Katherine I. Menard Phd, RN, CCRN, CNE

Katherine I. Menard Phd, RN, CCRN, CNE

TLAC Conference Grant Application

Deadline: March 1st, 2016

Katherine I. Menard PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

2310 New Science Facility,

Office # (906)227-1372, Cell # (517)930-4225


I am an Assistant Professor on a tenure track thus am eligible for this award. I have not received a conference grant in the past.


A colleague (Nancy Maas) and I have been accepted to provide a podium presentation at the conference pictured below. The presentation is entitled, “Assisting BSN Students in Moving from Novice to Advanced Beginner through Student Led Simulations”. This presentation will cover results of research conducted here at NMU and an in depth discussion of the teaching methods used to organize and deliver this innovative learning activity.


I am writing this application in an effort to attain TLAC grant monies to defray costs to attend and present at the National League for Nursing’s (NLN) 2016 Education Summit in Orlando, Florida from September 21-23, 2016. As noted on the NLN website, this organization is “dedicated to excellence in nursing, the National League for Nursing is the premier organization for nurse faculty and leaders in nursing education”. The NLN is considered the go to organization for nursing educators and even created the ‘certified nurse educator’ credential. During my master’s program I earned a ‘teaching in health care systems’ certificate which helped me obtain a position at NMU prior to earning my doctoral degree. I began employment at NMU in the Fall of 2008, began my doctoral work in summer of 2009, and completed my PhD in May of 2014. Although I have always been very interested in the scholarship of teaching, my focus over those doctoral years was on learning and experiencing the scholarship of discovery as it applies to clinical nursing. After completion of my doctoral work, I set my sights on attaining the certified nurse educator credential. After months of self-study, I passed the CNE exam in February of 2015. Although I am in my eighth year as a faculty member at NMU, I have never been to a conference focused on nursing education. At this point, I would really like the opportunity to immerse myself in these three days of learning so I can further grow as a nursing educator. I am excited to have had the opportunity to conduct research on an innovative teaching methodology used by faculty within the school of nursing at NMU. I am anxious to share what we have learned and eager to expose myself to faculty from around the nation to learn new and creative ways to improve my teaching abilities and in turn increase the amount of learning that occurs for my students.

According to the conference information, “the 2016 Summit theme, Beyond Boundaries, lends itself to programming that meets the needs of nurse educators in many different stages of their careers and with different levels of expertise in the topics that are most critical to nursing education”. In reviewing testimonials from attendees in the past, it is clear that the conferences allows for a multitude of informative lectures, viewing of the latest technology used for simulation as a teaching strategy, and networking both with other educators and with vendors of resources used in nursing education. I am particularly interested in learning more about the use of simulation as a teaching strategy. Simulations are used as a teaching strategy with our students at NMU in an effort to expose them to life like clinical situations without the risk associated with practicing on live patients. There are many hurdles associated with simulations such as needing small student groups, additional faculty time to develop and run simulations, and learning the technology associated with simulation equipment. It would be of benefit to learn how other faculty deal with these hurdles and use simulation to the fullest extent possible. The NLN website lists the topics which will be covered at the conference. Simulation is included along with several other interesting nursing education topics:

Session Topics
I. The Art of Teaching
II. Global Nursing Education/Global Health
III. Technology (including Simulation)
IV.Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Practice (IPP)
V. Measuring and Evaluating Outcomes
VI. Leadership and Organizational Systems
VII. Role Transitions

In attending this conference, I am confident I will gain knowledge that would benefit the nursing department as a whole. The information gained at this conference will be disseminated to the full faculty through a written report sent to their email. If interest exists among our colleagues, Nancy and I will share information at a brown bag lunch where all faculty are invited as well.


