Learning to Leverage ACC Resources:Staff & Technology

Learning to Leverage ACC Resources:Staff & Technology

Learning to Leverage ACC Resources:Staff & Technology

1.ACCstaff ishere to help you.

a.If you want ideas on how to accomplish a particular goal or need advice on setting goals, talk to your ACCstaff liaison about receiving assistance withresources and materials.

b.ACCstaff liaisons willbe familiar withyour governance documents. Use them asa reference when questions arise.

2.Invite staff to participate in planning strategy.

a.On your leadership calls, staff can advise or connect you withthe right person to help on particular issuesor challenges that you are facing.

b.Encourage open lines of communication and share howoften you wish to be communicated with. Some committees are very independent, while others work

closely in concert withstaff to help accomplish the committee’sobjectives (e.g. global expansion, EMEA calls, recruiting new leadership, goal-setting based on historical information).

3.Use online resources.

a.Committee Newsletters – ACC’s new committee newsletter service offers committees the opportunity to share resources, interview members, and discuss upcoming programs in a well-designed display with leader headshots and event photos when available.

b.Leadership Development Institute(LDI) Website– This websitecontainsgreat tips and ACCguidelines on chapter/committee programs and Annual Meeting events. You will also find a list of importantdates, samplemarketing letters and other materials that can be adapted by your committee.

c.Membership Report – This membership report can be used to benchmark your committees monthly call attendance and overall members numbers againstother committees as well as set goals for the year.

d.Online membership rosters – This tool provides committee chairs, vice chairs, and membership chairs with access to download new committee members as well as identify committee members

by chapter. It can alsobe used to determine where there iscrossover withother committees to foster collaboration.

e.SponsorPortal – This tool providesresource download and program views information onresources and programs hostedfor the committee.

f.Committee Email Accounts(coming in November2015) – These accountswillallow you to centralize communications in one place, so that documents don't get lost as leadership transitions.

g.Committee webpage upgrades (coming in October 2015) – Committee webpages are being updated to dynamically pull in events from prior months as well as display eGroup postings. Best of all members can join committees with just one click!

4. Get to knowkey staff members. Certain staff members have particular expertise that committees can tap into in addition to their staff liaison. Forexample:

h.Jimhas over a decade of experience in managing committees, and has a wealthof historical information.

i.Tori has extensive experience in leadership, increasing membership, marketing, team

building, collaborating withchapters, and strategic planning.

j.Rachel is ACC’sinternal pointperson on developingeducational content for ACC's meetings.

k.Victor is ACC’sinternal pointperson onwebcasts and legalquick hits, and has worked with all committeesduring his sevenyears withACC.


Victor Morales, Legal Resources Manager, ACC ToriPayne, Senior Director of Committees, ACC