My Plate Nutrition Project Ms. Stansbury

My Plate Nutrition Project Ms. Stansbury

My Plate Nutrition Project –Ms. Stansbury

Mastery Objective: You will be able to compare your food intake and physical activity with the dietary guidelines and recommendations by using the online Nutrition Super Tracker.

Food and Physical Activity Tracking: 5 days

PROJECT DUE: 140 points total:

15 points for Food Log

50 points for Food Exploration

50 points for Chart

25 points for Essay Addressing the Summary Questions


  1. Go to:
  1. Click on CREATE PROFILE. (once you have a log in, simply log in)
  1. Login Screen. Enter all the required information. Write down your username and password so you do not forget it. Click SUBMIT.
  1. Once logged in to your SuperTracker Profile page – click on FOOD TRACKER.
  1. Select the DATE in the top left. THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST DAY YOU KEPT THE LOG. After you enter your food and physical activity intake for Day 1, you will need to change the date for Day 2 and then for Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.
  1. Once you have the date set, start entering your foods.
  1. Enter each food item you have eaten that day in the search box. From the list, select the food or drink. Be sure to enter all foods and drinks for the day.
  1. For each item, select the amount (number and size) and select either BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER or SNACK.
  1. Fill in all items that you ate for that day.
  1. Change the date and enter FOOD for the remainder of the days.
  1. After you have entered the food for all five days:
  2. At top: click on MY REPORTS
  3. Examine the following reports:

1. Food Groups and Calories (select your dates)

2. Nutrients (select your dates)

3. History

a. Enter your dates

b. Select line or bar chart

c. Examine a history chart for each of the following:

(1) Total Calories

(2) Empty Calories

(3) Grains

(4) Vegetables

(5) Fruits

(6) Dairy

(7) Protein

  1. Complete the attached CHART. Each space on the chart must be filled in.

Write “no changes” if you do not need changes to that item.

  1. On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Your responses should be 1 ½ to 2 pages typed. (25 points total)
  1. Are all days typical of your normal eating patterns? Yes or no, and please explain in detail.
  1. Provide your overall opinion of the project and discuss the knowledge gained from the food exploration. For each of the five food group (grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins), discuss the nutritional value of the food group. How will you use this knowledge to make changes in your eating patterns?