Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, Inc

Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, Inc

Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Regular Business Meeting

July 2, 2007

Members Present:

Mike Arrowood, David Abney, Angie Barker, Jeff Barker, Gowland Bass, Joe Burton, Devin Coker, Jerry Coker, James Cole, Ron Cole, Marcial Foisie, Nicole Grant, Mark Loose, Hawk Ornduff, Brian Smith, Chris Smith, Robert Smith, Mike Stephens

Juniors present: Jacob Smith

  • Meeting called to order by President Robert Smith @ 7:05 pm
  • Pledge of Allegiance recited
  • Motion by Brian Smith to accept the minutes from June 2007. Second by Hawk Ornduff. MCU
  • Motion by Gowland Bass to accept the Treasurer’s report for June 2007. Second by Hawk Ornduff. MCU

Old Business:

  1. Chief Cole: Reported that the monitor and the traction splint is in. RAC has the check ready for us to pick up.
  2. President Smith: Asked about the pressure washer. Chief Burton reported that the Ladies Auxiliary bought us one.
  3. Brian Smith: Asked about the duty pants. Chief Burton reported that the original list has been lost and that we need to start a new one tonight.
  4. President Smith: Discussion on the slab for the AC units. Chief Burton reported that we need to re-work the ground and re-frame it.
  5. Brian Smith: Brought up the Haunted House. We need to get the electrical ran to the mobile home. Mark Loose and Gowland Bass reported that we have to get the trench dug but it has been to wet to do it. Brian has a chain of command set up for this year’s Haunted House and we have openings for Guides if anyone is interested. Brian asked about the area around the mobile home. Chief Burton is going to have some more dirt brought in but he has to wait until is dries out.
  6. Chief Burton: Reported that the grass at the station’s need to be cut more than 2 times a month during the rainy season. Motion by Ron Cole to hire Joe to cut the grass @ his discretion. Second by Mike Stephens. MC
  7. President Smith: Reported that the Propane class is scheduled for July 17th here at the station. This is a Tuesday night and it will start around 6 or 6:30. Lyons Propane will feed everyone. Chief Burton asked Mark Loose to remind Apple Springs Fire Department.

New Business:

  1. Chief Burton: Reported that the keypad and battery needs to be replaced in his Department laptop. The keypad is about 120.00. He would also like to upgrade the memory. The keypad, battery and extra memory will cost about 350.00 to 400.00. Motion by Chris Smith to get this done. Second by Jerry Coker. MCU
  2. Chief Burton: Reported that he talked to Gilbert’s Asphalt about fixing the area in front of the bay’s at Station 2. We will have to fix the culvert if we do this. The cost would be about 4500.00. After some general discussion about finances the decision was that we will wait on this until a later date. General discussion on setting back some fund each month until we have enough to do this.
  3. Chief Burton: Discussed the repairs to Engine 2. He contacted Martin Apparatus in Shreveport and they think they can repair the truck for 3000.00 to 6000.00 dollars. Joe will be taking E2 to Shreveport so they can look at it.
  4. Chief Burton & President Smith: General discussion on the amount of money that we are getting from Woodlawn Water each month. We are still getting about the same even though we sent out new letters to all their members.
  5. Chief Burton: Reported that he applied for another grant from the Kurth Foundation to help fund the new bay and re-model of the existing station.
  6. Chief Burton: Reported that he has acquired some voice amplifiers for our airpacks. 5 will go on Engine 1 and 2 will go on Rescue 1.
  7. Chris Smith: Talked to everyone a little bit about the fire alarms @ the school. Chris apologized about all the false alarms we have had but it is because of the construction and the age of the systems. Chris has made several calls that we were not toned out for.
  8. Mike Stephens: Reported that SAR held their quarterly training this past weekend. They had 9 dogs to use for this. Mike also reported that Jeff Burns is coming back since the Military did not deploy him overseas. Mike told everyone that we are all welcome to attend any training that SAR has. Mike reported that August 18th will be the annual Bingo for the Search and Rescue team at the Diboll Civic Center and that the Ladies Auxiliary will have their annual Bingo July 21st at the Diboll Civic Center.
  9. Chief Burton: Reported that we are going to join Apple Springs Fire Department in having a fund raiser here at Station 1 for their Firefighter Cary Allen. Cary is the one that severely injured last week when he was struck by a car while working and accident on SH 94. We will schedule this for August 4th and Brian Smith and Dwayne Whittlesey will be heading this up. Any of our guys that can help get the supplies rounded up needs to get with Brian.
  10. Chief Burton: Discussed our low Firefighter response to calls. We have to make a minimum number of calls during the year to be eligible for the reimbursement money that we get from the City.
  11. President Smith: Asked about our training program. Chief Burton asked everyone to attend the training. If the instructors are going to take the time to prepare the lesson then we need to show up for it.
  12. Brian Smith: Asked for any money that has been collected from the magnet sales.
  13. Gowland Bass: Reported that we have 4 Firework stands and each one has several hundred pounds of explosives. We will not try to extinguish any fire we have in a stand. All we will do is protect surrounding areas and structures.
  14. President Smith: The Officers need to meet with David Abney, Angie Barker and Jeff Barker before we can vote on them.
  15. President Smith: Discussed about installing an automatic door closer for the door coming into the hall from the bays. This door has been found open several times and it is causing the AC to run more. Motion by Chris Smith to buy the door closer. Second by Mike Arrowood. MCU
  16. Motion by Gowland Bass to adjourn. Second by Devin Coker. MCU


Mark Loose, Secretary Robert Smith, President