Job Description Clarendon Hills Park District

Job Description Clarendon Hills Park District


TITLE: Lifeguard

DEPARTMENT: Recreation (Lions Park Pool)

STATUS:Part-Time (Seasonal)




Under the direction of the Aquatic Management Staff, the lifeguard’s primary responsibility is to safeguard and protect the pool patrons against any and all accidents. Secondary responsibilities include proper rescue and first aid if an accident should take place, acting as a public relations representative, and maintaining a safe and clean environment for all patrons and staff to enjoy. The position also assists the public in the locker room, sand areas, entrance of the slides and aids in the cleaning and maintenance of the pool and surrounding area.


Minimum 20 hours per week; maximum 40 hours per week. The Lifeguard works during open swim hours, swim lessons, rentals, special events, swim team, or any other event being held at Lions Park Pool. Shifts will vary according the operation schedule. Operating hours may vary from 6:00am-10:00pm. No employee will be allowed to work over 40 hours per week.


Recreation Supervisor/Aquatics Manager and Assistant Aquatic Manager


  1. Currently 16 years of age or older.
  2. Have current Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Training or be able to obtain license before first day of work
  3. Able to swim 200 yards and retrieve 10 pound brick from 12ft deep pool
  4. Be in good physical condition, be dependable, alert and enthusiastic.
  5. Ability to communicate verbally and hear and respond to whistles.
  6. Exhibit a friendly and pleasant attitude conducive to working with the public.
  7. Able to lift 160lb person from water and 50 lbs. out of water when moving equipment, supplies, etc.


  1. Perform lifeguard duties as trained by Ellis and Associates guidelines. Be prepared at all times to rescue, resuscitate and give first-aid without further endangering the injured person/s.
  2. Prevent accidents, injuries, and drowning by reducing hazards and hazardous behavior.
  3. To safeguard all persons from injury or drowning through alertness, being helpful and friendly to patrons, and firm, courteous enforcement of pool rules.
  4. Act in a mature, responsible way in all aspects of the job an always present a professional demeanor and appearance.
  5. Gain knowledge and understanding of Park District policies and procedures and see that they are adhered to at all times.
  6. Know and enforce all pool rules and regulations
  7. Comply with the Park District’s Dress Code by coming to work in clean, presentable clothing and/or uniform. Must wear staff swimsuit, staff shirt, sunscreen, sun glasses, hat/visor and whistle while on duty.
  8. Maintain the 10/20 protection rule at all times while on the stand.
  9. To be familiar with the location of all emergency equipment and first-aid supplies
  10. Know the emergency procedure to be followed in case of an accident or drowning
  11. Know the lifeguard rotation at assigned area and responsibilities of each lifeguard stations. \
  12. Remain at the assigned station while on duty.
  13. Attend staff orientation and all pre-season training
  14. Perform daily cleaning assignments for the facility as directed by the pool management staff or those persons acting in authority. Daily cleaning responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Cleaning bathrooms, lobby, lifeguard office, locker rooms or deck area as needed, removing garbage and debris from the pool deck, vacuuming all pools, sweeping sand off the pool deck, raking sand area, power washing pool and concessions area, basic landscaping, skimming pool surface, scrubbing scum line, cleaning pool grates.
  15. Attend 4 hours of weekly in-service training per month.
  16. The District encourages its employees to “take ownership” of the District. As such, it shall be the responsibility of all Park District employees to pick up litter throughout the buildings, grounds, and facilities of the District and present self and the district at highest standard.
  17. Adhere to time clock procedures and keep accurate and neat record of time worked.


  1. Assisting other employees with their jobs during rush periods.
  2. Complete minor maintenance work on pool facility or grounds during off periods of the day.
  3. Assist with swimming lessons or other programs when necessary.
  4. Maintain flexibility regarding scheduling of hours due to rentals and special events and assist with both as needed.
  5. Complete any other assigned task given by the management staff.


  1. Observe and follow all Park District safety policies and regulations. The safety of staff and participants is a continuing responsibility of all employees.
  2. Consistently enforce all pool rules designed to provide a safe environment and experience.
  3. USE PREVENTATIVE LIFEGUARDING by reminding swimmers or resolving problems before they get more serious.
  4. Immediately report any broken safety or mechanical equipment to management.
  5. Promptly report to management all unsafe actions, practices or conditions observed.
  6. Perform lifeguard duties as trained by Ellis and Associates guidelines.
  7. Maintain the 10/20 protection rule at all times while in the guard chair as well as the five minute strategy
  8. Keep your eyes on the pool surface at all times while on duty. Establish a definite pattern of scanning the zone area.
  9. Be exceptionally watchful of swimmers underwater or those along the pool wall.
  10. Do not converse with patrons unless it relates to the job at hand and do it without taking eyes off the pool.
  11. Sit in a rescue ready position when in the guard chair.
  12. Never leave the pool unguarded.
  13. Report bathers with open sores, skin disease, inflamed eyes or any other condition that could endanger the health of others to management
  14. No jewelry or watches are to be worn while on duty
  15. Actively support the safety program that will effectively control and reduce accidents.
  16. Obey the practical safety rules, regulations and procedures established by the safety program that is pertinent to the activities conducted by the department.
  17. A Criminal Background Check will be conducted on each employee hired.
  18. Be on time to work.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Personnel and Employment Policy and the Lions Park Pool Staff Manual.


  1. Position requires quick and accurate response to aquatic and other emergencies
  2. Position requires dealing with the demand of keeping all swimmers safe
  3. Position requires vigilance which can at times be monotonous.


  1. Must be able to lift 160lb person from the water
  2. Must be able to lift 50lbs when moving equipment, supplies, etc.
  3. Perform tasks that require walking, bending, stooping, standing, kneeling, climbing, reaching and sitting.
  4. Ability to stand for sustained periods of time.
  5. Able to swim and enter the pool at any given time.
  6. Strong voice in order to be heard over pool noise.


  1. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate, but may be exposed to noise distractions from employees or patrons.
  2. Position will call for person to work in high humidity and diverse weather conditions
  3. Employee may also be required to work outside during various weather conditions including rain and mud, cold and hot temperatures.
  4. Employees may also be exposed to slippery floors.


Worker must be able to respond to emergency situations in the correct manner, understanding procedures and personnel policies. Worker must be able to demonstrate and perform proper leadership, instructional and communications skills. Observation, sound judgment, and problem-solving skills are essential.