Marc (Jung-Whan) De Jong

Marc (Jung-Whan) De Jong

Marc (Jung-Whan) de Jong

Long Beach, CA90807 - USA





  • PhD Candidate in Sociology

University of Southern California, 2008

Emphasis: Media, Crime, Gender, Race, Globalization

Expected graduation date: Spring 2008

Dissertation: Gender and Sexuality in Racial Formation Processes: An Analysis of the Frames used in Political and Legal Debates on Multiculturalism and Islam in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom Post 9/11.

Dissertation Committee:

Elaine Bell Kaplan (Chair)

Michael Messner

Alison Dundes Renteln

GPA: 3.8

M.A. inSociology

University of Southern California, 2004

Emphasis: Social Roles of News Media, Crime/Deviance, Gender, Race

Dissertation: Framing the Central Park Jogger: An Analysis of News Coverage of the “Central Park Jogger” Trial in the New YorkAmsterdam News and the New York Times.

  • PhD Student in US History

University of Amsterdam/Roosevelt Student Center, 1999

Dissertation: The International Factor of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960.

Supervisor: Professor Rob Kroes

  • M.A. in US AreaStudies

University of London, Institute of United States Studies, 1998

Emphasis: US Constitutional Law and Politics

Dissertation: Political Strategies Before and After the US Supreme Court’s Bowers v. Hardwick, 1986 Decision.

  • B.A./M.A. in American Studies

University of Amsterdam, 1997

Emphasis: US Culture, Sexuality, Politics

Dissertation: The Social Construction of Race and Sexuality: AIDS as Metaphor for Social Unrest in black and white Homo- and Heterosexual Communities.

  • Exchange Student

University of California at Berkeley, 1995-1996

Conducted research on reactions towards the AIDS epidemic in black and white homo- and heterosexual communities

  • ‘H.B.O.’(BA) Degree in Public Relations

New School for Information Services, Amsterdam, 1992

Emphasis: Public Relations and Marketing Communication

Employment Experience

  • Teaching Assistant

University of Southern California, 2002 - 2007

Classes taught:
- SOCI 142 Sociology of Race Relations (Spring 2004, Summer/Fall 2005,

Spring, 2007)
- SOCI 144 Immigrants in America (Fall 2002)
- SOCI 150 Sociology of Social Problems (Summer/Fall 2004,

Spring 2005
- SOCI 305 Sociology of Childhood (Spring/Fall 2003)
- SOCI 342 Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations (Spring 2006)
- SOCI 350 Sociology of Deviance (Spring/Fall 2003, Fall 2006)
- SOCI 351 Juvenile Delinquency (Fall 2006)
- SOCI 360 Sociology of Social Inequality (Spring 2006)

  • Senior Research Analyst

Zephon Employee Screening Ltd (London), 2000 –2001 & May – July 2002

Supervised a group of five Research Analysts. Delivered prompt screening reports. Managed account of a large financial institution in the City of London. Ensured accuracy of employee screening reports. Conducted line manager interviews and online research in English, Dutch and German. Did background research checks on prospective bank employee applicants.

  • Administrative Assistant (part-time)

The British Library (London), 1999 – 2000

Conducted administrative tasks for the Director of the Eccles Centre while studying at the University of London. Compiled lists of American Studies PhD students at British Universities for the Journal of American Studies and edited the American Studies in Europe Newsletter.

  • Researcher

RooseveltStudyCenter (Netherlands), 1999

Staffed information desk and answered academic queries related to 20th century presidential history. Conducted research on international aspects of the US Civil Rights Movement under the supervision of Professor Dr Rob Kroes of the University of Amsterdam.

Awards, Scholarships and Certificates

NetherlandsAmerica Foundation, Graduate Studies Award, 2007

USCCenter for Excellence in Teaching, Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2007
USC Department of Sociology, Dissertation Research Development Award, 2006
USC Department of Sociology, Outstanding Teaching Assistant, 2006
USCCollege of Letters and Science, General Education Teaching Assistant Award 2006

USC Gould Law School Center for Law, History and Culture Fellowship, 2006-2007
USC Department of Sociology, Dissertation Research Development Award, 2005
USC Center of Excellence in Teaching, the Future Professoriate Program Certificate, 2004-2005
USC Department of Sociology, Research Development Award, 2004
USC Graduate Assistant Fellowship, 2002 – 2007
Haynes Foundation First-Year Fellowship, 2001
VSB Scholarship for Graduate Studies Abroad (Netherlands), 1997
Louise Patterson Academic Achievement Certificate (UC Berkeley), 1996
University of California Reciprocity Scholarship, 1995

Bekker-La Bastide, Scholarship, 1995
National Scholars Honor Society Member


Book Chapters

From Invisibility to Subversion: Lesbian and Gay Representation in the News -Media during the 1950's in News and Sexuality: Media Portraits of Diversity, L. Castenada and S. Campbell eds. Sage: 2005

The Implementation of Anti-Sex Trafficking EU Policy Recommendations in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands: An Examination of the Legal and Political Rights of Sex-Trafficking Survivors since 1997 in (Re)Interpretations: The Shapes of Justice in Women's Experiences, Dresdner and Petersoneds. Cambridge Scholars Press: 2007

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

The USA Patriot Act, Social Diversity, and Privacy Rights: Examining the Role of the Internet in Identity Politics in Social Information Technology: Connecting Society and Cultural Issues, I. Chen and T. Kidd eds. Idea Publishing: 2007


Women on Television and in Films. In Battle Ground: Women and Gender, A. Lind Ed. Greenwood Publishing: 2007

Entries on Women in Advertising and Women in TelevisionRolesin Encyclopedia of Gender, E. Shapiro Ed. Sage 2008

Entries on Marginalization, Post-Industrialism, and Discrimination in Encyclopedia of Social Problems, V. Parrillo Ed. Sage: 2007.

Under Review:

Book Chapter

- Gender and Sexuality in Racialization Processes in the Netherlands: An Analysis of the Frames used in Political Deliberations on Multiculturalism, National Identity and Islam Post 9/11 in Fractured Dialogues: The Crisis of Human Rights , Helen Delfeld and V.G. Julie Rajan, eds.