Joseph P. Bartol (Attorney, Stroud, Willink & Howard, LLC) Representing the Campground

Joseph P. Bartol (Attorney, Stroud, Willink & Howard, LLC) Representing the Campground

PRV Owners Meeting

Recap and Information:

On Thursday September 12ththere was an informational meeting for the PRV owners to receive information pertain to their property and issues with compliance with local and state government regulations. In attendance was

Joseph P. Bartol (Attorney, Stroud, Willink & Howard, LLC) representing the Campground Association

Steve Sorensen & Arlene Bolin from Saulk County Zoning

Mr. Bartol reviewed some of the current issues that are facing the association.

Residency – Current Statute say that you may not have a permanent residence in a Campsite nor occupy the site for longer than 4 continuous months

It is important to check in and out at the Front desk to show that owners are not continuously occupying their campsite.

Size- Current Statute limits the size of the camper to 400 Square Feet. After a survey was completed there are numerous properties that have buildings with more than the permitted area

Mr. Bartol and Mr. Sorenson both recommended that all interested owners contact their elected state representative to encourage them to pass DHS 178 which will help clear up some of these issues. DHS 178 has existed in draft form for over two years. Until and unless it is passed the current statues are in effect and enforceable.

Steve Sorensen then met with individual owners who received various notices requesting information on their property.

Questions were taken and some responses are listed below:

  1. The check in/out book should be kept behind front desk so that people can’t see who is there and who isn’t. – Yes, It is behind the desk and in control of our Front Desk Staff Present yourself at any time during your stay and they will be able to record your stays
  2. The cards at the back gate. Can we use those to check in/out and track that way? – The Current Card reader is only at one entrance and does not cover any other entrance (2) . In addition it does not hold records on entrance over 1 week. It holds no record of exits. Therefore this does not seem feasible.
  3. Can we get a list of the local and state officials we need to speak to in amending DHS178?

It is recommended that you reach out to the state senator and representative of your permanent place of residence. This can be obtained at:

Simply enter in your street address and your representatives and contact options will be there.

The state senate representative for permanent residents of Wisconsin is Dale Schulty.

State Capital Room 122 South,

PO Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882.

His email address is or

(608) 266-8531 or (800) 978-8008

fax (608) 267-0375.

The state assembly representative for permanent residents of Wisconsin 50th District is represented by

Ed Brooks.

State Capital Room 20 North, PO Box 8952,

Madison, WI, 53708-8952.

His email is or

(608) 266-0703 or (800) 978-8008.

fax (608) 267-0375.

  1. Can we get the information on the website as to who we need to contact?We will also post on Web Site
  2. What does the state consider a campground to be?We covered this at the meeting. We actually read the document
  3. If we did rezone as a mobile home park, what would that mean to us?Based on the current conditions, setbacks, driveway requirements, this does not seem like a feasible action
  4. If we want this to change, we need to go to the state. If we call the state every single day, it will help because they track the calls. ( Statement)
  5. Will the state/county make us tear down part of our units even though the state hasn’t made a decision on DHS?Yet to be determined
  6. I heard that 73 out of 95 units were not in compliance. Is that true and if we aren’t in compliance, will we be notified?

Yes, you are supposed to be notified by the County Directly

  1. Is there someone we can ask to find out if we are in compliant or not?

Yes, call Saulk County to talk to

Steve Sorenson

(608) 355-3285 Extension 3431

or email :

  1. What is the state law on how long you can stay at a campground?

4 Continuous months as listed in State Statute

  1. If I bought a unit from someone that remodeled our unit before us, does that mean we are responsible?Yes
  2. If we “leased” our lots for 99 years, why aren’t they deeded?

We need to research further