Includes World Language & Additional Core Subject Areas Needed for College Entrance Requirements

Includes World Language & Additional Core Subject Areas Needed for College Entrance Requirements

GENERAL ELECTIVES (Electives includes classes not needed for graduation):
  • Includes World Language & additional core subject areas needed for college entrance requirements
/ 62.5 by end of Senior Year
FINE ARTS/CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION(If total of 20 hours not completed previously):
Fine Arts(Must include 5 hours):
  • Visual Arts: 2D Design, 3D Design, Beginning Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Drawing 3, Painting 1, Painting 2, Painting 3, Beginning Pottery 1, Pottery 2, Pottery 3, Photography 1, Photography 2, Photography 3, Jewelry 1, Beginning 2, Sculpture 1, Digital Art 1, Digital Art 2
  • Theatre: Theatre, Tech TheatreAdv Theatre, Theatre Production
  • Music: Band/Musical Arts, Music Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Varsity Orchestra, Varsity Jazz Band, Mixed Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Varsity Show Choir, Music Technology, Guitar
Career Technical Education (Must include 5 hours):
  • Business:Business Management, Business Law, Accounting, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Keyboarding, College Personal Finance, Work Experience
  • Skilled & Technical Science:PLTW IED 1 (Intro to Engineering Design), PLTW IED 2 (Intro to Engineering & Design Cont’d), CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) Architecture, PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture*, Landscape & Design Management, REM 1 (Robotics, Engineering & Mechanisms), REM 2 (Robotics, Engineering & Mechanisms), Intro to Woods & Mfg, Custom Woods Mfg, Adv Cabinet & Furniture Construction*, Machine Tool Welding, Adv Machine Welding
  • Family and Consumer Science: Creative Clothing & Design, Interior Design, Independent Living, Relationships, Infants & Toddlers, Pre-School & School-Age Children, Lifespan Development, Foods-Nutrition & Wellness, Food Prep & Presentation, Culinary Foundations, Intro to Food Science
/ Fine Arts – 5
CTE - 5
  • Take Charge
/ 5
  • Economics in business, Economics, or AP Macro Economics
/ 5
  • English 11*(By recommendation only)
  • Composition & Advanced Composition* or AP Lang Comp*
/ 10
  • Human Behavior, Families & Crises, Sociology, Sociology D, Psychology
  • AP Psych*(10 credit hours required to meet Human Behavior Requirement)
/ 5
  • Adv Algebra (If Geometry completed previously):Adv Algebra Block* (By recommendation only), Adv Algebra* or Adv Algebra D*
Additional math may be needed to meet 30 hours if Adv Algebra was completed previously
  • 4th Year Math Options(If Adv Algebra completed previously):(Pre-College Math/Stats*, AP Stats*, Pre-Calc*, Pre-Calc D*)
/ 10-20
  • Info Technology 1, Info Technology 2, Digital Media, Video Production, Intro to Computer Programming, Adv Computer Programming, Design &Programming, AP Computer Science Principles*,Photo Journalism, PLTW IED 1, PLTW IED 2, CAD Architecture, PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture*, REM 1, REM 2, Music Technology
  • Newspaper*, Yearbook*, CEA* (Civil Engineering & Architecture)
/ 5
PHYSICAL EDUCATION (If 10 hours not completed previously):
  • Team Sports, Weight Training, Adv Weight Training, Water Games, Lifeguard Training, Dance 101, Aerobic Training, Modern Jazz Aerobics, Beginning Swimming, Inter/Adv Swimming, Lifetime Sports, Outdoor Adventures
/ 5
  • Chemistry(If Biology completed previously): Physical Science Chemistry, Chemistry*, or Chemistry D*(Other 5 credit hours goes toward Science Credits),Adv Chemistry
  • Science Options(If Chemistry completed previously): Anatomy & Physiology*, Anatomy & Physiology D*, Physics, Physics D*, AP Physics*, Earth Systems, Environmental Chemistry
  • Electives: Intro to Health Science, Medical Terminology, Fundamentals of Health Careers
/ 5
  • US History* or AP US History*
/ 10

LSW Online Registration Directions

  1. Review “Graduation Requirement Checklist” on right
  1. Note courses that you will select for 2018-19
  1. Log-in to StudentVUEand go to “Course Request"
  1. Scroll down to bottom of page to view “Graduation Status Summary”
  1. Review areas highlighted in yellow as they indicate grad requirements to be met
  1. Scroll up “Click Here to Change Course Request” to select courses
  • Select drop down menu to select “Department”
  • Click on “Search Courses” button
  • Click on “Request” for selecting a course
  • Click on “Click Here to Move Selected Requests to Selected Courses” button
  • Select at least one alternate course by clicking on “Alternate”
  1. Select BOTH quarters of a 2 Quarter course (S1 & S2)
  1. Register for a TOTAL of 80 credit hours
  1. Complete registration by Registration Deadline

4-Year College Entrance Requirements

English:40 credit hours(Must include intensive reading & writing experiences; Most colleges do not count Oral Comm)

Math:40credit hours(Must include Algebra, Geometry, Adv Algebra, & one additional unit that builds on a knowledge of Algebra)

Science:30credit hours (Must include at least 20 credit hours selected from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science with 10 hours including lab instruction)

Social Sciences:30 credit hours (Must include at least 10 credit hours of American &/or World History, Plus an additional 10 credit hours of History, American Government, &/or Geography)

World Language:20credit hours minimum (Must include two levels of the same world language)

Graduation Requirement Checklist for Juniors

Juniors Must Register for 80 Credit Hours This Year

* - Denotes a 2 Quarter Class. You MUST register for both quarters.