Lalita Jitendra Marathe

Lalita Jitendra Marathe

Lalita Jitendra Marathe

Technical translator/Editor /Moderator- German-English-Marathi-Hindi.

Teacher- Facilitator- German Language / Translation techniques

Administrator- Language Lovers Platform

Personal details

Date of birth: 6 February 1968

Contact detailsC-504, Dhanlaxmi Apartment,

373 B+C, Shaniwar Peth, Pune 411030

Mobile numbers+91-9921354171, +91-7507704451




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MemberINDAF (Indo German Teachers Association)

BKD (BildungsKooperationDeutsch), Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune

Forum Deutsch, Pune


Education details, Professional Training and Participation

1987Grundstufe I and Grundstufe II from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune

1988Mittelstufe I from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune

1989Participated in a seminar “Literature didactics” organized by the

Department of Foreign Languages, Pune.

1987-1990Three year Advanced Diploma in German from Pune University

1988-1991Three years Graduation (B.A.) in German from Pune University

1992Completed the Computer Fundamentals and DOS course held at Lotus

Computers, Dubai

1993Completed the Certificate Course in Desk Top Publishing and Graphics in

Grade A from ‘M Training’ Pune

2001Business English Certificate, Level 2 (BEC 2) from University of


2003Masters in German from Pune University (3 Semesters)

2005Attended the All India Translators meet organized by ModLingua at

New Delhi

2013Participated in an interactive Seminar on ‘Phonetics’ of BKD organized by

Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune

2014Participated in an interactive Seminar subject ‘Creative Writing’ of BKD

Organized by Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, and Pune.

2015 Participated in a one day workshop for German teachers organized by Fergusson College and InDaF (Indo German Teachers Association) at Ferguson College.

2016Started learning Spanish, preparing for level A1.

  1. Transcript Services

Professional translation and teaching experience:

1992 – 2000I was abroad with my family.

2000 Started career with teaching and translation assignments under the banner “Transcript Services” and also took up contracts in corporate sector as translator and tester.

2009Contractual appointment as “German Translator” with HR4U Consulting/Atos Origin, India

2011 Worked on 8 months contract at location IBM India Pvt. Ltd. (Daimler project) HInjewadi, and Atos Origin, HInjewadi, Pune as German > English Technical Tickets and Documents Translator

2012Worked on 9 month contract as Team Lead (team of 6 technical translators) at location IBM India Pvt. Ltd., HInjewadi (UBS, Switzerland project)

In my career as a translator of technical documents, I have been processing approximately 3000 words per day for various clients and various domains.

I use Trados CAT tools for my professional assignments.

Please see Annexure 1 for a list of types of documents /assignments I have


Annexure 2 gives a list of customers for whom I have worked with and

continue to work for.

When handling a project as a freelancer that requires processing of more than 3000 words per day, I create a team of translators to fulfil the requirement of the project and deliver the project within given deadline after proofreading it.

Whether freelance or corporate assignment the translation work involves following responsibilities:

• Translation of domain specific documents from German into English language

• Assign documents for translation as per priority to the translation team

• Proofread all documents translated by the team

• Format all translated documents to mirror the original source document

• Give feedback to Project Manager regarding translated text

• Suggest subjective changes regarding style, vocabulary of translated documents

• Utilize reference materials, glossaries to maintain consistency in translation

• Create glossaries to complement reference materials as per client requirement

• Strict adherence to the deadlines set by client.

  1. Teaching vision:

Teach students of German language appearing for International Examinations from level A1 to B2.2 in such a way that they not only start enjoying the language but also are ready with grammar drills and speaking practice for the examination. The teaching is done adhering to the respective format of examination (University of Pune, Goethe Institut, Munich).

I have always restricted the number of students to maximum 2 or 3, so that I can focus on each student personally and get work done from them.