Conference Fee: $500

Hotel: $202/night X 4 nights= $808

Airline Ticket: $600

Shuttle/Taxi to/from airport: $50

Meals: $32 X 5 = $160

Total cost: $2118


Dear Nancy A. Maas, (I am a co-presenter, NLN prefers to send all communications to one person)

We are pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled Assisting BSN Students in Moving from Novice to Advanced Beginner through Student Led Simulations, has been accepted for the 2016 NLN Education Summit as a concurrent session. To confirm your acceptance, please click here to submit your acceptance form or copy and paste this link () into your browser no later than Friday, March 4th. If you do not confirm your acceptance, we will slot someone else in your place. Please read over the items below before accepting.

Important Things to Note

Registration: You must register for the full conference. Only the primary presenter will receive a discounted fee. Any co-presenters also must register for the conference, but they will not receive the discounted fee. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your own travel and hotel accommodation. Discount codes will be provided in a separate email in the upcoming weeks.

Your Session:You will have 45 minutes to present your concurrent session. You are not obligated to provide handouts for your attendees during or after the Summit. It is up to you whether or not you would like to distribute a copy of the PowerPoint (hardcopy or electronically) and other related information. If you have any handouts for your presentation, you agree that you will bring adequate copies with you for each attendee in my session. The NLN will not reproduce handouts in advance, nor will they make copies on site at the conference. You are invited to bring extra handout copies for placement on the Extra Handouts Tables near registration immediately after your presentation.

Co-Presenters: Since the NLN’s communications are only with the primary presenter, you are responsible for notifying any co-presenter(s) of all these details related to the presentation.

Conference Dates & Location:The NLN Education Summit will be held September 21-23, 2016 at the Orlando World Center Marriott, 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821.

Session Room:The session room will be set-up with theater seating. The room will include: a Laptop, Internet (not guaranteed), Projector/screen, 3 lavalieres, and an Audio cable. Please plan your presentation accordingly. If your session will need any additional items, please coordinate with your team to bring them to the Marriott.

PowerPoint Presentation: (1) Please email your completed PowerPoint to by Monday, September 5, 2016. Please save your PowerPoint as followed: Session ID-Last Name-Session Date-Session Start Time (i.e. 1A-Jennings-93015-230p.ppt). Your PowerPoint will be pre-loaded onto your session room laptop. It is highly encouraged that you also bring with you a thumbdrive with your PowerPoint onsite.

(2) Your PowerPoint MUST include a non-disclosure statement slide immediately following the title page. If you are not using a PowerPoint presentation you must state the exact text of the disclosure by reading it to the participants before delivery of any content. Verbiage below:

Disclosure statement where no real or perceived vested interest is present.

Conflicts of Interest and Disclosures: Neither the planner(s) or presenter(s) indicated that they have any real or perceived vested interest that relate to this presentation.

Examples of disclosure statements for which the speaker may have a real or perceived vested interest.

Conflicts of Interest and Disclosures: This study/project was supported in part by a grant from XXXXXX, location city, location state (or country)

The author(s)/presenter(s) are employees of XXXXXXX, location city, location state (or country)

Device/material (product name) used in this study/project was/were provided by XXXXXXX, location city, location state (or country)

(3) This year’s conference will feature a mobile app in which we will be making your PowerPoints available for download for all conference attendees. If you would not like your PowerPoint to be shared with conference attendees, please email with your session ID and title and we will remove it from the mobile app. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that it is okay to share your PowerPoints via the mobile app.

Moderators:Your session will have 1-2 moderators. The role of the moderator is to ensure each session remains in compliance with the standard. You can expect the moderator to assist in checking people in, holding up timecards, and evaluating your presentation.

Publication:You will give the first right of refusal for publication of any manuscript(s) evolving from this presentation to the NLN and its journal, Nursing Education Perspectives. If the NLN and its journal have not made a decision to accept the manuscripts(s) within 120 days of submission, you understand that the manuscript(s) may be offered to other journals/publishers.

You will receive more details regarding the exact time and location of your presentation in the months leading up to the Summit. We look forward to your attendance and participation in the exchange of knowledge that contributes to the culture of learning that the Summit exemplifies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shameka Jennings at . We look forward to seeing you in Orlando, FL!

