Match the Following

Match the Following

Match the Following


Pokemon, Bey blade – Fads

Art of living, Yoga – Trends

Globalization – Mega trend

Renewable resources – Timber, food


Physical evidence – External signage’s

Traditional ‘p’ –Promotion

Additional service ‘p’ – Processes

Temps – Part time employees

(Page No. 450 – Unit 15)

True / False

Q9) Marketers must take a customer centric view of product categories and competition

Q10) In industries where switching costs are low, customers can switch brands relatively easily

A) True

(Page No. 107 – Unit 4)

Q12) The pricing strategy that a company adopts in the growth stage must be in line with the competitive position or company’s strategy that it has decided to adopt.

A) True

(Page 374)

Q18) Inaccurate sales forecast can lead to either excess inventory or inventory shortfall.

A) True

Q19) Cohort effect is seen in categories like music, movies and clothes.

Q26) Classification of products also changes as the product moves through its life cycle

A) True

Q30) The larger the expenditure, the more the buyer gains by spending greater time in carefully evaluating the alternatives and attempting to find a better deal.

A) True

(Page No. 363 – Unit 12)

Q41) Letter of transmittal is written by the client to the researcher before the project begins

Q43) Expenditure effect can’t be looked at in isolation

A) True

(Page No. 364)

Q47) Transferring of title or ownership is one of the activity undertaken by the channel member

Single Answer Questions

Q1) The channel for services distribution is

Options: is indirect / needs intermediaries / is horizontal / simultaneous, production & distribution is simultaneous

Q3) The concept of market segmentation was born after ______-- gained acceptance

A) Marketing concept

(Page No. 206)

Q4) ______exist only in regulated or protected industries

A) Monopolies

(Page No. 100)

Q5) These are the discounts that apply to single orders or purchases rather than to the total volume and are intended to encourage purchases in larger quantities

A) Non cumulative discounts

Q7) A _____ innovation is of greater magnitude and occurs rarely.

A) Discontinuous

(Page No. 300 – Unit 10)

Q8 ) Companies forming strategic channel alliances also known as ______

A) Horizontal marketing system

(Page No. 339 – Unit 11)

Q11) Service _____ is a comparison between expectations and performance

A) Quality

(Page No. 453 – Unit 15)

Q13) He learns from the market leader and adapts and improves leader’s products.

A) Adapter

(Page No. 131 – Unit 4)

Q15) Market segmentation and _____ are complementary concepts

A) Diversity

(Page No. 206 – Unit 7)

Q17) Marketers must be able to reach the market segments they want to target through media and distribution channels in an economical way.

A) Accessible

(Page No. 225)

Q21) Which type of goods use indirect channels of distribution

A) Convenience goods

(Page No. 336 – Unit 11)

Q22) ______uses scientific methods for data collection and analysis to test prior notions.

A) Market research

(Page No. 140)

Q23) It is defined as any short duration communication activity, which provides an incentive to the target market to purchase a product / service immediately

A) Sales promotion

(Page No. 416 – Unit 14)

Q27) It is the holistic way in which the customers perceive the company and its products.

A) Brand image

(Page No. 274 – Unit 9)

Q28) It relates to any non personal communication through the media, such as press releases, press conference etc.

A) Public relations

(Answer – Publicity)

(Page No. 418 – Unit 14)

Q29) In this stage, a detailed feasibility study of different market segments is done before the marketers decide on the segments to target.

A) Evaluating segment attractiveness

(Page No. 226)

Q33) ______is a service firm sponsored retailer franchise.

Options: Hyundal /Maruti / Hertz / Ford

Q34) Producers of business goods rely heavily on which communication media

Options: Personal selling / Sales promotion / Public relations / Advertising

Q35) Consolidation is brought about by ______

Options: Competition / Imitation / Innovation / Invention

Q36) It is an annual study conducted in the U.S and reveals a co-relation between market share and profitability

A) PIMS study

(Page No. 125 – Unit 4)

Q37) Full market coverage with _____ -marketing is highly appropriate with a strong competitive advantage and the financial resources

A) Differentiated

(Page No. 229)

Q39) Product ______is seen to increase rivalry between firms

A) Perish ability

Options: Perish ability / Fragmentation / Concentration / Sustenance

(Page No. 384 – Unit 13)

Q40) Several ______big and small, have vastly changed the product form, functionality and value of these products.

Options: Innovations / Inventions / Improvements / Imitations

Q46) It is a blueprint for conducting the market research project

A) Research design

(Page No. 146 – Unit 5)

Multiple Answer Questions

Q2) Consumers in India are on top three priority spending on:






Q6) Consumer goods can be further classified as per shopping habits of customers into:


-Convenience goods

-Specialty goods

-Unsought goods

(Page No. 278 – Unit 9)

Q14) Worldwide differences in culture are categorized according to following dimensions:


-Power distance

-Uncertainty avoidance

-Time orientation

(Page No. 34-35 – Unit 2)

Q16) Differentiation can be created in following ways:


-Provide the same solution in better ways

-Provide the same solution in better ways and at better price

-Provide a unique solution that nobody else provides

(Page No. 264 – Unit 9)

Q20) Following are the service differentiators:



-Customer training

-Maintenance and repair

-Ordering form

Q25) These are related growth strategies:


-Market penetration

-Market development

-New product development


(Page No. 72)

Q31) Characteristics of convenience goods are:


-Low involvement products

-Heterogeneous market

(Page No. 278)

Q32) Type of changes in the macro environment are:




-Mega trends

(Page No. 31 – Unit 2)

Q42) Addition of products to the existing product lines can be in the form of:



-Pack sizes


(Page No. 298 – Unit 10)

Q44) After the new product has passed the conceptual stages it becomes more concrete in which stages?


-Test marketing


(Page No. 305-306 – Unit 10)

Q45) Characteristics of Conclusive research are:




-Sample size large

-Sample size small

Q48) Limitations of all Market research projects are caused by:




-Organizational constraints

(Page No. 157 – Unit 5)