  1. TejalPrakashan

I started a Publishing House to publish language related books. Books of Tejal Prakashan are sold in India through online portals, and They are also available in major bookstalls like Akshardhara, Bookganga, Rasik Sahitya etc. in Pune.

2007Published the book “Learn German through English” authored by Vrinda Kulkarni a senior translator and teacher.

While teaching and out of the interaction with students for several years, I realized, that there was a need for a book that can explain the German grammar in very simple English and remove the fear from student’s mind about German grammar. (Books available in the market are written in German and it is difficult for students to get any explanatory notes in English.)

This book has three parts, Part 1 – German Grammar with English explanations and with exercises and solutions, Part 2 Conversation and Subject specific Vocabulary and Part 3 – Glossary.

2009Published the second edition of the book “Learn German through English” authored by Vrinda Kulkarni

2013Published the third edition of the book “Learn German through English” and started selling it in 12 cities in the Gulf countries at Al Mutannabi Book Shop, since German is taught there in schools, in addition to online stores in India.

2013Published a collection of English and Marathi poems “It’s my Life” by the Late Jaydeep Rajurkar

2014Published a Marathi novel “Tya Phulanchya Gandhakoshi” by Milind Rathkanthiwar.

2014Published 5 books in Marathi, 2 poem collections and 3 short story collections

2015Published a book called “Raagchitra” by the famous harmonium player Suyog Kundalkar. The book is a collection of Bandishes (melodic compositions) written in Hindi and Brij language.

2015Published a poem collection called “Parasamvad” by Kanchan Kulkarni of USA.

Next publications:

  1. Fourth Edition of “Learn German through English”
  2. ज- जर्मनचा – A book authored by Prasanna Harannkhedkar for people to get an idea of German Grammar and the language as such through simple explanations in Marathi.
  1. German teaching in Institutions:

Abhinav Vidyalaya, Pune

Air Hostess Academy, Pune

L. K. Phatak Institute, Pune

Modern College, Pune

  1. Teaching translation techniques and

practical application

Translation course

2004 Conducted a six months course “Translation Techniques” in Synergy Institute of Management,Pune.

2010 Started an online translation course for students who have completed B2.2 from Max Mueller Bhavan. I send translation tasks by email and after receiving the translations done by students I correct them in track changesmode withmy commentsand send them back. I arrange an interactive session for them to clear doubts on Skype or through personal meetings.

2014Conducted an interactive session “Career in translation and translation

Techniques” at Deutsch Aktiv, Pune.

2016Conducted a session on ‘Technical translations’ at a one day workshop for German teachers organized by Fergusson College and InDaF (Indo German Teachers Association) at Ferguson College.

2016Conducted a session on “Commercial aspects of translation” at a workshop jointly organized by “Kalasakta” and “Translation Panacea”

2016 At present I am conducting a four month course “Translation techniques and practical application” in Deutsch Aktiv, Pune

  1. “Language Business Club”

A WhatsApp group was formed by me in 2014 with the idea of creating a common platform for linguists. I am the group administrator since then. In 2016, I created another group “Leafing through Pages to be able to accommodate more members. (WhatsApp limit then was 100 members). Since then, we have common membership to both the groups, but Business group allows only business/career opportunity posts and the “Leafing through Pages “allows informal language related posts.

It started with a group of 7 people andat present we have 219 members with expertise in different languages, not only from all over India and but also from other countries.

The group has become very popular and more people are eagerly joining the group.

Translation, interpretation and teaching assignment requirements are regularly posted on this group and this has been a big help for members to gain business and career opportunities. The members also discuss various translation, teaching issues.

The members also share their creative work like blogs, articles, poems, or even language related puzzles and jokes.

Using this platform, some members organize real-world meets regularly. E.g. German Stammtisch (I will moderate the next Stammtisch to be held on July 30, 2016 evening.) and similar other language related group activities (like a Sahitya Katta every Sunday morning).

