Midwest Region LNP Operations Meeting Minutes

Midwest Region LNP Operations Meeting Minutes

Midwest Region LNP Operations Meeting Minutes


Next Operations Meeting:

August 3, 1999

9:00 to 11:00 am CDT

Meet-me-bridge 1-312-814-8097

Agenda 7-1-99:

18 hour timer issue

Aging- Snap back or immediate

New Entrant information NPAC-secure website

NPA Code splits/overlays- general discussion

NIIF Issues Update

Minutes are taken at a very high level.

Attendees 7-1

Kristen McMillanNextlink

Mart NurmetMCI/Worldcom

Cynthia HaganMcLeod USA

Gene JohnstonLockheed Martin

Jim GrasserAmeritech Cellular

Mike WagnerAmeritech

Vicki PetersenUS West

Darin ListonSprint Local

Robin MeierAmeritech

18 hour timer issue discussion

This item was not discussed at the last meeting and was carried over to this meeting. The issue is carriers who do not submit their subscriptions to the NPAC within the 18 hour T1 and T2 timer window. Part of the discussion identified that some carriers had a few initial problems when a new provider started porting. Generally the problem disappears with experience or training. Basically without further information it was determined that this is predominately an educational issue which should be resolved on a case by case basis. This won’t be on the agenda unless additional information warrants further discussion.

Aging snap back or immediate

Discussion took place on this issue. INC has some guidelines for aging. Part of the issue on the INC guidelines (draft recommendations) is that the new service provider provides the aging, which could cause code 26n problems. After considerable discussion the team has determined that this is a national issue and should be dealt with by the INC. We may want to periodically review the status and determine if we need to discuss regionally.

NPA Code Splits/ Overlay

Discussion determined that this is a national issue and this group will monitor progress individually. This will not be on the agenda unless new information requires additional discussion.

Carrier to Carrier LNP Guidelines

The document has been finalized and will be posted on ported.com for the Midwest Region.

MCI/WorldComm would like the following information captured in the minutes. Mart Nurmet- MCI WorldComm provided the following via E-mail.

[As was discussed on the Midwest Operations Team meeting today, the term "Reserved Number" definition as used in the Carrier to Carrier document should not include any reference to being 'Paid For' and that term is being defined by the "North American Numbering Council".]

Additional discussion determined this position should be captured in the minutes and would not be appropriate to include the statement in the document itself.

Path Forward: The Carrier to Carrier LNP Guidelines has been combined with the New Entrant Testing Guidelines document to form one complete document. The combined document has been presented to the NIIF for review and acceptance.

NIIF LNP Issues update

Issue 130- New Entrant- Active issue

Gene Johnston provided an update to discuss how new entrant information could be accessed on the NPAC secure website. At the present time, this would have to be approved by the LLC’s. Currently this information is provided to the PE’s. This will be a topic for the LLC’s. We may not have additional information by the next scheduled meeting.

As identified earlier the combined (Carrier to Carrier LNP….) document was presented to the NIIF at the June meeting.

Issue 134- LNP Maintenance Issue. This issue is active.

An initial draft is available for review and input is welcome. Please review the document for discussion at the next meeting. (Sent earlier) Contact Robin Meier if additional copies are needed.

Issue 145- LNP National Contact list.

There were issues surrounding this list that need to be discussed.

1)If the NIIF determines this list won’t be password protected, does the group still want this information posted on the ATIS website?

2)If this information is on the NPAC Website why does it need to be on ATIS? (Note: Per Gene Johnston, Lockheed Martin has agreed to post this list, they do not update it. Future enhancements may allow each company to update their own information, however, this is under investigation only.) The goal is to not have an individual person maintain this list ongoing.

3)If the list is posted on ATIS and password protected there may be a fee (for non-ATIS members) to access this list, and is that acceptable?

4)There is a concern on how non-ATIS members will keep the information updated.

5)The NIIF also has a concern that the provisioning contacts belong in the OBF not NIIF. There was an unconfirmed belief that the OBF already had a contact list.

The above NIIF information was also discussed with the National LNP Operations Team meeting held in the afternoon.

LNP National Operations meeting update.

The LNP contact list was discussed as mentioned earlier and updates to the NIIF LNP issues.

The following two items need to be review with the regional LNP Operations teams and will be on the next Midwest Region meeting agenda.

  • Developing/advocating a set of minimum LNP metrics Mark Lancaster MW/WC Team (Discussion on this issue questioned if this would be a good idea to set up a generic guideline to assist future efforts by state regulatory bodies or if this would be a wasted effort. [Note: At the 7-1-99 call it was decided not to pursue this any further. It will be mentioned on the next MWR call just to review topic and outcome.]
  • Moratorium for orders after 12/31/99 in case there are process failures due to Y2K SW/WC Team Mark Lancaster ( many participants did not feel this would be a good business decision to restrict order requests, to be discussed further)

The next national LNP operations meeting will be held on August 9, 1999, 2:00 to 4:00 EDT. Call details later.

Agenda for August 3, 1999

Review/discuss LNP NIIF maintenance document

National LNP Operations items: Metrics and moratorium

Update if available for new entrant information website posting pending LLC approval

NIIF LNP issues update

New Business

Next meeting

Robin Meier

Midwest Region LNP Operations Chair