Shameka Jennings, MTA, CMP| Events and Programming Coordinator |National League for Nursing | | 202-909-2495 | Fax: 202-944-8523 | The Watergate | 2600 Virginia Avenue NW, Washington DC 20037


Katherine I. Menard PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE

21 Carrie Road

Negaunee, MI 49866

Office: (906)227-1372

Cell: (517)930-4225


University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (2009-2014)

Milwaukee, WI

Major: PhD in Nursing

Completed: May 2014

Eastern Michigan University (2005-2008)

Ypsilanti, MI

Major: MSN (Adult Health-CNS track)/Teaching in Health Care Systems

Completed: July 2008

Northern Michigan University (1998-2003)

Marquette, MI

Major: Nursing/BSN

Completed: May 2003


Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Faculty Mentored Leadership Development Program (March 2010-October 2011)

Description: Accepted as a scholar this competitive program. Worked through an 18 month curriculum geared towards developing and fostering leadership qualities among new nursing faculty members.

Graduate Assistant

Eastern Michigan University (January-December 2007)

Duties: Skills lab instruction and evaluation of BSN students. Assist with coordination of the nursing programs (Traditional BSN, RN to BSN, and Second degree BSN). Coordination entailed clinical placement, health requirements, proctoring of ATI testing, etc.

Freshman Fellowship Program

Northern Michigan University (July 1998-May 1999)

Duties: Assisted with the collection of data for a group of nursing faculty studying the effects of home health care on patients following CABG.


Mayo Clinic: Summer III Internship

St. Mary’s Hospital (June-August 2002)

Duties: Assisted nursing personnel with care of patients on cardiothoracic transplant ICU.

Nurse Residency Program

Sparrow Hospital (June-August 2003)

Duties: Worked with a preceptor on a variety of floors as a bridge from student to professional.

Eastern Michigan University

Teaching Practicum (Preceptor: Professor Michael Williams PhD, RN, CCRN)

Fall 2006- 135 hours

Duties: Assisted to teach two courses at Eastern Michigan University under the supervision and guidance of preceptor. Courses included:

Fundamentals in Nursing: A lecture course meeting once a week for beginning nursing students.

Essentials in Nursing: A theory course taught in seminar style covering such topics as APA, care planning, introductory research, writing, communication, and issues in nursing today.

Critical Care Medicine Unit: Clinical Nurse Specialist

University of Michigan Hospital

Winter 2007- 45 hours

Duties: Completed clinical time with clinical nurse specialist. Assisted in the development of the rapid response team. Began to learn the role of an advanced practice nurse. Assisted with literature searching, chart review, problem-solving in regards to patient care and nursing competence.

Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit/Acute Care Unit: Clinical Nurse Specialist

University of Michigan Hospital

Fall 2007-45 hours

Duties: Completed clinical time with clinical nurse specialist. Rounded with physicians, provided input regarding patient care from an advanced practice perspective. Used evidence based practice to assist in determining best items to stock on the unit while keeping in mind and completing cost analysis. Assisted with the education of nursing staff regarding care planning using NIC, NOC, and NANDA.

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

University of Michigan Hospital

Winter 2008-135 hours

Duties: Attend rounds and contribute ideas from an advanced practice nursing perspective. Assist NP with writing orders, following up on labs, vitals, consults, etc. Provide nursing staff with an educational program regarding ICU delirium. Recognize educational needs in nursing staff and provide necessary resources to enable competent nursing care.

Licensure and Certification

RN ID # 4704240055







Professional Relevant Experience

Private Duty Aide

Upper Peninsula Home Health Hospice and Private Duty (2000-2001)

Duties: Assisted patients with ADLs, shopping, household chores, cooking, etc.


Eastwood Nursing Center (2001-2003)

Duties: Assisting patients with ADLs

Registered Nurse

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Ingham Regional Medical Center (2003-2004)

Duties: RN caring for patients after surgical procedures requiring critical care, also caring for other ICU overflow patients. Trained to titrate a variety of gtts, care of ventilated patients, IABP, and post-op care of open heart patient.