I recently started a company called “get Featured” where we will feature artists (includes linguists, dancers, musicians etc.) and make sure that the “COPY” and “CONTENT” is correct and up to the mark. This is the need of the hour when artists want to get featured online. We will create content for online publicity and write features on chosen artists.

  1. Tejal Creations


Tejal Creations wishes to organize Language events and promote Indian and foreign languages in an entertaining and educative method, this shall encourage the young and senior generation alike to take up languages as passion, hobby or career.

I keep a separate budget for online and print publicity and promotion.

In future there are events planned that will portray language translations too.

“MIDAS Trophy”

An All India One Act Play Competition to promote and encourage use of English and foreign languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) through One Act Play. The first round will be a video round and the selected teams will be invited to Pune to present their plays. The competition will be concluded in December 2016. This competition will be held annually.


Sukhan means poetry. Urdu, a language close to hearts of lakhs of people is presented to the public beautifully in this program; the rendering is very appealing and the team very passionate. I think if a language is presented in such an entertaining way to the audience, there is definitely an encouragement to learn this language. Sukhan is planned on 29 July 2016 at S M Joshi hall, Pune.


A program where we will present translations of popular songs or poems. The translations are from various language pairs viz. Marathi into German, Spanish, and French etc… Marathi into Urdu, Urdu into Sanskrit, Hindi into Marathi and many more language pairs. The idea of this program is to increase awareness of Foreign and Indian languages and also to awaken people's interest in and love for various languages.

The program also highlights the “Translation aspect”, which is very creatively portrayed in the program. This event in planned in September 2016 with Senior Compere, language expert and translator Manjiri Dhamankar, French, Portuguese and Spanish translator Saumitra Mahajan, German translator Lalita Marathe, senior Anchor and poet Manjiri Joshi and singers Anuradha Marathe, Mukta Joshi and Jaydeep Vaidya will perform.

“Creative Writing Workshop”

Considering the growing demand for a workshop on creative writing in English I started organizing them over weekends. The workshop is targeted at people who want to take up writing as a career, explore creative writing and bring out the creativity hidden in them. It involves inculcating reading and writing habits and also introduction to literature. The course content covers fiction, short stories, poetry and dialogue. One can also learn how to write feature articles, screenplays, news reports, travel blogs, food blogs etc.

“Content writing Workshop”

The increasing demand of web content creation prompted me to organize this workshop. It includes

  • Web contentwriting
  • Business writing and businessEnglish
  • Social media training
  • Emailnewsletters and blog writing
  • Web accessibility standard


Organized a Maharahstra and Goa wide competition with Arun Date Kala Academy for Music direction, Poem writing and Anchoring.

  1. Hobbies, interests

Music (Indian Classical vocal and instrumental, Hindi film songs and Marathi film and light music), reading Marathi, English, Hindi, Urdu and German books (Genres: fiction, spiritual, poetry, travelogues etc.)

Travelling, visiting new places

Pencil sketching, water colour painting

Translating poems/songs from Marathi to German

Attending cultural events

Passionate swimmer and cyclist

2002Completed a three year Advance diploma course held at Pune in Vocal Light music from S.N.D.T Women’s University Department of Continuing and Adult Education and Extension Work, Mumbai

2012Passed the Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination in grade ‘B’ held by the Government of Maharashtra Drawing Grade Examinations

As a social interest I participate in activities of “Niwant Andha Mukta Vikasalaya”,

Vimannagar, started by Mrs. Meera Badwe, which works for the education and

upliftment of the visually challenged students. Tejal Prakashan donates its books to

Niwant for conversion of the same to Braille.

