Inspire Middleton / Lighthouse Project - Application Pack 2017

Inspire Middleton / Lighthouse Project - Application Pack 2017

Inspire Middleton / Lighthouse Project - Application Pack 2017

Recruitment May 2017 - Community Development Worker

Role:Community Development Worker – Community Toolbox Project

Location:Lighthouse Project, Middleton

Hours:35 hours per week

Contract Type:12 months fixed term contract
Funded through Heywood Middleton Rochdale CCG SIF 2017/18

Salary:£16,000 per annum

Application method:Inspire Middleton’s Application form

Application pack available:To download from:

By email: to

By telephone: 0161 643 1163 – ask for Pam Semp

Application returns:All applications should be returned by email to – .
The completed application form should be included as an attachment quoting the name of the vacancy and the applicant name in the subject line.

Closing date:Monday 22nd May 2017, 12 noon.


  • Applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered.
  • Electronic applications returned to an email address other than the one stated will not be considered
  • CV’s will not be accepted.
  • No agencies please.
  • Please read the instructions on how to fill in the application form and the Person specification carefully as this provides the Essential and Desirable criteria which will be used to assess all applications.

Pack Includes:

  1. Job Description
  2. Outline of responsibilities
  3. Person Specification
  4. Application form
  5. Equal Opportunities form

The Lighthouse Project - Job description

Job Title: Community Development Worker – Community Toolbox

Location: Lighthouse Project, Middleton

Reporting: To Centre management

Contract type:12 months fixed term

Hours of work: 35 hours per week

Salary: £16,000 per annum – Funded through Heywood Middleton Rochdale CCG SIF 17/18

Job Purpose
The purpose of this role will be to support all aspects of the Community Toolbox activities running at the Lighthouse Project which will involve working directly with beneficiaries and volunteers to encourage engagement with each of the toolbox activities and supporting all the opportunities and services that will be on offer. This includes; Healthy lifestyles courses, Job Hunting Academy, Talk English classes, Social groups, Money toolbox, Confidence and self-esteem classes, Learn My Way computer courses, and volunteering opportunities.
The role is also part of building the skills capacity within the Lighthouse Project, the training of volunteers, mentors and coaches in order to support beneficiaries and those who would benefit from such help, and to build up the future sustainability of the Community Toolbox project.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities- Summary
The Community Development Worker will support attendees, and encourage progression, as well as helping guide progress so that beneficiaries gain the most out of the opportunities that are available.
The role will also include supporting existing groups within the Lighthouse Project to develop their activities and increase their reach and impact so that they become more effective in their achievements and more sustainable and potentially fundable.
The Community Development Worker will be responsible for helping the Lighthouse Project meet the aims, objectives and targets set for the Community toolbox including working closely in partnership with other internal groups and external partner organisations and groups.
General Requirements
  • All staff are required to contribute to the successful running of the Lighthouse Project and as such may have to undertake work outside of their designated role to achieve this.
  • Be sympathetic to our organisational aims and objectives
  • Strong commitment to the vision and ethos of Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project
  • Ability to relate to people of different ages and backgrounds, and to those involved in visiting and running the Centre, including external organisations
  • Ability to adapt to any changes brought about by the development of the project

This list is not to be viewed as an exhaustive list of duties but rather an indication of the key elements of the expected workload of a community development worker role.

The Lighthouse Project - Job description

Job Title: Community Development Worker
(Community Toolbox)

Brief description of the Community Toolbox project

Community Tool Box is a collection of courses, activities and training designed to help individuals become independent and socially resilient. The Toolbox is person centred and solution focused and it equips people with skills to help them reduce their social isolation and deal with the challenges/ barriers they face.

The project promotes and develops life chances for the participants including employability skills, wellbeing & confidence building sessions, accessing digital health services, hobby activities, public services and resources, mentoring and coaching, language skills and volunteering. People who present with multiple needs will be offered multiple options and opportunities to thrive.

Outline of Community Development worker (Community Toolbox)responsibilities.

  • Working with the Centre manager, tutors and existing volunteers of the Lighthouse Project in the support and delivery of the Community Toolbox activities.
  • Organising and supporting the Community Toolbox activities, and publicising project services and activities.
  • Recruiting participants for the Community Toolbox activities, identify beneficiary’s needs and offering relevant guidance and signposting.
  • Working with our Volunteer Co-ordinator in the recruitment of volunteers to support the Community Toolbox.
  • Development of volunteer mentors to work alongside and support beneficiaries.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the projects targets, aims and outcomes and providing weekly and monthly reporting to the admin/management team.
  • Development of Community Toolbox activities – and carrying out ongoing research and community needs analysis to support the project and identify any new needs or delivery gaps.
  • Networking and development of good partnerships with other local organisations, from all sectors.
  • Encouraging and motivating the local community to participate in the Toolbox activities and Services.
  • Fundraising for any specific project and activity needs.
  • Development of a sustainability plan for the project

Working with beneficiaries to support their needs

  • Communicate with, listen to, and actively engage beneficiaries to gain an understanding of their situation, circumstances and requirements.
  • Provide support to, and actively work with beneficiaries to help them meet their needs.
  • Actively encourage and promote participation in all aspects of the projects activities and services to beneficiaries, the public and other organisations.
  • Outreach to beneficiaries to encourage engagement with the work of the Lighthouse Project.

