Indian Medical Association, Behala Branch

Indian Medical Association, Behala Branch


Indian Medical Association, Behala Branch

IMA House, 13, James Long Sarani, Nandan Pally,

Barisha, Kolkata: 700 008

Respected President, Dear Office Bearers, State & Central Council Members, Members of the Executive Body and my Dear Members of the Indian Medical Association, Behala Branch ……………..I consider it a proud privilege to place before you all, the 41stAnnual Report 2009-2010 of the Indian Medical Association, Behala Branch, on this Sunday,11thday of April, 2010. Sir, our branch has completed 41 golden years and we look forward towards the Golden Jubilee Celebration on 2018 from now on.

This Reportis a brief account of our activities, success and failures during this association year.


Let me begin my presentation, paying respect to the departed souls whom we lost during the year 2009-2010. In our IMA Behala Branch sector, we are intact.

The devastating natural calamities, notorious acts of terrorism and acts of barbarism which took many innocent lives leave us crestfallen. We appeal to appropriate authorities to reinstate peace and extend exemplary punishments to these unsocial and inhuman elements.

We deeply mourn their sad demise and express our grief & sorrow. We also pay our homage to the departed souls & convey our sympathy to the members of the bereaved families of our colleagues in different branches of IMA.


Friends,hope you will agree with me that in any association, increase in membership strength is always considered to be a good indicator for good organizational activity. In this regard we would like to submit before you the strength of our membership as on 31st March 2010:

Annual Single
Annual Couple
Total Annual Members
Life Single

Life Couple

/ Total Life Members /

Total Members



/ 453 /




/ 438 /




/ 422 /




/ 384 /


2005-06 / 68 / 6 / 80 / 266 / 42 / 350 / 430
2004-05 / 68 / 5 / 78 / 235 / 38 / 311 / 389

We have worked really hard in this field to increase our membership above 501andtransform our branch from a “MEDIUM” to a “LARGE” branch of IMA in Bengal.But in comparison to the previous years, this year we could not make adequate increase in membership strength and I admit the lapse on my part.

The Membership Fees of IMA Behala Branch has been increased as per increase in HFC.

The New Membership Fees from 1st April 2010 is as below

SLM - Rs. 9,420.00 CLM - Rs.14,115.00 SAM- Rs. 1150.00 CAM- Rs.1995.00

RENEWAL: SAM - Rs. 620.00 CAM - Rs. 950.00

We have implemented Senior Citizen Discount Scheme and all Annual Senior Citizen Members have been charged only the HFC amount as IMA Headquarters has not waived its charges.

Proposal:Today I place before you a proposal to waive Branch Fund Contribution for all Senor Citizen Members (65years and above) who apply for New Membership both Life & Annual. If you agree, it may be implemented.

INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW MEMBERS:Dr. Hassan Rahaman & Ipsita Rahaman (Couple) and Dr. Nandita Bagchi as Annual Members; Dr. Madhurima Mitra, Dr. Krishna Pada Biswas, , Dr. Biswajit Mandal, Dr. Sadhan Kumar Deb, Dr. Dipika Kedia, Dr. Tapas Kumar Roy, Dr. Souvik Adhikary, Dr. Bikas Pramanick, Dr. Santa Subhra Chatterjee, Dr. Susanta Kumar Das, Dr. Kalyan Kumar Pal, Dr. Saroj Kumar Saha, Dr. Swapna Banik, Dr. Kesang Chhoden, Dr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Dr. Gayetri Deb as Life Members; Dr. Biswajit Sarkar (Transferred from IMA Ghatal Branch), Dr. Amiya Kumar Dwari (Transferred from IMA Suri) and Dr. Tapan Kumar Maiti (Transferred from IMA Asansol Branch); Dr. Moazzem Ali Sheikh and Dr. Arnab Banerjee (Converted Life Members),


Kolkata Municipal Corporation: All papers regarding IMA Behala Branch building are up-to-date. The assessment of building & fixation of annual tax is complete. Our yearly Kolkata Municipal Corporation Tax is Rs. 22,411.00 which is very high. We have approached the Hon’ble MIC Health & the Hon’ble Mayor, KMC, through proper channel, for exemption of the non-residential surcharge, but our plea was ignored.

Dept. of Land & Land Revenue, Government of West Bengal: The matter is still pending & we have reopened the file and work is on.

IMA House: I would also request our colleagues who have already paid rupees five hundred as donation to Building Fund, to pay rupees five hundred more so that we can put up their names in donor board. We have got a kind and generous member who has come forward to sponsor our Outdoor Charitable Clinic. He has promised to donate a sum of Rupees One Hundred Thousand for the memory of his son. If you agree we shall accept it. We are still to find a sponsor for our Old Seminar Hall (on the ground floor). We appeal members, to come forward, for memorial donation in our clinic.

Kindly Note: Regarding members’ proposals to earn revenue from this building, it must be stressed that at present as per hand-over agreement we are not yet entitled to use the land commercially. Govt. of West Bengal leased the land for the Charitable Clinic and IMA Behala Branch Office. Let us try to maintain it from our own resources.


