Igbo World Assembly (Iwa)

Igbo World Assembly (Iwa)





Dr (Mrs.) Anthonia Uche Umeh is from AnambraState. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from Howard University College of Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. and a Pediatric Pharmacology Certification from the University of Kentucky. She is the Pediatric Clinical Manager at Georgetown University Hospital (GUH) in Washington, DC. She is a member of GUH Pediatric and Neonatal Quality Improvement/ Patient Safety Committee, GUH Medication Safety Committee, Antibiotic Utilization Committee etc. Dr Uche Umeh has implemented many projects at GUH and she was honored by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as the Employee of the Year for the superior dedication, diligence, and care of the patients and their families in the NICU. Dr Uche Umeh was the former President of the Anambra State Association Women of Washington, DC (ASAWW). She organized and led the team that executed the successful visit to Anambra State Motherless Baby’s Homes in five towns. Dr Uche Umeh is the Chairperson for the Committee on Women and Children, a committee that campaigns against breast cancer in the Anambra State Association, USA Dr. Umeh led the ASA USA Breast Cancer Medical Mission Team to Anambra State, which included the Breast Surgeons from Georgetown University Hospital, Howard University Hospital and Nnamdi Azikwe University Teaching Hospital. They executed a successful Breast Cancer Medical Mission in 2009. The ASA USA Women & Children Committee through the effort of Dr Uche Umeh donated two Mammography units to the Anambra State Government. She is the current Deputy Secretary General of the Igbo World Assembly Women & Children Institute.


Mrs. Azuka Okwuosa is a native of Anambra State, and is dedicated to issues affecting women and the under privileged. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Adminstration, and has been in senior management roles for the past ten years. Currently, working as a Senior Strategic Manager of Operations for a fortune 500 company, she has been acknowledged for her Professional integrity, “Big Picture” focus, and a history of conceiving strategic solutions to complex issues. Award winning writer, editor and designer. She is currently the general secretary for Anambra state Association, women of Washington, DC, and the Assistant Secretary for ASA-USA, Women and children Committee.



Dr (Mrs.) Chinwe Ifejika is from AnambraState. She has been a pharmacist for a period of 22 years.She was the Clinical Pharmacy Manager of the Carroll Manor Nursing Home and RehabilitationCenter for about 7 years, and then became a Director of Pharmacy for the Hospital for Sick Children for about 3 years. She worked as the Clinical Coordinator for LaurelRegionalHospital and Bowie health & SurgeryCenter and is currently their Community Pharmacy Manager. She is a current member of the Anambra State Association Women of Washington D.C and she participated in the association’s Motherless Babies Home Visit to AnambraState in 2008. Dr Ifejika is a passionate Christian with a strong Anglican background. She is the founder and the first and currentEnrolling member (President) of All Saint Igbo Anglican Church Mothers' Union for six years with over hundred members.


Dr. Ada Ogbu hails from EbonyiState. She obtained her doctorate degree in public health from University of California, Berkeley. She has worked with San Francisco Department of Public Health since 1985, as a planner, health center director, and is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Community Primary Care Services. As adjunct faculty and instructor, she has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at San FranciscoStateUniversity and City College of San Francisco. She has served on numerous boards, the YWCA, WelcomeBackCenter, State wide RegionalHealthOccupationalResourceCenter, Nigerian California Forum, Ndi-Ebonyi of Northern California, etc. Special areas of interest include health and development, women and children’s health, access to care, health disparities and cultural competency in care delivery.


Mrs.Roseleen Kechi Mba-Kalu is from Abia State. She is a development banker with the World Bank Group in Washington DC. Mrs. Mba-Kalu holds the position of a Country Officer which permits her to interact with Government authorities in many countries (developing and developed) of the world, discuss pertinent portfolio issues affecting World Bank-financed projects and find solutions to the issues. Prior to joining the World Bank in January 1980, Mrs. Mba-Kalu was a pioneer staff of the African Reinsurance Corporation (an inter-governmental international organization owned by OAU-member States).Mrs. Mba-Kalu earned a diploma in African Literature/French Language, a Bachelors degree in Business Management, and a Masters degree in Business and Public Administration (majored in International Business). She also earned numerous outstanding academic and service awards.Mrs. Mba-Kalu continues to support and sponsor non-profit, non-governmental organizations that have genuine courses in promoting human development (e.g., African Community Development Institute, Ecumenical Commission for Women Empowerment and Community Development, Urunwanne Women Community Development Association, etc.), and sits on the Board of these Organizations/Institutes. She has held important positions in the Nigerian/African Community Organizations/Associations here in the United States and in Nigerian. She was an Executive Member of the World Bank Group/IMF Africa Society; a founding member and later President of Odiche Women's Association; and served as the General Secretary of Nwannedinamba Association in the Americas. She is also involved in suppportng/raising less-privileged children in Nigeria by sponsoring their academic programs. She is able to juggle her challenging career at the World Bank, her role as a wife, and as a mother of three children.


