Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences(CAES) Annual Student

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences(CAES) Annual Student

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences(CAES) Annual Student Agricultural Exhibition and Career Expo.


Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences(CAES), is organizing the annual Agricultural exhibition and career expo from 21st to 23rd March 2017at the Makerere University Freedom square under the theme,“The role of Youth and Small holder farmers in agricultural transformation amidst changing climate and growing population”.

Agriculture is the major employer and accounts for more than 30 per cent of GDP in low-income countries (World Development Indicators 2014 data) and is among the most sensitive sectors to climate change. Meta-analysis presented in the Fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2013) report provides evidence that climate change without adaptation will have negative effects on the yields of major staple crops where local temperatures increase 2°C or more above 1990s levels. Tropical regions are likely to experience stronger yield decline than temperate regions (Porter et al. 2014). Combined with future challenges of population growth, demographic transitions and conservation of ecosystem services, climate change puts future food security and rural prosperity at stake. Whereas Agriculture has been identified as one of the key sectors that can generate wealth with high employment potential (Uganda Vision 2040); it is still on record that majority of the youth are unemployed and most of the food is produced by small holder farmers amidst increasing challenges of climate change and high population growth rates.

It is based on this argument that despite efforts by the youth and the small holder farmers, there is still a lot that needs to be done to increase their resilience against climate change and the dynamic agribusiness sub-sector. This exhibition and career expo will make known to the public the most recent innovations, technologies, products, farming practices and services that can be used to solve problems and make farming and farming businesses a success.

Objectives of the exhibition and career expo.

  1. To provide an opportunity for the youth and small holder farmers to interact with the different actors in the agribusiness value chain.
  2. To provide an exposure to University students to the different agricultural stakeholders in the country and abroad.
  3. To exhibit the contributions that the youth and small holder farmers make towards agricultural transformation.
  4. To bridge the gap between different value chain actors by providing an interactive environment that can create business linkages.
  5. To create an awareness about climate change and it’s impacts on agricultural development and food security.
  6. To provide a platform for sharing and learning between agribusinesses, financial and legal service providers, government institutions and other players.
  7. To guide and influence career choices by secondary school students.

Agricultural exhibition and career expo structure

The exhibition and career expo is divided into three days each representing a specific sub-theme:

  • Day 1) Youth and small holder farmers’ contribution to agricultural transformation. This session will be opened by the Minister of Youth and children, the Principal CAES, the chief of party YLA Mr Moreno Marcos, Chairperson National Youth League and the Guild President of Makerere University.
  • Day 2) Impact of climate change and growing populations on the Agricultural sector. This session will be opened by the Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, MD CURAD LTD and MUCCRI director.
  • Day 3) Integration of climate smart agricultural practices in youth and small holder enterprises. This session will be opened by the ED Enterprise Uganda, AgriProFocus Uganda Ltd, Operation wealth creation Coordinator and the regional coordinator Agrostudies.

The exhibition and expo will be highly interactive. The secondary school students will receive motivational career talk from a team of entrepreneurs and professionals in the University’s Main Hall and later join the exhibitions.

Throughout the exhibition and career expo, different stakeholders and participants will share ideas, learn and build partnerships.

Who will be there?

The three-day event will attract over 40,000 people including; exhibitors from the university, researchers, secondary school students, small holder farmers, youth entrepreneurs, agricultural professionals, farmers and agricultural companies in the categories of crop production, animal husbandry, food production technology and human nutrition, agricultural machinery, environmental conservation, forestry and tourism. Different financial institutions, government authorities, the media and other service providers in the sector will also attend.

The intended Agribusiness Linkages

  • Market opportunities (local & international).
  • Climate change awareness
  • Knowledge and skills sharing.
  • Financial management opportunities.
  • Financing Opportunities
  • Legal services in agribusiness.
  • Agri-insurance opportunities.
  • Branding, packaging, certification opportunities.
  • Opportunities in Product promotion using ICT
  • Networking and business deals using on line-platforms

Date and Venue: March 21-23rd 2017, at Makerere University Freedom Square

For any inquiries and more details, call;

Iganachi Razak Omia 0773 628770 ()

Walter Magezi Businge 0772 247076/0701 119643

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