Meeting Was Called to Order at 6:00 Pm

Meeting Was Called to Order at 6:00 Pm

January 8, 2018Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.


Approval of Minutes: Unanimously approved as written for the PTO meeting held on December 11, 2017.


Principal ReportJennifer Guthals

  • Dr. Guthals asked everyone in attendance to help in making anyone who would have a child needing to enroll for kindergarten or preschool for the 2018-2019 school year aware that enrollment is open and ongoing. The plan is to have three full day and one-half day classes again next year unless registration numbers are significantly different from this year.
  • The Annual Robotics Competition will be held on January 27th. To make this event successful parents are needed as volunteers to help run the event as well as being a part of the supportive audience.
  • The Annual STEM Night will take place in March. This year the event will look different than previous years. The teachers in each grade, Pre-K to 5th, have been working with their students on Power Projects. Not all projects will be completed for STEM Night. However, each grade will have something to present showing their progress on their projects.
  • Invites for Parent Teacher Conferences will be sent out next Friday (01/19), so be sure to check your inboxes.
  • A Day of Excellence is to be held on January 20th at Skyline High School from 8am-4pm. Dr. Guthals would like to have at least three families represent Fall River at the event. You will be able to meet our superintendent, Dr. Haddad, our High School Student Advisory Panel, as well as elected officials. You will be able to choose from a menu of sessions to learn more about the bond, school safety, gifted and talented programs, our elementary/middle/high schools, school culture, special education, district operations, STEM education, and more!
  • For February’s PTO Meeting our guest speaker will be the architect for Fall River’s renovations happening this Summer! He will give a presentation on the renovations, and he is going to bring a VR mockup of the digital blueprints for those who are interested in a sneak peek!

Budget reportJaci Steiner

  • King Soopers “Free Money” gift cards are doing well, however, we earned a little less this month compared to previous months this fall. It was suggested that we send out a email reminder.

President’s report Rachel Van Sambeek

  • Conference Meals signups for January/February will begin soon. Michaela Aiken is our Conference Meal Coordinator again this Spring!
  • We need volunteer(s) to help reorganize the PTO shed.
  • Upcoming Restaurant Nights include:
  • January 23rd - Chick-fil-A from 5-8pm. We will receive a percentage of all sales (drive-through included). Sarah Roche, our Restaurant Night Coordinator, will be volunteering to help with refilling drinks, restocking condiments, and help cleaning off tables in thedining room. However, we are asked to have 2-3 parent volunteers to help with this role.
  • March 13th- Longs Peak Pub from 4pm-close. They are a cash or check only establishment, however, a flyer is not needed, and we will receive 10% of all sales.
  • May 9th – Twisted Roots

Guest Speaker

Dr. Guthals: Safety Response Protocol (SRP)/District Wide Procedures

  • Dr. Guthals distributed a copy of the Lockdown Procedure and the Standard Response Protocol flyer that are hung in every room at Fall River and went over them. We discussed how and when these procedures are used by students, teachers, and staff.
  • We also went over some of the security measures that are in practice at Fall River as well as new ones that will be added after the summer renovations are completed for the 2018-2019 school year.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm.

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