I Spent This Morning in the Coroner S Court and Now Find Myself Facing an Horrendous

I Spent This Morning in the Coroner S Court and Now Find Myself Facing an Horrendous

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I spent this morning in the Coroner’s Court and now find myself facing an horrendous compensation claim that could run into several thousands of pounds. Yes, the game’s up! An unsuspecting Ofsted Inspector was attacked by a toast wielding child throwing frosties and crying, “Freedom for Ickford!”

Sorry to disappoint anyone hoping I was in a real court but it was in fact, our mock Coroner’s Court session led by Mr Walker (Tilly Class 3 and Gabriel Class 1) who gave up his time to create this fantastic experience with Mme Basnett and the children in Year 6. Mr Walker provides us with a real case study and then guides the children through the court proceedings as they take on such roles as Barristers, Solicitors, Clerks of Court and members of the jury under his watchful eye as the Senior Coroner, his ‘real life’ day job.

This is the third year that Mr Walker has done this and it is a memorable occasion for the children albeit one that really challenges their thinking and their levels of confidence. Mr Walker not only facilitates the acting out of an authentic case but he is also a font of knowledge about the history of the judicial system and can provide the odd ‘sensational’ stories that certainly capture the attention. Unfortunately, my role in all this was to play the part of an unscrupulous factory owner and, for the third year in a row, I was derided in my attempts to clear my name whilst the ‘flawless’ Mme Basnett was, once again, placed on a pedestal of virtue! (yawn)

This is, I should mention, a significant newsletter in that it is the first I have written from Ickford School and as part of the Ickford Learning Trust. For those of you who may not know, we completed our conversion to an Academy during the half term break and now begin a new chapter in the school’s history. The website has changed but is not yet completed so please bear with us whilst we ensure that all the relevant information is put in place.

The logo on the school uniform will change and children joining the school this year will be purchasing new uniform. Nonetheless, there will no compulsion to replace your uniforms until you have to purchase new items. Furthermore, we do have some existing stock that we are now putting on sale at less than 50% of the usual price. This will be on sale at the office from Monday 13th but will only be for a limited period after which only uniform with the new logo will be available at the proper cost.

Today was the final day for families of KS2 children to claim their tickets for the music concert on June 22nd. I am a little concerned to hear some children tell Mrs Shackleton that they will not be turning up as she, Mrs Stow and Mr Shackleton have put a great deal of effort into creating this opportunity for the children to perform. It would be good to think that she is supported for the brilliant work that she does in school and that, having worked so hard and rehearsed so well, all of the children could be present to ensure the concert’s success.

Thankfully, the sun had its hat on for the school photographs this week and I hope you will all find one suitable to purchase. We did attempt a whole school picture so I am looking forward to seeing the proofs.

It will make a difference to be in a picture with others rather than the old front and side mug shot that my acting skills required this morning.

Have a good weekend

Dates for the Diary

13th June
3.30pm / Class 5 cookie sale
15th June
7.30pm / Secondary School Transfer Meeting Yr 5 children
16th June / Regional Sports Finals
23rd June / Year 6 Games Waddesdon
24th June
6.30pm / KS2 Summer Music Concert
30TH June
9am / Ukulele & Guitar Assembly
1st July / Class 2 Bernwode Music Festival
4th July / District Athletics KS2 Stke Mandeville Stadium
8th July
5.30-7.30pm / Summer Fayre
12th July
1.30-2.30pm / C4/5 performance -Grandparents welcome
13th July
7pm / C4/5 performance
(No children please)
14th July / Sports Day
15th July
5-6.30pm / School Disco
15th July / Wheatley Sports Horspath Track
16th July / PTA Gardening Day and lunch
19th July / Year 6 Camping
21st July
9am / Leavers Assembly
21st July / Last Day of Term