Industry and Technology

Industry and Technology

Division Council Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2011

1. Associate Dean Daniel Shrader welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.CTEA – Matt Kline

Daniel introduced guest speaker Matt Kline who is an ESL instructor and president of the CTEA program. Matt has release time to help faculty with CTEA. He provided handouts and explained what is new for next year with CTEA Grant. The CTEA Grant website can be accessed by logging onto MyECC. Faculty can also find out more about CTEC by going to my ECC. Click on the links that will help with preparing CTEA applications and shows an example and shows the basic outline. Also included is the actual application for next year’s funding. All proposals are due 3/9/12 for the following grant year.

Page 2 has steps for completing all forms. Step 2 asks that you attach your advisory committee minutes. Attach program information.

Program Information Form – Provide success and retention for the last 3 years based on information from Institutional Research. Institutional Research will have Fall 2010, 2009, 2008 by March 9th.

How many applied?

Page 5 is the Detail Budget for Program Activities. The lower part of the form asks for location where equipment will be housed. The auditors may ask where equipment is today. Faculty need to know where things are.

VI-Use of Funds Worksheet. There are 9 categories. If funding is received from CTEA you can address 9 issues but it doesn’t mean you need to address all 9 issues.

Another change is found on page 9 for the CTEA proposal which now asks whether there involves technology or construction. If requesting hardware or software, ask Don Treat to look the proposal over before submitting.

Jack Selph said construction does not have electrical outlet. Facilities says it can’t be done. Mike said to address issuesbefore submitting proposal. Stephanie or Dan can out 519 forms.

The CTEA Advisory, composed of the Deans on campus will get all the applications, read and judge on criteria. Make sure application addresses 6 criteria. Aim for 3. The Deans will read, prioritize, and submit to the Vice President and President who have final say so to select.

What is the maximum amount to get? Most likely there will be$300K for whole school. Several weeks ago everyone received a from Dr. Rapp. Use this survey to find out how many economy challengedstudents there are and determine percentages.

Final decision for allotment, factors in how many disadvantaged students there are in the division. Unless you address disadvantaged student population on the application its doubtful committee looks at the figures. Contact Irene Graff for survey results and use to fill out application.

The Program Identification Form – Look at it as part of a rubric. Success and Retention is not on rubric. CTEA is to improve your program and money is needed to update curriculum. Expand your program with different software. CTEA can cover for software the 1st time, and thenadd to your Plan Builder referred to consumable supplies, i.e. printer, gas through welder. Ask for it initially, but then put into Plan Builder.

Question-Does the Dean’s meeting allow others to sit in on meeting? The Program Director let faculty come to talk about their proposals but Dr. Rapp does not. She wantsthe proposal to be your voice.

Feel free to contact me. Extension 5948 or . I will be happy to meet with you.

3. Faculty Position Priorities

AJ full-time was approved. Also requesting full-time were COSM, ATEC, ACR. Vic Cafarchia and Stephanie voted. Stephanie articulated very well to the group. Stephanie made it clear to the group that we have on we have more frequent review cycles every 2 years, other parts of community colleges are every 4 years.

4. Reports/Updates:


Valencia Rayford -Registration is on November 22nd. She will continue to do class visits and she will have in the mailroom. Most have students received registration appointments.

Question-Some students got information on certificates, some did not. There may be issues with their grades. Send student to Valencia.

Question-Is there a certain date when students need notify for their degrees?Students should submit 2 months prior.


Vivian Nemie said information is being input, but system is backing up. It can be very confusing but be patient with your reps. Everyone isjust learning.

Division Office

Carol Quiroz reminded faculty to who are serving on an evaluation to make sure to visit the faculty’s class. For those being evaluated, make sure to turn in you self evaluation one week before their conference evaluations.

There are 2 additional conference forms 1) Anticipated Conference Expense that needs to be attached to the conference request 2) Conference Attendance Final Report to be submitted along with the reimbursement request after the conference.

We will have a winter celebration week starting December 5 – 8, 2011. There will be coffee and treats from 7:30-10:00am. The potluck will be on Thursday from 11:30-1:30pm.

5. Other

Question – Is there a shredder available for instructors? The division office has a shredder but is not equipped to do high volume shredding. Check with Associated Students, they are big on recycling. Dan will also make calls. This may be an action item for Facilities,.

Meeting ended 2:01 pm.