Job Recruitment Profile: CSE Specialist Team

Job Recruitment Profile: CSE Specialist Team

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Job Recruitment Profile:
CSE Specialist Team


Application process

Please apply in writing by 9am on Tuesday 29th March 2016, by sending a current CV and covering letter to or “Recruitment Administration, NWG Network, Suite 18, Parker House, Mansfield Road, Derby DE21 4SZ”. Should you have any enquiries, please contact . Your covering letter should provide evidence to demonstrate how well you meet the competencies described in the job description below. Please structure the letter by addressing the competencies in the order given.Interviews will take place on 11th April 2016.

The opportunities

The NWG Network (formerly The National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People) is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 11,000 practitioners who disseminate our information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking within the UK. Our network covers voluntary and statutory services and private companies working in this field. We offer support, advice and raise the profile, provide updates, training, share national developments, influence the development of national and local policy informed by practice. We have developed our youth advisory board to enable young peoples' voices to be heard through the work that we do.

Our team is made up of specialists with a range of skills, there to offer support and expertise to the network. We proactively engage with Local Safeguarding Children's Boards (LSCB's) and their partner agencies, media, researchers and policy writers promoting CSE, training, prevention work, disruption, prosecution and therapeutic care for victims and survivors by sharing effective practice, developing according to need, and actively seeking effective practice from other countries tackling sexual exploitation and trafficking within the UK.

The NWG Network is adding to its expert capacity to support UK areas and services to tackle child sexual exploitation. We are recruiting additional expertise, with multiple roles available across specialist areas of activityincluding:

  • police and justice sector
  • parent and carer involvement
  • education and community development sector

We are also creating a national Register of Expert Practitioners to offer peer to peer support, as well as strengthening our systems and resources. The bigger team will also have a Specialist Team Leader.

Each LSCB’s and Police Force outlook often differs from one area to another; however, there is a national projected need for all servicesand partners to develop appropriate responses according to the National Action Plan and other national guidance, research and policy and improve services for young people who experience or are at risk of CSE.

We are seeking applications from candidates who arecommitted to stopping child sexual exploitation and trafficking and are able to support professionals across the UK to improve the national response to these issues. Successful candidates will be well informed on aspects of child sexual exploitation and child protection frameworksand the links to missing and human trafficking and will have experience of engaging and working with voluntary and statutory partners to ensure multi-agency responsesareadopted.Successful candidates’ skills and knowledge are likely to have been developed over multiple years of experienceworking within the field of child sexual exploitation or child protection, and to have a good record of motivating change which is child and young person focused

The aim of the specialist team member is to advise and assist LSCB's to work towards resolving high and low-risk situations, developing appropriate risk assessments and action plans, assisting at critical stages of scoping and investigation, developing strategies and procedures and raising the profile of all elements of child sexual exploitation at a local and national level. The role will require knowledge of partnership working, particularly with the health service and law enforcement.

We are recruiting to these posts:

  • Police and Justice Specialist
  • Parental Engagement Specialist (part time)
  • Education and Community Development Officer

Specialist Team Job Descriptions

Educational and Community Development Officer

Job title: / Educational and Community Development Officer
Salary: / £28k p/a
Location: / The role is based in the NWG Network HQ’s Derby base.
Hours: / This role is full time andcan be a job share, therefore may suit individuals who would like to explore secondment opportunities.
Accountable to: / Specialist Team Leader
Key liaisons: / LSCB's, Children's Services, Police Protection Units, Health Services, private, voluntary and statutory organisations who have lead responsibility for child sexual exploitation, schools, retail and leisure services, security providers, businesses.
Job purpose: / To support schools and communities to improve their awareness, prevention and identification of CSE and support the goals of the NWG Network specialist team.

Each role will involve working as a team to address awareness, prevention, identification, protection, safeguarding, disruption, engagement with parents, links to missing, trafficking and modern slavery, information & intelligence gathering, investigations, prosecution, working with relevant partners and agencies, contributing to training.