Deaconess Mrs. Kate Ngozi Okafor is from AnambraState. She is a goal oriented Educator with proven work ethics and abilities to design interpret and execute Education Programs and Policies. Her professional work in Education included coordinator of Alternative Maryland State Assessment (ALTMSA), a State of Maryland Mandate Assessment for Individuals with disabilities, Adjunct Faculty position with MorganStateUniversity and BaltimoreCityCommunity College. She is currently an Education Program Consultant with Redeem Hope Leadership Foundation. She has Masters Degree in Computer Applied Information Technology and Post Masters Degree in CASE/Leadership in Education. She is a second term president of ASA Women, Baltimore Metro Inc, Secretary of ASA USA Women and Children Committee, and Director of Publicity/Publication Ministry at The Agape Christian Church Baltimore.


Mrs. Mary Umahi Obasi is from EbonyiState. She obtained her B.Sc. Degree in Business Administration,Marketing,Transportation, Mathematics, and Masters Degree in Education.
Mrs. Obasi has been teaching Mathematics and Computer Technology in the Los AngelesUnifiedSchool District for almost twenty five years. She teaches Igbo Language on Saturdays, during vacations, and on voluntary basis to Igbo children, during Igbo Camp/Igbo School.
She is a member of Igbo Cultural Association, Vice President of Ebonyi State Union of Southern California, and President and Co-Founder of Nmadinobi Circle of Friends, Inc. (An organization of at least two women from each Igbo States formed to do good, keep peace and care for the Igbos in Southern California.)She was one of about six families that started a free IgbolanguageSchool and an Igbo Summer Camp at the CaliforniaStateUniversity, Dominguez Hills.


Dr. Chii Akporji is from Enugu State. She is currently a senior staff of the World Bank Group working in the Sustainable Development Vice Presidency. Dr. Chii has a strong track record of managing finances and of raising funds at both official and non-official levels. After her youth service as a Lecturer with the University of Calabar, she began her career as an editor of a financial newsmagazine in Lagos, The Financial Post. She has strong experience in the start up and management of new corporate entities, with tasks involving raising the capital to start up and successfully sustain the corporations. She was at various times Publisher of Nok Publishers, of Minaj Publishers, Head of Content Development for Minaj Media Group and Managing Director of its flagship subsidiary, MBI TV, London, UK, where she supervised the launch of the satellite MBI TV channel on the BSkyB network, and grew its subscriber base. She joined the World Bank in 2000 from London UK and has since been involved in various Bank wide and departmental initiatives at partnership building with global clients involving to raise trust funds from donors for projects in select sectors of development.On a more private level Dr. Chii has been successful in fundraising for the various non- governmental and community organizations which she founded or of which she is a member; including the Alex Akporji Foundation, Soroptimist International, Excelsior Women of Lagos, Ofuobi Women of Washington DC, Supreme Ladies of DC, and for her own private NGO, Hauwa’s smile. She is currently Vice President of EnuguUSA where her most recent accomplishment was helping to raise the funding necessary for undertaking the Association’s 2009 Medical Mission.


Mrs. Grace Uwadiele is from Anioma in Delta State. Grace is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds an MBA in Financial Management. She is also an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Professionally, Grace has held positions as CFO, Director of Finance & Administration and Controller in variety of industries ranging from Profit oriented , Government and Non-Profit sectors. Her experience in the accounting field spans over a period of 21 years. In this capacity, Grace serves in the financial leadership role in the organization, providing direction and technical expertise on all financial related ventures, including fundraising and annual fund drive. Grace also serves as a consultant and technical expert on some federal government grants to States and Local governments, providing technical assistance. Currently, Grace is the CEO/President of an Accountancy Corporation located in Pleasanton, Northern California. Other activities include serving in different Accounting Professional Associations, former Treasurer of Anioma Association, and current Financial Secretary of CISA. Grace also serves as a volunteer professional mentor for highly professional immigrants under the auspices of a dedicated non-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco California.


Megan Clement is from Imo State (UK). She is a qualified Social Worker and Immigration Adviser whose expertise lies in domestic violence especially with migrant families. Megan worked with different NGO’s in UK around issues of domestic violence as it affects parenting within African families. Presently, Megan consults with different UK local authorities and the Home Office on re-settling migrant families and/or children in their home countries. Megan does independent work for family courts where there is dispute regarding custody of children; although she specifically focuses on migrant families (Africans). Megan runs her own NGO (Family Empowerment Trust) which advocates for migrant families whose children have been taken into care by social services as well as supporting families in Diaspora who are affected with domestic violence. Megan enjoys travelling whenever she can get the time.


