Innovative Development: World Experience and Russia S Strategy

Innovative Development: World Experience and Russia S Strategy

List of Participants

International Conference

“Innovative Development: World Experience and Russia’s Strategy”

МГИМО, 23-24 октября 2008 г.

  1. V.P. Averchev– Chief Analyst, BP-Russia
  2. A.V. Biryukov–Counsellor, Embassy of Russia in Azerbaijan; Professor, MGIMO-University
  3. A.D. Bogaturov – Vice-Rector for Advancement, MGIMO-University
  4. N.V. Bogdanov–Partner, LawFirm “Gorodissky and partners”
  5. K.P. Borishpolets– Professor, Department of World Politics, MGIMO-University
  6. E. Brose– Minister, Economic and Scientific Affairs, Embassy of the FederalRepublic of Germany in Russia
  7. A.S. Bulatov– Chair, Department of World Economy, MGIMO-University
  8. R. Burger– Science & Technology Counsellor, Delegation of the European Commission to Russia
  9. I.A. Chubukova – Head, Department of International Projects, BaumanUniversity
  10. I.V. Danilin – Senior Research Fellow, IMEMO RAS
  11. I.G. Dezhina – Chair, Sector for S&T Progress and Management, IMEMO RAS
  12. R.S. Demidov – DeputyCEO, “BusinessComputerCentre”
  13. V.L. Entin – Advocate, “Klishin and partners”; Professor, MGIMO-University
  14. S.E. Eroshin – Deputy Dean, School of Engineering Business and Management, BaumanUniversity
  15. I.D. Froumin – Vice-Rector, Higher School of Economics
  16. O.G. Golichenko– Chief Research Fellow, Central Economic and Math Institute, RussianAcademy of Sciences
  17. L.M. Gokhberg– FirstVice-Rector,HigherSchoolofEconomic
  18. S.M. Guriyev– Rector, New Economic School
  19. Zhao Gang– Leading Research Fellow, ChineseAcademy on Science and Technology for Development
  20. A.-K. Heikkinen –Embassy of Finland in Russia
  21. N.I. Ivanova – Deputy Director, IMEMO RAS; Corresponding Member of the RussianAcademy of Sciences
  22. E.I. Kaminskaya– Associate Professor, MGIMO-University
  23. K.A. Khomkin– Deputy Dean, School of Innovation Business, Academy of National Economy
  24. D.G. Kogatko – AdministrationofRussia’sPresident; President’sCouncilforScience, Technology and Education
  25. E.M. Kozhokin– Director, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
  26. T. Koponen– Director, Finnish Innovation Centre “Finnode Russia”
  27. B.N. Korobets– Head, Centre for Protection of IP Rights, BaumanUniversity
  28. A.D. Korchagin –DeputyHead, FederalAgencyonIntellectualProperty, PatentsandBrands (Rospatent)
  29. A.V. Krutskikh – Deputy Director, Department of Security and Disarmament, MFA of Russia; Professor, MGIMO-University
  30. I.I. Kuzmenkova – ExecutiveDirector, Schoolof Innovation Business, Academy of National Economy
  31. M.V. Litvinenko– Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Management, RussianAcademy of Sciences
  32. K.A. Lukyanova– Deputy, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia
  33. V.V. Martynov – CIO, MGIMO-University
  34. A.Y. Melville – Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, MGIMO-University
  35. S. Meringer – Professor, MosbachUniversity for Corporate Education (Germany)
  36. V.A. Mesheryakov – Counsellor, LawFirm “Gorodissky and partners”
  37. D.A. Milovantsev– Deputy Chair, Institute of Modern Development
  38. A. Mifsud-Bonnici – DirectorofCommunicationsand Corporate Responsibility, BP-Russia
  39. A.Y. Nekrasov – Rector’sAssistantforInternational Activities, MIREA
  40. M.A. Nikitenkova – Head, CentreforResearchandEducationProjects, Institute of American and Canadian Studies, RAS
  41. V.V. Nichkov – Director, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
  42. R.B. Nozdreva– Chair, Department of Management, Marketing and Commerce, MGIMO-University
  43. I.N. Omelchenko – Dean, School of Engineering Business and Management, BaumanUniversity
  44. I.S. Onishenko – SeniorResearchFellow, IMEMO RAS
  45. V.S. Osmakov – Head, Department of Strategic Planning and R&D, Russian Ministry of Energy
  46. E.A. Palkin – Vice-Rector for Innovation and Scientific Affairse, Russian New University
  47. A. Parra – Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the ChileanRepublic in Russia
  48. A.E. Petrov – DeputyChair, CoordinationCouncilonYouthAffairsinEducationandScience, President’sCouncilfor Science, Technology and Education
  49. V.V. Pirogova – Associate Professor, MGIMO-University
  50. I.N. Platonova – Chair, Department of International Economic Relations, MGIMO-University
  51. S.V. Polyakov – CIO, “Gambramedical”
  52. N.Y. Popov – Chair, NationalInstituteofSustainableDevelopment
  53. I.V. Prokofyev – Deputy Director, Russian Institute of Strategic Studies
  54. D. Rainey – Professor, RensselaerPolytechnic Institute (USA)
  55. E.A. Rogowsky – Head, Center for Industrial Policies, Institute for American and Canadian Studies of RAS
  56. L. Rosansky – Interim Provost, Levin Institute, SUNY
  57. V.A. Rubanov – Institute of Modern Development
  58. V. Salamatov – BP-Russia
  59. B.G. Saltykov– President, Association “RussianFoundationforInternationalSTCooperation”
  60. A.S. Sharkov – AdministrationofRussia’sPresident, President’s Council for Science, Technology and Education
  61. N.V. Shelubskaya – Senior Research Fellow, IMEMO RAS
  62. A.Y. Sitnikov – Vice-Rector, NewEconomicSchool
  63. K. Simons – AssociateProfessor, RensselaerPolytechnicInstitute (USA)
  64. O.A. Smirnova – BaumanUniversity
  65. A.V. Sorokin – ManagerofUniversityPrograms, IBMEasternEurope/Asia
  66. R. Spies – President, BP-Russia
  67. I.N. Timofeev – Lecturer, Department of Political Science, MGIMO-University
  68. A. Traat – Estonian Embassy in Russia
  69. A.N. Tsaregorodcev – Institute of Modern Development
  70. V.N. Tselikov – Consultant, “Gazprom export”
  71. V.V. Tsyganov – LeadingResearchFellow, Institute of Management, RAS
  72. D.I. Tsyganov – DeputyCEO, “Moscow Committee for Science and Technology”
  73. A. Ulyanova – IBM Russia
  74. G. Utley – President, Levin Institute, SUNY
  75. A.D. Voskresensky– Dean, School of Political Science, MGIMO-University
  76. O.Y. Zavyalov – Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Management, RussianAcademy of Sciences
  77. L. Zimmer – Associate Professor, Institute for Innovation Management (Germany)
  78. V.G. Zinov – Dean, School of Innovation Business, Academy of National Economy