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The Moulton Elementary School Library is an integral part of the school program and serves to enhance student learning by providing library services which will be beneficial to all students, faculty, and staff. The library serves as a valuable resource for checking out materials, computer usage and various other activities.

It is my goal to provide each student with the skills necessary to use the library and maintain an environment that will be conducive to their learning. Library skills will be taught as well as the use of technology to prepare them to become independent users.


Hours: 8 a. m.-2 p. m. (Closed for lunch, see schedule)

The Moulton Elementary School Library provides a schedule that allows all students an allotted 30 minute library period. Teachers bring their class to the library once a week for this set time.

Students are allowed to visit the library anytime using flexible scheduling other than their set time to check-out, check-in, and do research.If you send students other than their scheduled time, teachers are asked to send no more than 3 students at a time, due to library classes being conducted throughout the school day. My first priority is to teach the scheduled class.

Due to holidays, field trips, delays, early dismissals and other unforeseen school activities, library classes will not be made up due to time restraints within the school dayand other classes may have missed as well. If a teacher’s library time is missed due to any of the above mentioned reasons, the teacher is welcome to bring her entire class to check-out as long as the teacher remains with their group.

When I am not having classes, my time is to be spent doing administrative duties such as processing, cataloging, shelving as well as working with students using flex scheduling. Other duties also include preparing for the annual book fair, serving as our Spelling Bee chairperson, and web master for our school’s site.


When visiting the library, students are expected to follow the library rules as well as any school wide rules that apply. Library rules are discussed with the students during library orientation and throughout the school year. Library rules are posted in the library. Students are made aware of the Library Discipline Report which will be used for continually breaking the rules in the library. This is a report designed by me which will be filled out with the information regarding the problem and then given to the teacher upon their return to pick up the class. If the problem persists, an official Moulton Elementary School Discipline form will be filled out in triplicate and sent to the principal.


In the library we use the Destiny (Follett) automation system for maintaining and checking out of materials. Every student, faculty and staff member is entered into the system which enables the patron to check out materials. Student numbers are used for their check-out.

All students at some point will become independent when checking in and out their books. This means they are able to find their teacher, their name and scan the bar codes of the books. I will assist when necessary.

Classrooms are grouped according to grade level and the teacher’s name. Homeroom teachers are grouped with their students. A classroom teacher checking out materials will click on their class and find their patron name.

All other faculty and staff members are able to check out materials by clicking on the Patron tab to find their name instead of the Homeroom.

Our automation system is web based; therefore your classroom can access the search page for our library in order to search our collection.


The library provides a variety of materials and resources for the school to use. The library houses, books, computers, printers, books/tapes, video tapes, DVD’s, paperback books, Big Books, as well as other resources. Students are only allowed to check out books in the main library.


There are no limits as to how much a teacher can check-out from the media center. Teachers may use the material as long as it is needed. The following are the limits for students:

Kindergarten-1 book, First grade-1 book, Second Grade-2 books, Third grade-2 books, Fourth Grade-2 books


Over dues do not apply to teachers or staff members. Occasionally, overdue slips will be printed and placed in teacher boxes, however, this is only a reminder of what is checked out. Students keep their books for one week, however, books can be renewed if the student would like to continue reading it. Students will not be allowed to check out if they have overdue book(s).


Students are responsible for any books that are lost or damaged. A notice will be sent home with the title and price of the lost book. The book(s) can be paid for by check made out to Moulton Elementary School Library and is non-refundable. If Destiny does not display a price, a replacement fee of $15.00 will be charged for the lost book. If a book is paid for and found, the book becomes the property of the student. The library cannot issue refunds. Students who return a book that has been damaged will need to pay for the repair of the book. A $3.00 repair fee will be charged.


The library maintains a web site with information regarding our library as well as links to educational web sites for students, faculty, and staff:


FUNDING: *Our main source of funding are book fairs. We have book fairs each year to provide additional funding to purchase items for the library.

BOOK FAIRS: Each year we sponsor a book fair to give our school an opportunity to purchase reading materials. The library does not see classes during these weeks due to the fair being open daily.

SCHOOL LIBRARY MEDIA COMMITTEE: Moulton Elementary School has a library committee consisting of the principal, librarian, teacher representative, as well as parent and community members. We welcome their input and service to the library.