Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Standon Parish Council Held at Cotes Heath & Standon Community

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Standon Parish Council Held at Cotes Heath & Standon Community


Present: P Banks(Chair),J Jones, P Jones,J Mann, A Williams.J Baskerville, S Mather

Two members of the public : D Wright ( Clerk)

17.60Apologies. B Cllr P Jones, C Cllr J Pert

17.61Declarations of Interest. None.


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on11th September had been circulated previously. The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chair.

17.63Matters arising.

a)17.56(b). A519 site meeting. Meeting location should have been at St James Green not Station Road.

b)17.36 Housing Association garages. No response. Clerk will write again to Stafford & Rural Housing Association asking what they intend to do about the garages.

17.64County Councillor’s Report

None. Councillor J Pert was attending another one of the parish councils in his constituency.


The following applicationshave been submitted.

Application # / Address / Details
17/27485/HOU / The Hollies Station Road
Cotes Heath / Kitchen extension
17/27489/FUL / The Hollies Station Road
Cotes Heath / Erection of block of stables including tack room, hay storage & creation of a menage

The following applicationsare pending consideration.

Application # / Address / Details
17/26577/FUL / Standon Hall Residential Home Maer Lane Standon ST21 6RA / Change of use of Standon Hall and Outbuildings to C3 residential accommodation and B1 office use.
17/27070/FUL / Weston House Farm Weston Lane Bowers / 2 barn conversions to use as holiday lets. Change of use of agricultural land to residential. New double garage and swimming pool building.

The following applications have been permitted.

Application # / Address / Details
17/26937/FUL / Meadowbrook Weston Lane Bowers / Erection of an agricultural building
17/27040/FUL / Longfields Rock Lane Standon / Storage of hay and sheep rearing and over wintering of equestrian animals


a)The accounts for the year to 13thNovember 2017 were presented. The second instalment of the precept of £4809.50 had been received. The current account balance was £1024.90 and the Reserve Account was £15,496.65.

The following accounts for payment were approved

1057 PJS Landscapes - Grass cutting£ 72.00

This cheque had already been paid in October between meetings

1058 Community Centre hire£ 20.00

1059 Clerk’s Salary(Oct-November)less tax£ 198.56

1060 Inland Revenue –PAYE £ 132.54

1061 Grant Thornton – Audit fee£ 120.00

1062 Stafford BoroughCouncil –Amenity Visits£ 250.00

1063 EoN Lighting –Street light maintenance£ 81 .65

£ 802.75

The accounts for payment were approved and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer. This gives a cashbook balance of £ 222.15.

As Sandy Lane has been adopted by Staffordshire County Council, they will be approached to see if they will take over the maintenance of the street light.

17.67Special Items : Parish Projects

a)Signage in the village has been suspended to allow concentration on measures to improve safety on the A519

b)A519 . There was some confusion about the venue for the site meeting but eventually the party met outside the entrance to Nelson Crescent. Cllr Pert was very concerned about the speed of the traffic. Whilst the visit was taking place, a car which was about to turn into Nelson Crescent was hit in the rear by another vehicle. There are problems of visibility at Nelson Crescent and Cotes Lane and a too high level of speed so that there is little time for cars on the A519 to see any cars which are turning. It was suggested that we get the traffic speed verified and sensors should be put by Station Road and by the Church. Cllr Pert will raise the need for a speed limit and the potential accident sites in his meetings with the Highways Department. Solutions adopted elsewhere are a 30mph zone and the provision of a filter lane to allow vehicles to turn into an estate.

c)Pool enhancement: The contractor has still to invoice for his work. There is less water coming into the pool than previously and until there is enough water in the top pool, it is not possible to get water into the lower pool. It looks as if the input pipe needs digging out. There may be an issue in the top field above the pools which is affecting the drainage.


StaffsParish CouncilAssociation - Annual Report and AGM notice

Stafford Borough Council –Local Plan Review-Call for sites

17.69Next meeting

Monday 8th January 2018at 7.30 pm in Cotes Heath & Standon Community Centre, Station Road, Cotes Heath

This meeting will discuss the budget and set the Precept request for 2018/19

The meeting was declared closed at 8.40 pm.

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