Registered Nurse

Critical Care Medicine Unit

University of Michigan Hospital (January 2005-August 2008)

Duties: RN caring for patients with complex medical conditions requiring ICU care. Responsible for coordinating care among interdisciplinary teams and advocating for patients. Trained to titrate a variety of gtts, manage CVVHD, sedation of patients, assist with a variety of procedures, hemodynamic monitoring and care of ventilated patients. Responsible for interviewing and training new staff.

Nursing Instructor-Adjunct Lecturer

Eastern Michigan University (January 2008-May 2008)

Nursing 405: Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Duties: Clinical instructor on a respiratory step-down unit. Responsible for teaching, supporting, and evaluating senior level nursing students in the clinical setting.

Nursing Instructor-Adjunct Lecturer

Eastern Michigan University (January 2008- May 2008)

Nursing 209 and Nursing 251: The Art and Science of Nursing I & II

Duties: Instructor in skills lab for fundamentals students. Responsible for teaching clinical skills, medication math, and assessing competency of skills.

Nursing Instructor-Adjunct Faculty

Jackson Community College (January 2008-August 2008)

LPN/MOA141: Body Structure and Function

Duties: Responsible for 3 sections of this introductory anatomy and physiology course. Prepared all lectures, tests, quizzes and group activities.

Registered Nurse

Intensive Care Unit and Acute Care Unit

Bell Memorial Hospital (August 2008-January 2014)

Duties: Provide contingent coverage of the intensive care and acute care unit at a small community hospital. Management of acute and critical medical and surgical patients.

Registered Nurse

Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Unit

Upper Peninsula Health Systems- Marquette (April 2012-Present)

Duties: Provide contingent nursing coverage caring for critically ill patients.

Assistant Professor-Full Time Faculty

Northern Michigan University (August 2008-present)

NE200L Health Assessment Lab

NE201 Introduction to Nursing Concepts

NE202 Introduction to Nursing Skills I

NE204 Introduction to Nursing Skills II

NE312 Adult Health Nursing Clinical

NU211 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice- Theory

NU212 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice- Clinic

NU302 Adult Health I Nursing Clinical

NU431 Adult Health II Nursing Theory

Duties: Responsible for teaching the above classes. Prepared lectures, tests, quizzes and active learning experiences.

Professional Affiliations

AACN- American Association of Critical Care Nurses

AAUP- American Association of University Professors

Upper Peninsula Chapter of AACN (Charter President 2011/2012, Secretary 2012/2013, President 2013/2014)

Xi Sigma- NMU Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (Vice President 2010-2014, President 2014-present)

Zonta- Member and Negaunee High School z-club advisor 2008-2011


Presentation, April 2008: “Delirium in the ICU”: Lecture provided to ICU nurses at the University of Michigan regarding delirium assessment and treatment in the ICU. Presentation was approved to provide 1 CEU for nurses in attendance.

Poster Presentation, March 2010: “A collaborative project to teach intradisciplinary teamwork through simulation.” Presented at the conference entitled, “Simulation in Healthcare: Where No One has Gone Before.” Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Poster Presentation, October 2011: “Adaptation and implementation of the AACN’s healthy working environment standards in academia.” Presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society’s Biennial convention in Grapevine, Texas.

Oral Presentation, November 2011: “A collaborative project to teach intradisciplinary teamwork through simulation.” Co-presenter: Nancy Maas. Presented at a meeting of the Northern Michigan University’s Student Nurses’ Association.

Oral CEU Presentation, December 2011: “Healthy working environments in nursing.” Presented as a continuing educational offering at Marquette General Hospital in collaboration with the Upper Peninsula Chapter of AACN and the Marquette General Staff Council.

Oral CEU Presentation, January 2013: “What’s shakin’? Identification and Management of Atrial Fibrillation.” Presented in collaboration with Lacy Gregg as a continuing educational offering at Marquette General Hospital in collaboration with the Upper Peninsula Chapter of AACN and the Marquette General Staff Council.