Mrs. Veronica Ofuokwu Mitchum is from Anioma in Delta State. She obtained her MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, and M.S in Management with a specialization in Homeland Security Management from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, and B.Sc in Business Management, from George Washington University, Washington, DC and B.sc in International Affairs.Mrs. Mitchum has held various executive positions in Anioma community on both local and National levels, including Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. She is a member of Autism Society of America. She served as Board Member in the Special Education program in Montgomery County, Maryland


Nwada Chinwe Amalachukwu Enemchukwu, a proud Igbo daughter is from Anambra State. Chinwe did all her growing up in the Igbo village setting, evensecondary school dayswere spent in a rural Igbo community. Armed with these years, Chinwe has a working knowledge ofIgbo languagecuisine, art and culture.Chinwe has a passion for the survival ofIgbo language and cultureand has worked very hard towards this goal. She led in the setting up of the Nnewi USA Youth and children's committee which continues to wax stronger in promotingIgbo cultureand language to the Next Generation. Their exciting successeswill be brought to the next level in this institute.Nwada Chinwe has served as secretary of the Social council of CISA.Very dedicated to both sides of her family and tothe Igbo Community at large, working tirelessly and making great sacrifices towards their survival.Chinwe is a proud Igbo mother who has raised six successful and exemplaryIgbo Americans of whom she is very proud.Chinwe will continue to work hard to promote Igbo language, literature, art and cuisine and culture in general.

Chinwe is a pharmacist by profession with over twenty five years of experience in mostly hospital, long-term Care, infusion and homecare pharmacy practice. She worked for the Navy Hospital in Orlando and later Central Florida Regional Hospital, Florida hospital and also for a number of Infusion and homecare companies. Chinwe currently works with Walgreen's new Centralized prescription program, POWER. It is a whole new ballgame in pharmacy practice, and still evolving.Chinwe loves to write on various health topics and is also a member of the Health Committee.


Hon. Mrs. Joy Chidinma Chukwu is from Enugu State. She has her BA, MBA, CAC-AD degrees. She works part-time with Sheppard Pratt Hospital as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She also works with Bon Secours Baltimore Health System as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Mrs. Chukwu is actively involved in her community and has served other well-known associations in the capacity of Publicity Secretary. P.R.O. Exclusive Ladies of Enugu State Association, Washington D.C. P.R.O. Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Awkunanaw Association, DC. P.R.O. Supreme Ladies of Udi-Eze-Agu USA, DC. And National P.R.O, Enugu USA.


Ms Olive Onwualu hails from Anambra State (UK). Her experiences have come from various professional fields such as social care, management/leadership, project development and start up, health, law and humanities.These experiences have been gathered over 18 years both in the UK and Nigeria. She currently works for Health and Social Services inLewishamborough inLondonas Lead Approved Mental Health Professional. She is the CEO of Olimerc and Associates Social Care and Health Consultants-They have consulted for the Senate Committee onSports and social developmentin Nigeriaand their input brought about the latest September2008 Elderly Care Bill.She isalso a social work educator- a visiting lecturer at South London and MaudsleyNational Health Trust (NHS Trust). Ms Onwualu mentorsBlack and Ethnic Minorities Masters Degree Social Work students at Goldsmiths University of London.
She isa member of the professional body Steering Group Committee on Mental Health. She is a regular guest speaker for one of Sky Television channels - Ben TV in London. Her qualifications include MSc Mental Health Social work with Children and Adults from the Institute of Psychiatry Kings college University of London, BA Hons. Approved Social work practice from Bournemouth University UK. and a BA Hons. Degreefrom Universityof JosNigeria.


Ms. Azuoma Anugom is from Imo State. She is an Attorney in the Law Offices of Azuoma E. Anugom & Associates, a California General Practice focusing her practice on special education, immigration, criminal defense, family law and civil litigation etc.Azuoma is admitted to Nigerian Bar in 1993 and is licensed to practice before all civil courts in Nigeria. She is also admitted to California Bar (2002) and before various United States Federal Courts. She is also a member of the Los Angeles County Bar, California Bar, American Bar etc.Azuoma has experience both as a lawyer and as an educator. She has graduate degrees in the areas of Special Education and Education Administration. She is also a licensed special educator/resource specialist in California and has taught children with special needs in California as well as Texas. She is also an advocate for children with special needs.Azuoma is dedicated to her family and tothe Igbo/Nigerian Community at large. She is involved with community activism and has served in various capacities. She is currently the Public Relations Officer of Imo State Congress of America, Secretary General of Opuruiche USA, Legal Adviser --Umuowa Progressive Union USA; Chairperson of Udoka Bylaw Review/Amendment and Secretary—ISCA Constitution Review/Amendment. She also served as the Chairperson/DSG, Igbo Legal Defense Council of CISA. She recently coordinated a 50-man committee of Nigerians in the Diaspora that reviewed the 1999 Nigeria’s Constitution. The deliberations and recommendations of this committee were submitted to Senator Ike Ekweremadu as well as the Senate Constitution Review Committee.