Executive Body Meetings (including Emergent meetings), General Body Meetings, Sub-Committee Meetings and Clinical Meetings were held regularly during this year in our branch. We are really grateful for your kind participation and sincere advice. But few members remained absent in most of the meetings. We must mention in this context that as per Rules & Bye-laws of the Association, members must inform Branch Secretary, if he is unable to attend the meeting with reason (regret). The President may show cause any member failing to attend three consecutive meetings & if necessary can replace him/her mid-term. We have implemented this rule from last year.


The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 19thApril 2009. With all round success, the present members expressed satisfaction over the working of the outgoing Executive Body. We prepared & audited our accounts in time, which was placed in the Annual General Body Meeting. Members expressed satisfaction over the Accounts prepared by the Finance Secretary, which were also passed. Many important issues were discussed for implementation. But with only 68 members at AGM raised many eyebrows as why members throng Bijoya Sammilani & other Scientific Programmes but stay away from organizational meets? We have to search for the reason. As it was a non election year no handover meeting was held.

We request members to attend AGM in large numbers & give us their valuable opinion so that we can rectify our mistakes and work with much more confidence. The meeting was followed by Presidential Dinner.


The 15th Annual Scientific Conference of IMA Behala Branch (BIMACON-2009) was held on at the The Park Hotel, Kolkata, on Sunday, 24th May 2009. It was inaugurated by Dr. Dharam Prakash, Hon. Secretary General, IMA (HQ). Dr. Prabuddha Kumar Ghosh, State President, Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharyya, Hon. State Secretary and other dignitaries were present. It was a spectacular show this year with over 200 doctors & 45 spouses participating. Dr. Dharam Prakash inaugurated the website

The 4th Annual Scientific Conference of IMAAMS Behala Branch Chapter, BIMAAMSCON-2009 was held on 2nd August 2009 at IMA Behala Branch.

The 1st Annual Scientific Conference of Women Doctor’s Wing, BIMAWOMBCON-2009 was held at 13th September 2009 at IMA Behala Branch

The 5th Annual Scientific Conference of IMA College of General Practitioners, IMA Behala Branch Sub-Faculty BIMACGPCON-2009 was held on 13th December 2009 at IMA Behala Branch


Doctor’s Day was observed traditionally at IMA Behala Branch on 1st July 2009. We organized a Medical Camp with ECG, Blood Sugar, Blood Grouping & RhD detection, Haemoglobin Estimation and Computerized Eye Check-up and ENT check-up. About 300+ patients attended the above camp. It was a part of SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION of IMA BEHALA OUTDOOR CHARITABLE CLINIC


Only 1 new IMAAMS member was introduced into this Branch Chapter this year. The New member enrolled is Dr. Anil Kumar Rakshit. But it is great news to share that this year IMAAMS Branch Chapter organized15 subject-oriented clinical discussions at our Branch. The IMAAMS team did organize the 4thAnnual Scientific Conference “BIMAAMSCON 2009” this year on Sunday 2nd August 2009. The meet was inaugurated by Dr. Shankar Sengupta, Hon. Secretary, IMAAMS Bengal State Chapter with Dr. Sudarsan Chakraborty, Chairman IMAAMS Bengal State Chapter as Guest-in-Chief. It was attended by 96 doctors and each and everybody praised the quality of the 10 (ten) subject-oriented clinical discussions held during the meet. We hope the leadership of IMAAMS should take it up as their first prerogative to organize few subject-oriented clinical discussionswith subjects as per demand of our esteemed members and increase their membership from 78 to 101 by this year.


IMA College of General Practitioners, Behala Branch Sub-faculty is one of the biggest Sub-faculties in Bengal with 118members. IMACGP Behala Branch Sub-faculty organizes the regular CME programmes at IMA Behala Branch. This year wemanaged to organize 23CME programmes, which fell short by 1 against our set target of 24 CME each year. The5thAnnual Scientific Conference of IMACGP, Behala Branch Sub-Faculty“BIMACGPCON 2009” was held on Sunday, 13th December 2009. Dr. Sushil Kumar Bhattacharyya, Branch President inaugurated the “BIMACGPCON 2009” & Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharyya, State Secretary was present as Guest of Honour. Dr. Bharati Moitra, Hon. Secretary, IMACGP, Bengal State Faculty released the “Impulse” on the occasion. Scientifically (8 Scientific Sessions) & financially it was a successful programme. For the first time Memorial Oration was introduced at IMA Behala Branch. About 110 doctors attended the programme. The landmark 200th CME programme was also held on 6th March 2010 amidst much pomp & grandeur. Theall round success of this wing was the result of continuous support and enthusiasm of the various sponsors aided by strong interest shown by the all members of our branch and sincere effort of our office staffs. This Sub-Faculty failed to enroll any new members this year but became one of the few Sub-Faculties in India who has submitted its total membership renewal forms to IMACGP Headquarters at Chennai. The IMACGP team should be given a standing ovation for their entire successful performance throughout the association year. The membership fees of IMACGP is Rs. 2000/- at present.


