Minutes - Emerging Affiliate Call

Minutes - Emerging Affiliate Call

Minutes - Emerging Affiliate Call

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

12:00 noon – 1:00 pm



Kim H. Jones, NAMI GA Executive Director

Robert Gray, NAMI GA State Affiliate Relations Coordinator

Lavette Dow-Jones, NAMI GA Finance

NAMI GA Emerging Affiliates

Linda Beaver – Union County

Suzanne Moore – Union County

Cheryl Williams – Vidalia

Janine Bangs – Augusta

Tim Prewett – Douglas County

Jane Joiner – Hall County

Kim opened the meeting with introductions. There were no specific topics suggested prior to the call


Suzanne asked a question about whether funs donated to NAMI National in memory of someone would filter down to the affiliate level. Kim replied that they would not since the affiliate would not have been identified.

Suzanne asked if someone joins NAMI National online, are they also joining NAMI GA. Kim replied that the website would ask them to identify the nearest affiliate location and they would become a member of that affiliate. If it is an emerging affiliate, they would not be listed on the website so the person would come up under the closest existing affiliate.

NAMI Affiliate Assessment Worksheet

Kim reviewed the NAMI Affiliate Assessment Worksheet. Janine indicated that the worksheet is very beneficial. They are working on their 501c3 since they had it before and need to reapply before the deadline. Kim advised the other emerging affiliates to take their time since 501c3 requires a solid foundation.

We will be using the Worksheet for all affiliates as a guide.

Vidalia would come up under Statesboro as the closest affiliate. NAMI Douglas is re-emerging. Robert will be working closely with them.

Union asked a question about the bank account. In order to open a bank account, a Tax ID would be needed. An emerging affiliate can come under the NAMI GA Tax ID. NAMI GA would create a holding account in our bank. Funds in this account could be used by the emerging affiliate for events that support our mission of advocacy, research, education, and support.

NAMI Affiliate Assessment Worksheet

Kim reviewed the Pathway to Re-affiliation for my NAMI Affiliate We are no longer using Model C and are working the with 10 affiliates who are Model C now to move to Model B or Model A.

Affiliate Data At-A-Glance

The information comes from NAMI 360. It is used as the foundation for affiliate assessment. Not everyone uses NAMI 360 but it is important for emerging as well as current affiliates to have someone enter their information on programs and meetings. Christina is our new Programs Coordinator.

Affiliate Status

Once an emerging affiliate obtains an EIN #, they should email it to Robert at .

IRS Public Charity status must be obtained if an affiliate is accepting donations.

Any updates to this sheet should be emailed to Robert.

If an emerging affiliate has meetings or calls scheduled at a set place and time, they should go to the NAMI GA website ( and fill out the form so that we can publicize on Facebook. Please email Robert with this information as well.


All of the documents that were sent out with the August Minutes appear below or are attached to the email along with these minutes.

Our next conference call will be on Tuesday, October 18 from noon until 1:00 PM.

Documents from the August Minutes

Re-Chartering and Re-Affiliation

NAMI State Organizations and Re-affiliation

NAMI Affiliates Seeking Re-affiliation: The Basics

Re-Affiliation Archives

Re-Affiliation FAQs

Tools and Resources

NAMI Standards of Excellence Guide

NAMI State Organization Handbook

NAMI Affiliate Handbookrefreshed April 2016

(Operating Models A, B, C Chart - pg 19)

(NAMI Affiliate Assessment Worksheet – pg.14-16)

NAMI Affiliate Handbookrefreshed April 2016 -has links!! Listed as "SOE_Affiliate_Green_FINAL"

(Operating Models A, B, C Chart - pg 19)

(NAMI Affiliate Assessment Worksheet – pg.14-16)

Conference Call Line– 1-712-4321-1549 pick any numbers i.e. 1234 hit #

NAMI guidelines and samples for Bylaws–these are also links in handbook


NAMI GA New Affiliate Guidelines

NAMI Guidelines for Naming Affiliates

Free legal assistance for non-profits - Pbpatl.org – NAMI GA is filling out paperwork and provide later

NAMI Brochure– NAMI template

NAMI GA Brochure–( We can send you 25 free and print extra for $.07 each for you) Send

NAMI GA Office Directory– Who do I call for what?