Interlake Kidsporttm Portable Bleachers

Interlake Kidsporttm Portable Bleachers



1)How many bleacher units can be booked for an event?

There are a total of six units stored at the Stonewall Arena. The number of units that can be booked depends on availability.

2)What mechanism is used to set up the units?

All units have a steel substructure with pressure treated walkways and seats. The walkways and seats are removable and stackable and the steel substructure dissembles to flat.

3)What is the seating capacity?

The bleachers have four rows of seating at 12’ feet per row. Based upon 18” per seat, each unit could accommodate 32.

4)What are the dimensions of the bleachers?

The bleachers are approximately 12 feet long by 8 feet wide when set up.

5)How are these units transported?

A half-ton truck with an 8’ box with tailgate could be used to transport two, possibly three units. In a half-ton this size, the bleacher units would hang out about 2 feet past the tailgate.

6)How many people are needed to transport the bleachers?

At least 2 people are needed to pick up and drop off the bleachers. The bleachers may need to be dissembled when picking up.

7)What type of location is required?

The portable bleachers are ideal for any park, parking lot setting, or indoors. The bleachers should be positioned on a firm, reasonably level surface. If used indoors, bleachers can be transported through a single door.

8)How many people are required for set up? How long will it take?

The unit is very easy to assemble needing only a ¾” wrench. Two people can set up one unit in less than fifteen minutes.

9)Is there a requirement for insurance to use the bleachers?

Yes. The user group or facility using the bleachers must hold a general liability insurance policy.


10)When can the bleachers be picked up?

The bleachers are stored at the Stonewall Arena and therefore pick up is subject to the availability of arena staff. In general, the bleachers can be picked up at an agreed upon time between 8:30am – 4:30pm. These hours are subject to change and generally limited to Monday – Friday in the spring/summer months.

11)When is payment due?

Bleacher payment is due at least 2-weeks prior to the pick-up date to confirm the rental.

12)Is a damage deposit required?

Yes. A $50.00 damage deposit is required for each unit used. The deposit is required with the rental payment and will be returned if the bleachers are returned in a condition satisfactory to Sport Manitoba - Interlake. If damage is structural and costs are in excess of the damage deposit, the user group will be responsible for any additional costs.

Please note: users are not permitted to nail, staple, or otherwise affix items to the bleachers in such a manner. This is considered damage and therefore the damage deposit will not be refunded.

10) What other costs are associated with the rental?

a)Bleacher Rental

Each unit costs $25 per day plus a $50 per unit refundable damage deposit. Fees are payable to Sport MB - KidSport, and are given directly to benefit kids in the Interlake. A bleacher rental period is considered from pick-up time to drop-off time.

b)Transportation Costs

Transportation, assembly and takedown of the units are the responsibility of the user group.

11)Who can book the bleachers?

Priority # 1:

Sport Manitoba Events held in Region i.e. Manitoba Games,

Western Canada Games, Canada Games

Priority # 2:

Inter-National, National and Provincial Sport Events in Region

Priority # 3:

Regional Sport Events held in Region

Priority # 4:

Community Events held in Region

Priority # 5:

Events held outside the Region

The intended use for these bleachers is for any sporting event. Sport takes priority. However, on occasion, the bleachers could be used for an event within the region with prior approval of Sport Manitoba-Interlake.

12)What is the booking procedure?

Fill out form on page 4 of this package and submit to Sport Manitoba East. Call 1-866-774-2220 ext 6 for additional information.




Billing Address:______

Phone Number(s):______


How many sets of bleachers are you requesting? ______

(There are 6 sets of bleachers available, and each set seats approximately 32)

Name of Event:______

Event location:______

Event Dates:______

Desired Day and Time to pick-up the Bleachers:______

(A bleacher rental period is considered from pick-up date to drop-off date)

Day and Time Bleachers will be returned:______

(A bleacher rental period is considered from pick-up date to drop-off date)

Does the user group or facility using the bleachers have a general liability insurance policy? (circle one) YES NO

I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the Interlake KidSportTM Bleacher Policies.



Submit form to:

Sport Manitoba - East

Box 50

Beausejour, MB R0E 0C0

Fax: 1-204-268-6070