How to Download Liberty Firmware(Software)

How to Download Liberty Firmware(Software)

How to Download Liberty Firmware and update the watch 19 Jan 2018

How to download Liberty Firmware(Software)

  1. Click on the folder to download and unzip the file.
  2. Take a note of where you save the download on your computer
  3. If you do not have a program to unzip files, you can download free unzip programs such as RAR.
  4. Create a folder for the firmware and unzip / unpack the zipped files into this folder
  5. Once the files are unzipped into the folder, click on the folder “WatchOvers Liberty Firmware update 20180119” to open the folder to display all the files.
  6. Scroll down to the file “Software Download.exe”
  7. Single click on this file( do not open it).
  8. Right click your mouse and click on “Send to”.
  9. Select Desktop (Create shortcut) and click to create a shortcut to your desktop.
  10. Click on the Shortcut named “Software download.exe –Shortcut”.
  11. Confirm that the Firmware can be downloaded.
  12. Click on Install Driver.

  1. Once the driver is installed follow the instructions below to update the Firmware on the watch.

Updating Firmware on the Watch - Follow each step carefully

IMPORTANT: Before connecting the watch to your computer, the watch battery must be at least 50% charged and must be powered off before updating the firmware. If you do not have your watch charged and powered off, the watch will be damaged beyond repair and will not be covered by your warranty.

  1. Make sure the watch battery symbol shows at least 50% charge before updating (see number 6 on the image below). WARNING if the watch is not charged you will damage the watch irreparably and it will not work again.

C Users Eamonn Dropbox WatchOvers Website Design Liberty watch images Website Images watch liberty blue display jpg

  1. When the watch is charged power off the watch by pressing a pin into the hole under the charging port door (see number 3 on the image below), to power off the watch. You will see the screen go blank. Short press the silver button once, and the screen should not light up. This confirms the watch is powered off.WARNING if the watch is not powered off you will damage the watch irreparably and it will not work again.

C Users Eamonn Dropbox WatchOvers Website Design Liberty watch images Website Images watch liberty blue instructions jpg

  1. Connect the USB end of your watch charging cable to your PC or laptop but do NOT connect the watch yet.
  2. Click the Download Button.
  3. Now connect the watch to the cable so it connects to your PC or laptop (the watch must still be powered off). If you connect the watch and you see the battery is charging, disconnect the cable and connect it again (you may need to disconnect cable, press the download button again and then connect the cable again to the watch until you see WatchOvers on the watch screen).
  4. Towards the bottom of the screen, 3rd field from the left, the word “searching” should change to “COM3”indicating that the update has started.

  1. If COM3 is not showing, unplug the USB from the computer and plug it back in within 3 seconds. (Note – depending on your computer, it can also display as COM4 or COM5. Ifany of these 3 display the watch has started to update).
  2. If it does not change to COM3,COM4 or COM5, disconnect and reconnect the cable from the watch until it changes.
  3. Once COM3 appears on screen, wait until the update is “done” which takes 2 minutes.
  4. When completed a box appears on screen with a green circle, click the x on the top right of the box to close it and then disconnect the watch.
  1. You can now close the download program by clicking X on the top right of this box.
  2. Power the watch back on and leave the watch at a window or outdoors for about 15 minutes to pick up a signal. The date will display correctly but it may take a couple of hours for the location to update once the watch has been outdoors.
  3. Your contact numbers will be removed from the watch with this firmware update.
  4. You may be able to see the original contact numbers within your app but not on your watch. To

re-instate the numbers to your watch, go to manage watch in your app, tap on each contact name, click ok when prompted and move onto the next contact. When all contacts have been completed, remember to click save at top right hand side of screen and close this screen in the app. Your numbers should now appear on your watch. If they are not visible on your app or your watch, simply add the contact details again as you did when setting up the watch.

WatchOvers Limited accepts no responsibility where these procedures are not followed correctly and the watch is irreparably damaged due to the watch not being charged or not being powered off when updating the firmware.