Annexure 1

Technical translation of documents in following domains


-Adoption Papers

-Arbitration and dispute

-Birth certificates

-Company Law and Investment Law

-Company statutes


-Court order

-Death certificates

-Divorce certificates

-Documents and manuscripts

-Immigration or Naturalization

-Insurance claims


-Loan agreement

-Marriage certificates

-Partnership Deed


-Power of Attorney



Commercial and financial documents

-Accounts and Banking documents

-Asset management, mortgage services documentation

-Business Plans

-Commercial and consumer banking documentation


-Customer communications

-Financial reports/statements

-Follow-up letters

-Fund fact sheets

-Investment banking documentation

-Marketing materials

-Regulatory communications

-Service agreements



-Application forms

-Business Insurance

-Clauses / Terms & Conditions

-Customer communication

-Customer education material

-Disability Insurance

-Endowment Policies

-Evidence of coverage

-Health Insurance

-Insurance Contracts

-Insurance plan summaries

-Liability Insurance

-Life Insurance

-Marketing brochures


-Plan handbooks


-Summary of benefits

-Surety Bonds

Medical, bio-medical, life-sciences and pharmaceutical

-Adverse Event Reports

-Case Report Forms (CRFs)

-Clinical Trial Protocols

-Clinical Trials


-CRA Training Materials & Videos

-Data Sheets


-Drug Registration Documentation

-Informed Consent Forms

-Instructions for Use (IFU)

-Investigator Brochures

-IVR (Interactive Voice responses) Scripts

-Manufacturing Process Descriptions

-Marketing Collateral

-Master Batch Records and Deviation Reports

-Medical certificates

-Medical device software

-Medical documents required by insurance companies

-Multimedia audio and visual

-NDA (New Drug Application) and IND (Investigational New Drug)

-Package Inserts and Labels

-Patient Information

-Patient Recruitment Materials

-Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

-Pharmacological Studies


-Quality of Life (QoL) measures


-Regulatory Audit

-Regulatory Documents

-Research paper

-Serious Adverse Event (SAE) or Serious Adverse Drug Reaction (SADR) or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Procedures

-Scientific Journal Articles

-Scientific Papers

-Toxicology Reports

-Websites and Portals

Medical documents, surgery reports, clinical data, and medical device software in the fields of:


-Emergency Medicine





-Infectious Diseases













-CRM (Customer relationship management) applications

-Desktop applications

-Documents related to Software Engineering

-eLearning content


-Global migration project documentation

-Information security

-Knowledgebase articles

-License agreements

-Marketing materials


-Online help

-Press releases

-Product documentation

-Security bulletins


-Software applications

-Software documentation

-Software manuals

-Technical specifications for software projects

-Training materials

-User Interfaces (UI)

-User manual for developers

-Warranties and regulatory information

-Web applications


-Graphical User Interfaces for hardware

-Hardware components

-Hardware manuals and documentation

-Support Documentation

Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Energy, IT, Machinery, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Electronics, Telecommunications, Oil and gas, Power tools, Automation industry

-Bid proposals

-Bill of Materials

-CAD Drawings


-Dealer portals

-Engineering specifications

-Health and safety documentation

-Installation manuals

-Instrumentation instructions


-Maintenance manuals

-Marketing Materials

-Material descriptions

-MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

-Online help

-Operating instructions

-Operating Manuals

-Parts list



-Product catalog

-Product data sheets

-Product manuals

-Product Manuals

-Product packaging

-Product specifications

-Reseller and Leasing programs

-RFP (Request for proposal), RFQ (Request for quotation)

-Safety Manuals

-Safety materials

-Service bulletins

-Service manuals

-Software and Hardware

-Software applications

-Support documentation

-Technical documentation

-Technical drawings

-Technical Proposals

-Test procedures

-Training manuals

-Training Materials

-User Guides

-User manuals

-Web site



-Business documents, such as correspondences and quotes

-Chemical guidelines

-Chemo-technological data and documents

-Company catalogues

-Contracts from the chemical industry

-Health and safety documentation

-Maintenance instructions

-Manufacturing instructions

-Patent specifications


-Product descriptions

-Product packaging

-Technical chemistry documents – Basic formulae and recommended uses

-Technical texts

-Toxicological reports

Travel and hospitality

-Accommodation /rental contracts


-Customer communication

-Marketing material