Ms. Driscoll S Algebra 1 Syllabus for 2017-2018

Ms. Driscoll S Algebra 1 Syllabus for 2017-2018

Ms. Driscoll’s Algebra 1 Syllabus for 2017-2018

Class Schedule (Room 521)

1sthrAlgebra 1

2ndhrAlgebra 1


1st lunch

4thhrAlgebra 1

5thhrAlgebra 1

6thhr Algebra 1

Course Objectives:

This year we will focus on the following areas:

  • Writing Expressions
  • Solving Equations
  • Writing and Solving Inequalities
  • Percent and Ratios
  • Functions
  • Slope and Linear Equations
  • System of Equations
  • Polynomials and Factoring
  • Simplifying Radicals
  • Exponential Expressions
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Series

Required Daily Supplies that will be needed by Monday, August 21st:

  • McDougal/LittellAlgebra 1 Textbook
  • Composition Notebook (for bellwork & daily notes)
  • Binder/Folder for returned assignments
  • Pencils or pens
  • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  • Graph Paper
  • TI 30XS Multiview Calculator(They run anywhere between $15 and $20, we have a class set for the classroom but students will not be able to check them out for homework)
  • Agenda (required by school and a student may not leave the classroom without it)
  • Student ID (required by school and a student may not be admitted to class without it)

Classroom Supplies “Wish List”:

The following will be donated to the classroom for use.

1st, 2nd, & 4th Hours: 1 box of tissues, 1 pack of pencils

5th& 6th Hours: 1 package of notebook paper, 1 package or red pens


Students should be respectful of each other and their surroundings.

Students should come to class prepared to learn and participate.

There are no cell phones, food, or drinks allowed in the classroom with the exception of water.

Students should follow all rules in the Student Handbook and use common sense at all times.

Grading Policy and Course Design:

Every student starts the school year with 100% but it is their responsibility to maintain that grade.

The student’s grade will be determined by the following:

Daily Work (40%) - Homework assignments, Quizzes and In-Class Projectsfor each semester will be worth 40% of the student’s total grade.

Homework assignments

Procedures for homework.

1)Assignments are graded on a 10 point scale. This is based on the following criteria:

  • Students will grade assignments for accuracy. Any problems left blank will be marked as incorrect, it is important that students attempt all problems assigned.
  • The percentage correct will correspond to how many points the students receives out of 10. For example:
  • An 85% will round up to a 9.
  • A 71% will be a 7.
  • A 58% will be a 6.

If no work is shown on assignment zero points will be awarded!

2)I will check assignments sporadically to make sure students are being truthful in their grading. Incorrect grading will result in an automatic zero.

3)Homework is due at the beginning of the hour before grading, if not turned in lunch tutoring will be assigned to make up the assignment, this must be completed before the chapter test. If tutoring is missed the student will receive a zero.

Quizzes will occur approximately once a week and are worth 50 points each and are open note, there will typically not be a review assigned for a quiz.

Important information about homework assignments and reviews

  • Late work policy:
  1. If astudent has excused absences then the number of days absent is the number of days given to complete missed assignments

a)All daily assignments will be written on the calendar, handouts will be kept in the “Absent?” Files by the door-students are responsible for picking up missing assignments and getting them turned in when necessary.

b)If a student is absent the day before a quiz or test, they will take it the day they come back.

c)For school activities, assignments need to be picked up before student leaves and turned in the day they come back.

d)Those in school activities will either take quizzes and tests before they leave or the day they come back.

e)Students who have been suspended or are in ISD will get assignments before they leave and will turn in those assignments and make-up any quizzes or tests when they get back.

  1. If there is not an excused absent and the student was present when the assignment was given:

a) Students can turn in up to 3 late assignments per 9 weeks for full credit.

b) After the third late assignment anything turned in after the due date will be given half credit.

c) All work for a chapter is due before the end-of-chapter test and will not receive credit after we have completed the chapter.

  • If a student accumulates 1 missing assignment parents will be contacted after 5 the parent and principal will be informed.