  1. Support to professionals
  2. To promote the national campaigns developed to raise awareness, encourage identification and reporting
  3. To support professionals to develop and improve and monitor strategies and action plans to raise the profile of healthy relationships
  4. To support educational teams to improve their delivery of awareness and prevention programmes and management of CSE cases, offer opportunities to network with other practitioners working in the field, share improved practice, and innovative ways of working.
  5. To record all interactions accurately and execute any follow up tasks, ensuring a high level of data completion and precision, in strict compliance with NWG’s policy and practice on information security.
  6. To identify improvedpractice and resources for dissemination across the network.
  7. Encourage the voice of young people to be accessible to decision makers.
  8. Work collaboratively with team colleagues, volunteers and management to plan and execute their own efficient network.
  9. Know the limits of own competence and knowledge and refer appropriately to colleagues when the situation calls for it.
  1. Responding to cases
  2. Ensure that concerns reported are handled in line with NWG policy and processes.
  3. Identify and make urgent referrals to colleagues of cases reporting current indicators.
  4. Draw on specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that cases reported to the team are supported and referred to the highest possible standard.
  5. Follow up queries to identify how professionals and organisations involved can benefit from further support from NWG Network.
  6. Organise own work effectively to maximise successful outcomes.
  7. Managing information
  8. Ensure that all data recording, storage and transmission is in line with NWG policy and practice on information security.
  9. Maintain timely and appropriate data collection.
  10. Produce reports, information and other documentation as and when required within deadlines, prioritising workload according to need and urgency.
  11. Highlight trends, identify areas for improvement, good practice and gaps in provision of services
  12. Communication
  13. Provide information to individuals and organisations around the benefits of the NWG Network as a single point of contact for guidance and support to improve awareness, prevention, strategies, action plans and case management
  14. Liaise with other professionals and national governmental bodies where necessary to seek updated information on current issues.
  15. Use well-developed communication and interpersonal skills to explain the service available and the benefits of care management to achieve a high level of response to the National Action Plan and encourage engagement to tackling the issue.
  16. Maintain an appropriate level of contact with team colleagues and other service providers and share information in an appropriate and timely manner, always maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality.
  17. Professional effectiveness
  18. Work in collaboration with other team colleagues to ensure optimal membership to the NWG Network and initiate the relationship between the service and the member/organisation.
  19. Support teamwork and display professionalism during daily job responsibilities. Participate actively in team meetings.
  20. Maintain and comply with NWG policies and procedures.
  21. Maintain a high level of professionalism in manner and communication.
  22. Maintenance and development of current knowledge of the NWG Network, current knowledge of the national position,interpersonal skills, and IT skills.
  23. Undertake audit and supervision as stipulated, participate in performance management and self-assessment.
  24. General
  25. The post holder may be required to work at any of the membership’s offices in line with service needs and may be required to undertake overnight trips.
  26. To undertake any other tasks/duties as requested/required by the CEO.
  27. The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to the policies and procedures.
  28. All staff have a responsibility to participate in the NWG Network development and to contribute to their own development, and the development of any staff they appraise or are responsible for.

The above Job Description is not intended to be exhaustive, and the duties and responsibilities may therefore vary over time according to the changing needs of the service.

Key competencies


  • Experience of developing strategies, action and implementation plans for educational or community programmes
  • Creative and innovative approach to identifying and developing education tools to tackle healthy relationships in community and educational settings
  • Ability to demonstrate how to deliver to, and support, community safety teams and/or educational staff
  • Ability to encourage schools to take part in PHSE educational sessions on healthy relationships
  • Ability to further enhance the school initiative we are piloting
  • Ability to work in line with policy and procedure related to reporting, recording and responding to safeguarding issues
  • An understanding of priorities for improving CSE and trafficking work across statutory, voluntary and private sectors
  • Ability to support staff to manage situations when they identify issues of concern
  • Ability to plan and coordinate educational and/or community safety campaigns
  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills to promote the helplines for professionals and young people


  • Understanding of school structures and procedures for safeguarding issues
  • Experience of directly delivering educational materials to a full spectrum of abilities within school settings and/or experience of delivering community awareness campaigns.
  • Utilise opportunities for creative and innovative ways of encouraging society to protect children.


In the course of your employment you will have access to confidential information. You are required to exercise due consideration in the way you use such information and should not act in any way, which might be prejudicial to the NWG interests. Information which may be included in the category which requires extra consideration covers both access and to the general business of the NWG and information regarding individuals. If you are in any doubt regarding the use of information in the pursuit of your duties you should seek advice from your manager before communicating such information to any third party.

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