Individual Role Unique Characteristics

Individual Role Unique Characteristics

Individual Role – Unique Characteristics

This document is to be used in conjunction with the general role profile.

Directorate / School / Resources
Unit / Team / Improvement
Job Title / End User ComputingManager
Job Family Role Profile Level / RT7S
Date / September 2013
Post Group Number
(to be added by Pay and Reward team) / 5971


  • The purpose of the End User Computing Manageris to provide a comprehensive remote and mobile end user support service, ensuring key user interactions such as incident and request management are managed effectively with minimum disruption to the end user experience.
  • Working within the ICT team to deliver the best experience for the end-user.

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring production of performance management reporting information in relation to service area.
  • Contribute to SLA setting within Service Area.
  • Ensuring the availability and suitability of a single point of contact for all user service request, incident management, access requests and other related user interactions.
  • Leading on Service Request Fulfilment, ensuring such requests are fulfilled in accordance with SLAs and user need
  • Leading on Access Request Management, ensuring such requests are fulfilled in accordance with SLAs and user need
  • Leading on Incident Management, ensuring incidents are resolved in accordance with SLAs and user need
  • Challenge and develop staff to ensure maximum performance and achievement of potential.
  • Ensure cross disciplinary working both within and external to the service.
  • Recommend and implement ICT Improvements within a management environment.
  • Contribute to ICT service planning by establishing business needs and proposing ICT solutions.
  • Lead, manage and deliver cross functional improvement Programmes and Projects including the management of a number of projects concurrently
  • Control resources to deliverprojects to successful outcomes, ensure knowledge capture and disseminate information, guarantee service delivery targets are met and ensure continuous service improvement (both within and across service areas)
  • Propose and develop appropriate ICT policies and review / update these policiesand documentation
  • Responsible for managing all HR (recruitment, discipline, performance management etc) and H&S issues within team.
  • Organise and co-ordinate the work of groups of specialised employees including service leads and externally contracted staff.
  • Ensure the successful creation, management and operation of Expert Groups within team including
  • Provide resource plans and co-ordinate resources to deliver agreed projects and programmes of work.
  • Review project / programme resourcing levels to ensure a cost effective efficient team.
  • Identify potential skill gaps and resolve accordingly.
  • Act as key member of the Technical Design Authority and, through this group, ensure the integrity, availability and suitability of our ICT infrastructure at all times
  • As needed. determines and recommends which products or services best fit the customers’ needs and assists in the delivery of these products or services
  • Provides technical product training and basic user functionality training to users and colleagues as and when required
  • Supports the asset and change management processes through thorough record keeping and reporting (and also supports other ITIL disciplines)
  • Providing advice on the interpretation and application of I.T. policies (such as coco, ITIL, security policy, better places for work etc.), technical principles and regulations/legislation.
  • Assessing compliance with Council policies and regulatory frameworks, and enforcing/assuring their application.
  • Compiling accurate reports/accounts of work undertaken, issues and problems identified and their impacts on work programmes and Council initiatives.

Staff Management Responsibilities

  • Manages team members,
  • Assists colleagues and clients
  • Explains complicated technical information and procedures to team members, colleagues and clients

Resources Responsible for

  • High responsibility for ICT assets

Job Working Circumstances

Describe what the demand / working condition is (i.e. Do not just put a number).

  • Emotional - minimal emotional demand
  • Physical - occasional demand for lifting heavy and/or bulky equipment, and/or working in awkward or confined spaces
  • Working conditions - no exposure to adverse weather, occasional working with adverse temperature and/or noise, normal levels of adverse people behaviour

UCF - End User Computing Manager

Individual Role – Person Specification

Directorate / School / Resources
Unit / Team / Improvement
Job Title / End User Computing Manager
Job Family Role Profile Level / RT7S
Date / November 2013
Post Group Number
(to be added by Pay and Reward team) / 5971
Essential / Desirable
Qualifications / Honours Degree or Demonstrable relevant competence / ITIL Intermediate Level
Professional accreditation
Knowledge / Expertise to assessoperationalimplications of change that affect service delivery, customer perception and service risk.
Knowledge of end user computing technologies, support methodologies and client management
Relevant Experience / Substantial period of relevant working
Skills / Theoretical and practical
knowledge of the effective
application of ICT in organisations.
Work of a complex nature requiring
detailed and diverse knowledge in
range of work areas or advanced
knowledge in a few specialist work
Other / Ability to travel independently to sites throughout the county

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