will go to the host school.

24. The Director of Elementary Athletics will be given the responsibility of

coordinating and monitoring the athletic program. All in county contests will be

scheduled and officials assigned by the Athletic Director.

25. All schools should encourage good sportsmanship from the entire school and


26. ”B” teams and “C” teams will be permitted, provided games are played as preliminaries to or immediately following the seventh and eighth grade games with the same school. (Eighth graders may not play on the “B” team.) The LCEAA will NOT sponsor a “B” or “C” team tournament. The host school may sponsor a “B” and/or “C” team tournament.

A Teams are defined as: 8th grade and below

B Teams are defined as: 7th grade and below

C Teams are defined as: 6th grade and below

Football is played according to the following grade levels (age 11 by August 1st must play up on middle school team):

K/1st- Flag

2-4th- Pee Wee

5/6th- Junior Varsity (B-Team)

7/8th- Varsity (A-Team)

The maximum number of football games is 15 including regular and post season. Teams cannot play more than two football games per week.

27. Buses may be used to transport participants to and from games.

28. There shall be no scheduled athletic events during the CATS testing window.

29. If it becomes necessary to cancel a game, the school shall be notified by 12:00 noon

of the day of the game. A game may be canceled at that time by mutual agreement. Make-up games will be the responsibility of the school principal by mutual agreement. During inclement weather, the traveling school will make the

decision to cancel a game.

30. If a team cancels a game (with the forfeit rule) the opposing team has the option of

playing another team without consequences toward district seeding and its total number of season games.

31. Seeded games are to be completed at least one (1) week prior to the tournament date; Coaches are to e-mail assigning secretary with game results and copy to their principal. The principal/coach of each school must submit a signed schedule indicating the number of games played prior to the tournament. Any school team that plays more than 30 games (15 for football) is disqualified from the tournament.

Letcher County Elementary Athletic Association