Indicative Projects

Indicative Projects

Personal information
Address / 36-42, Filopoimenos str., 26221, patras, greece
Telephone / +30 2610 240 690, mobile: +30 6945 970 943
Fax / +30 2610 240 691
E-mail /
Nationality / Greek
Date of birth / February 13, 1978
Work experience
1999 - / Full-time freelance translator since 1999. Multiple fields of expertise, such as: law, medicine, biology, tourism, IT, finance, sports, online betting, fashion, engineering as well as certificates of all kinds.
Long experience in translation, back translation, proofreading and cognitive debriefing.
Indicative list of customers:
Region of Western Greece (EU projects), Patras Municipality (Cultural – Economic – Technical - Tourism Sectors), Achaia Prefecture (European Projects – Prefecture’s Tourist Guides), Patras’ Courts of Law, Europlex Cinemas, Peloponnisos Newspaper, Elviplas SA, FIAT HELLAS, Hypodomi Consulting SA and a long list of lawyers, doctors, students, translation agencies from Athens and all over Greece.
International translation agencies and corporate customers (Cogen SA, Corporate Translations, Applied Language Solutions, Premium Translations, Translatemedia, Transnation language services, FG Translation Services, The Language Lab, Transcom, Univers Traductions, CET Translations, NOVOTERM SA, Brainstorm GmbH, Toptrans, MAPI Institute,, Unicom, Translinknet, Multilingual Planet and others).
Education and training
1996: / Marc-Bloch University of Strasbourg II, field: Translation. Working languages: Greek, French and English
Diplôme de Traducteur Bilingue, IFA
Diplôme du Cours Pratique de Traducteur, IFA
Certificat Pratique de Traducteur, IFA
One-year Translation Course at Athens’ British Council
Mother tongue / Greek
Other languages
English / Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge (1993)
French / Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures, IFA (1995)
Spanish / Diploma Basico de Espanol, Instituto Cervantes (1994)
Excellent command of: / Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint
Software: / SDL Trados Studio 2011, Microsoft Office 2007
REFERENCES / Please feel free to contact any of the persons mentioned below as well as to ask for more references:
Jeff Lowther, Translatemedia,
Jason De Coteau, Corporate Translations Inc,
Ulrika Bertilsson, Novoterm,



Informed Consent Forms, IBs, SPCs, Patient Information Sheets (50,000 words)

Protocol, protocol synopsis, dosing diary and patient instructions (clinical trial on psoriasis) (45,000 words)

ADAS-Cog (Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive) (8,500 words)

A model to predict the length of the aorta from the left subclavian artery to the celiac axis, as a possible guide to more optimum IABP sizing (4,600 words)

Intra aortic Balloon Pump: Analysis of the risk factors, for the development of complications (4,300 words)

The impact of arterial grafts in patients undergo GABG (3,200 words)

Paper on cardiology (Notallcardiac surgerypatientsarethesame) (4,200 words)

Study protocol on denosumab (28,000 words)

Osteoporosis project (8,000 words)

Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaires on several diseases

Paper on the respiratory tract infections (12,500 words)
Paper on celecoxib and its use against cancer (15,000 words)
Third generation pills (12,000 words)
Patients' Admission/ Discharge Reports
Coronary angiographies, MRI, CT-Scan results (25,000 words)

TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome)- Description and related test results (6,000 words)

Hepatopulmonary syndrome and liver transplantation (2,000 words)
Dysxlexia and other speech and language disorders (5,000 words)

Paper on Nanopharmacology (5,000 words)
CET/PT results, immunohistology reports, biopsy reports, MRI, CT scan reports (over 50,000 words)

Linguistic validation including Cognitive debriefing projects:

Visual Symptoms Assessment

Patient assessment questionnaire

COPD questionnaire

Ocular Surface Disease Index

Functional Performance Inventory

Patient’s assessment ofinflammatory back painintensity

Patient Global Assessment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain


LCSS-Meso questionnaire



VAS Sleep/HAQ Patient Global

MSHQ-EjD Short-Form

PedsQL Neuro


S-STS and Mini-KID



CVLT-II into Greek

MacTSQ Greek

cdr Greek

SGA Greek



Major tourism-related website (1,000,000 words)

Patras City Guide (50,000 words)

Achaia Prefecture Tourist Guide (35,000 words)
Brochures for Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006 (25,000 words)

Guide with major sites per prefecture to be distributed at all hotels around Greece (30,000 words)

Interreg IVC – ProMPT - Proactive Human Response to Wildfires’ Outbreak: Measure and Prepare for It – 55,000 words

Interreg III Initiative [newsletters, brochures, project descriptions] (40,000 words)
E-PRODAT/ INTERREG IIIC Project Book (60,000 words)
INNOREF EU project (100,000 words)
SIPROCI project [Civil Protection] - INTERREG IIIC (65,000 words)
Research on employment in Achaia Prefecture (70,000 words)
"La tale di Aracne" Project (5,000 words)
AGE/inc programme (12,000 words)
High Court of Justice, Appeal Court Orders (24,000 words)

Finishing and Bottling Agreement (14,000 words)

European Court of Justice (ECJ judgments) (30,000 words)

Contracts (300,000 words)
Articles & Memorandum of Association (120,000 words)
Powers of Attorney (25,000 words)
Private Agreements (150,000 words)

Insurance policies (30,000 words)

Court orders (divorces, corporate disputes, private disputes) (90,000 words)
Word, Access, PowerPoint & Outlook Courses (80,000 words)
Printers & Scanners Manuals (110,000 words)
CBC – Circulating Bed Combustor – operations’ booklet (8,500 words)

Chemical terminology (15,000 words)

Architecture (several documents, traditional architecture of Lefkada island, papers on modern architecture) (30,000 words)

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (25,000 words)

Fashion-related texts (100,000 words)

Archaeology – diary of Wilhelm Doeprfeld (20,000 words)

Birth, marriage, death certificates, University Degrees, transcripts and certifications (350,000 words)

MSDS (20,000 words)
Restaurant Menus (20,000 words)
Sports-related texts (rules, contracts etc) (120,000 words)
On-line betting projects (80,000 words)

Genealogy site (80,000 words)

Prickly pear cactus – therapeutic properties (25,000 words)

Market research reports / mystery shopping/ questionnaire & results (45,000 words)

Several manuals (hair dryers, DVD players, TV sets, mobile phones etc) (over 100,000 words)