Lesson Plan Unit -6 Traditions, Festivals and Celebrations in Moscow

Lesson Plan Unit -6 Traditions, Festivals and Celebrations in Moscow

Lesson plan Unit -6 “Traditions, festivals and celebrations in Moscow.”

I. Warming up: (Рисунок-1)

-Greeting. Ask pupils to comment on the saying and express your personal point of view.(T-P,P,P,)Let`s compare customs and traditions in both of the countries (Russia and Great Britain) (Рисунок 2) Brainstorming.

II. Practice:

1).Introduction of the topic (Рисунок 3/4)

-Did you know that? Ex.1 p.98 (T-p,p,p,) I`ll start. You will make up a question, using the question words and your partner should find the answer to your question in the exercise.

-Have you ever heard of the traditions that are observed only in Moscow? (Рисунок 5)

Ex.2.p.98 –Choose the option and try to talk about the event.

2).The text –ex.1p.99

-Search for proper information.

-Name the events that take place in Moscow and say “Which one you would like to visit and why.”(Рисунок 5)

III. Lexical revision:

1).-P,P,P,P – work individually. You time is up… Let`s check--- (Рисунок 6)

2).-Word formation(Рисунок 7). All together read the words aloud…. Ex.3 p.103 -One by one read the sentence and choose the correct item….

3).-To enable your reading skills search for proper information in both of the exercises (2p.101/3p.103) according to the plan (Рисунок 8) and be ready to talk about these two events.

IV. Speaking:

-Ex.2 p.106 Talk about your favourite holiday (Рисунок 9) and explain “why you like it”, using the adjectives to make your answer more vivid and bright.

-Share your opinion with your classmates: “How you celebrate it” (Рисунок 10) - P,P,P,P.

-While one of you will be speaking, the rest of the pupils will be filling in the chat (Рисунок 11) everyone has such a copy-.Finally, you should say:”Whose story you enjoy most of all and why”.

V. Production:

-Group work. Ex.1.p.108 find out about some of the old and new traditions in your school/ city/ area.

- (Рисунок 12) you have a choice. Divide roles and choose what is more appealing to you.

-Make a mini-project on the topic and give reasons, expressing your point of you. (Useful language)

-As for the opponents, be ready to agree or disagree with the following information and give reasons.(Рисунок 13)

VI. Conclusion:

1).-(Рисунок 14) to sum up, I would like to say that traditions, festivals and celebrations can be religious, national, local, official and unofficial.

-I wonder why they are important. Do you have any ideas? (Brainstorming).

Well, let`s choose the two which have been mentioned the most often. Why?

2). –Do you know any proverbs, connected with the traditions and customs? (Рисунок 15)

-Here are some statements. At home do ex.3 p.108. Choose one for the title of your essay.

3). What have you learnt at the lesson? /What did you enjoy?/What didn`t you enjoy? Let`s assess the lesson. You have card on your desks.(Рисунок 16)

-You`ve done a good job. Thank you for the cooperation.