Notebooks/Tests Grade (40%)–Notebooks and Tests for each semester will be worth 40% of the student’s total grade.

  • There will be tests given over certain sections or entire chapters throughout the year and they are worth 100 points each.
  • There will be no retakes on any test or quiz.
  • There will be 9 week cumulative tests given each semester that will be taken as a test grade.
  • Students will know in advance when my tests are so they need to be prepared to take them on test day.
  1. Students should always read the boards in my class.
  2. I write upcoming test dates and any important information on these
  3. Students are responsible for whatever information is on my boards.

If the student has received all lecture materials and/or has attended the review, they will take the test on test day.

If we have any projects during the year they will also be considered a test grade.

Notes will be taken and kept in a composition notebook. All sections will be labeled in a table of contents and at the beginning of each section. If a student is absent it is their responsibility to acquire the notes from my webpage or a peer to place in the notebook. Notes will be checked at the end of each chapter and will be a separate test grade worth 40-100 points depending on the chapter.

Semester Exams (20%)- These are cumulative Semester Exams worth 20% of the student’s total grade.

Extra Help:

  • Help times:
  1. I am available to help students Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:45-8:15 a.m. and during freshman lunch on those days.
  2. Unexpected situations may arise so a student can also make arrangements for help before/after school or at lunch.
  3. Please make sure that if an appointment is made that the student shows.


  1. I will try to keep my website updated with assignments and important information ( and under school staff click on Danielle Driscoll).
  2. If your student does or does not have Internet, the book has the information.


  • I have set up a Remind account for my Algebra 1 classes.
  • Remind allows teachers to send mass texts to all students (or parents) to remind them of upcoming due dates or tests through the Remind program and not through my personal phone.
  • If you would like to enroll in my Remind texts simply text “@cd6ffa” to the number: 81010.
  • I will have the information about Remind posted in my classroom and on my website as well.


If a student receives 10 ½ unexcused absences for that semester, they will receive no credit for the class.

Two tardies is counted as an absence

If the student is over 5 minutes late to class it is considered an absence.

The school makes calls regarding daily absences

Parent/Guardian Contact

  • I find it easier to communicate via e-mail and will most likely do so in the event contact is necessary (i.e. attendance or behavior problems, poor grades, or I just need to tell you how great your kid is!)
  • If at any time you would like to contact me please feel free to shoot me and e-mail () or call the school and they will get the message to me, (405)735-4200.

The Student Handbook will be followed especially in the situations of:

Cell Phones/Headphone of any type

1.Students are not to have their phones out in class AT ALL.

2.If students are playing or texting on cellphones in my class:

1st offense- Verbal warning

2nd offense- I will take the phone and they can get it back at the end of class

3rd offense- I will take the phone and give it to the office

*If this becomes a daily issue I will contact parents and the grade principal if necessary.

School Dress Code -

3.Please have student read and follow the school dress code.

4.If dress code is not followed they will be sent home to change.

ID’s and Agendas

5.ID’s must be worn at all times, failure to do so results in a suspension as per the district’s ID policy.

6.Students must have agendas to leave class


  • Failure to meet classroom expectations and/or disruption of the learning environment in place will result in the following discipline steps.
  • Discipline is dependent on the severity & consistency of the action (if severe - go directly to Grade Principal).

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offense: Student/Teacher Conference

3rd Offense: Parent Notification (Conference if necessary)

4th Offense: Principal Intervention

If I happen to have a substitute teacher, any student that had his/her name written down will have parents contacted the first time it happens (unless the action is severe and then it is an automatic referral), and a referral the second time any substitute writes his/her name down.

I am more than happy to help my students achieve their best in my class but I do not “give” grades, students earn them. That being said, please do not wait until the last weeks of the semester to try to work on your grade. I do not give individual extra credit opportunities and I expect students to follow the guidelines set out in this syllabus in regards to turning in work. I believe all students can do well in this class it just requires attention and work ethic.