The Women Doctors’ Wing IMA Behala Branch with 115members is a part of the Women Doctors’ Wing of IMA Bengal State Branch & IMA Headquarters. This year they organized BIJOYA SAMMILANI appreciated by all. We congratulate the leaders for their devotion with a mention for need to involve the idle members. This wing has created a history in Bengal by organizing the 1stWomen Doctors’ Conference, BIMAWOMBCON in Local Branch Level on Sunday 13th September 2009 with “STOP SEXSELECTION: DOCTORS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”, as the Convention THEME.We must congratulate the officials of the wing for their endeavor and grand success.


One of our members, who is in WBHS for whom IMA was following up the case tore-instatehim in service (following suspension in case of allegedly framed bribery as Superintendent of a State Hospital, as stated by him) is stuck in red tape. We shall try to pursue the case firmly and help him.


In spite of all effort we failed to keep our promise to raise the membership to even 200. Each member should come forward to make this scheme a success- at least for the fraternity’s sake! Each one of you should enroll one new member so that the total number rises which will have a direct implication on the amount payable to the deceased member’s family. While the membership strength of this scheme is increasing in IMA Behala, today we are 163at our Branch level (Highest in Bengal)on the other hand there is a gradual slidefrom around 1200 to around 700 at State Level in last four years but now again it is on the rise. The benefit of the old scheme may be a very small amount but it may turn out to be handy at times.

But I am really happy the way NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME has been implemented by the leaders of this wing in our branch. Last year we added 24 members to this scheme to take the total to 30, highest in Bengal. Today we are the biggest contributor to the NSSS from Bengal. We must take initiative to double this membership by end of this year. The last DFC paid by this scheme is approx 4. 5 lakhs.

We had a proposal of group insurance of all our members at Branch Level so that we can hand over the sum, whatever it may be,immediately to the bereaved family.A committee was formed at our branch but no feedback was received till date from them. The new committee must stress on this agenda.


The ESI Doctors’ are the worst sufferers amongst our fraternity. Their long-standing ‘look-after’ fees regularized, the enhanced capitation fees were sanctioned & made effective, live list was corrected to a large extent but still there is a big issue of non-payment of the capitation fees, which is still pending and for that we have to continue our agitation.


We still stand firm on our previous stand that none of the individual clinic of private practitioners should register under CEA. Govt. is going slow on the Doctor’s Chamber at Medicine Shops, but we shall request members to practice in safe places.

Now the Kolkata Municipal Corporationhas suddenly imposed a new “FIRE LICENSE” on all Clinical Establishments (CE) along with renewal of Certificate of Enlistment. Our friends who run small scale CE faced a severe problem as they were being harassed by touts. Few of them approached IMA to intervene. IMA then swung into action. We met the Director, Fire & Emergency Services and sorted out the matter. As per their version, the rule was there since long, but CEs were not enrolled in past. But when fire broke out at RubyGeneralHospital the management was charged with violation of fire rules as the CE was not running with valid Fire License. The Director assured us to look into the matter but the saga continues till date. Inspite of these we must protest against the huge one time taxation on fire fighting grounds that was implemented on CEs.

Friends here I must caution you regarding one aspect: As in CE rule we are bound to register our personal chamber; IMA have protested; Government is silent; but when any litigation occurs we may be in trouble as we are practicing in unregistered place. We must raise our voice against change of CE rules (exclusion of private chambers) from now on. Our State Council Members & State Working Committee Members must take up these points.


Friends, you will agree with me that the News Bulletin is a must for all organizations to build a good effective communication. This year we failed to publish “Impulse” quarterly and regularly. With our sincere effort we were successful in publishing “four” issues of impulse this year along with BIMACON, BIMAAMSCON, BIMACGPCONBIMAWOMBCON. We would like to request you all to take personal initiative to make our “Impulse” more useful & regularby sending articles. This will definitely bring out “Impulse” regularly. But still we are proud and convey our heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Periodicals & Publication subcommittee for their effort.


On Sunday, 25th October 2009 our Branch organized a mega-successful musico-magical “Bijoya Sammilani” this year. About 300+ delegates (Doctors & their families) spent 5hrs of Musical Nite with Banquet at the “IMA House”. A well attended gathering & an active participation on that day showed that this programme is gradually gaining much popularity amongst our members and their families. Many new faces performed with perfection. We congratulate all the members of the Women Doctors’ Wing for organizing this programme.


We observed & paid homage to our great leaders & freedom fighters of our country in a traditional ceremony at our IMA House both these days. We must congratulate all Office Bearers for their active participation on both these days. This year we had an average attendance of 30 members on both these days. What about our other members!

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”-Leo Tolstoy


The IMA Charitable Outdoor Clinic observed SILVER JUBILEE this year. Established in 1984 the clinic swelledwith the increasing number of patients this year. We have started our clinic daily from Monday to Friday thereby satisfying the local demand of many years. Now the clinic runs every weekday from 3.30-6.30 p.m. We are sorry to say that still there are few lacunae to fill e.g. participation of more number of our members in the clinic. We appeal to all the members to spare at least two hours once in a month for a noble cause. We are proud to say that we have examined 3335 patients this year which is around 200 less than what we examined last year.