Job Title: Community Development Worker
(Community Toolbox)

Person specification

Essential/Desirable / Evidence:
Application form (A)
Interview (I)
Good communication skills / E / A, I
Good listening skills / E / I
Good networking skills / E / A, I
Empathy / E / A, I
Research and report writing / D / A, I
Budget management / D / A, I
Managing change/conflict / D / A, I
Project development and management / E / A, I
Good IT skills / E / A, I
Ability to work on own initiative / E / A,I
Literacy and Numeracy to Level 2 (minimum) / E / A
Previous community development work / D / A, I
Previous fundraising experience / D / A, I
Recruiting and managing volunteers / D / A, I
Working in partnership with other organisations / D / A, I
Awareness of issues facing deprived communities / D / A, I
Awareness of issues associated with volunteer recruitment and management / D / A, I
Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet & email / E / A, I
Willingness to undertake any identified training / E / I
Able to work evenings and weekends when necessary / D / I

Application for the Post of: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORKER (community Toolbox)

This vacancy is offered by INSPIRE MIDDLETONwhich is the registered charity that runs the Lighthouse Project.
This post is funded throughHeywood Middleton Rochdale CCG SIF 2017/18.

How to fill in the application form

There are certain criteria we will shortlist against, please read the following points carefully:

  1. The Person Specification provides the essential and desirable criteria against which your application will be assessed; this is where you need to explain to us how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications match our requirements. The Job Description outlines the principle duties and responsibilities for this post.
    You should create a heading for each skill, knowledge or ability indicated and write information relating to that particular point giving examples of your competency level and details of any relevant work that demonstrates that particular skill, knowledge or ability in use.
  1. You may find it useful to consider not only your previous work, but also the experience, skills and abilities you have developed outside work, through volunteering, community work, leisure and other interests. In presenting your skills and abilities, please specify your own responsibilities and achievements, not the general work of your organisation or company, and remember that experience gained through training may also be relevant.
  1. You will be invited to interview only if your application clearly shows that, in competition with other applicants, you satisfy the essential requirements.
  1. Wherever possible type out your application form. If this is not possible please make sure that your handwriting is easy to read. Failure to do so may result in the application not being read. However, if for a disability-related reason you are unable to do either you must contact us in advance of the deadline date to agree an appropriate format for your application.
    Applicants can use additional sheets if required.
  1. Any applications received after the deadline date will not be considered.
  1. CVs will not be admitted under any circumstances.
  1. Please remember to complete and return the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Sheet.

Personal Details



Telephone – Home:

Telephone – Mobile:

Email Address:
Specific Information

Please use this section to tell us how your experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications match all the requirements listed on the Person Specification for the job. If you need more space, continue on additional sides of A4 paper.

Education and Training

Please give details of all schools/colleges/universities/courses attended, and any qualifications achieved.

From To Course Title and Institution Level / QualificationResult

Employment and Work Experience

Please give details of your recent employment, volunteering and other work experiences. Please start with your current or most recent work, and do not leave any unexplained gaps in this section. Continue on a separate sheet, if necessary.

From To Job and Employer Reason for leaving


Please supply the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people.
One should be your most recent employer. If you have not been employed recently, someone you have worked with can be used. Please state your relationship to each of the referees.
References will only be requested after interviewif you are selected for the post.

Name: Name:

Position: Position:

Contact details:Contact details:


I confirm that the information presented in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I consent to Inspire Middleton checking any information I am unable to verify personally.

If appointed to the post, when could you begin work? ______

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Sheet

Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project is committed to equal opportunities in its employment, services and management. We aim to ensure that no applicant receives any less favourable treatment on the basis of:

age, class, colour, disability, family responsibilities, gender, marital status, mental health,

nationality, parental status, racial origin, religious belief or their sexual orientation.

We endeavour to ensure that our recruitment process is based on objective criteria. A person specification is used to decide short-listing, and it is also used by the interviewing panels.

This information will be used solely for monitoring purposes and will be separated from application forms before they are read by the interview panel.

In order to monitor our recruitment procedure we ask applicants to fill in this form but it is not compulsory.

  1. Application for the post of _____Community Development Worker – Community Toolbox ______
  1. Ethnic group – please choose ONE section A to E, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your cultural background

A. White


B. Mixed

/ C. Asian
Asian British / D. Black
Black British / E. Chinese or
other ethnic

British 

Irish 
Other White background, please indicate
………………… /

White and Black Caribbean 

White and Black African 
White and Asian 
Other Mixed background, please indicate
……………………….. / Indian 
Pakistani 
Bangladeshi 
Other Asian background, please indicate
……………………….. / Caribbean 
African 
Other Black background, please indicate
……………………….. / Chinese 
Any other, please indicate
  1. Do you consider yourself to have a disability? (please tick)Yes  No
  1. Are youMale  Female 
  1. Are you19 or under  20-34  35-49  50-64  65-79  80 and over 
  1. I saw this post advertised in______

Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project believes that all people have value and recognises that there are many people in society who have been denied equal opportunities or for whom equal opportunities have not been made available.

Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project further recognises that it is necessary to take positive steps to ensure that all people benefit from equal opportunities whether this is when Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project is acting as employer, providing services or working with people as individuals or in groups.

(Further details of our Equal Opportunities Policy are available from Inspire Middleton)