Host Report Short Term Scientific Mission IS1305-310815-059484

Host Report Short Term Scientific Mission IS1305-310815-059484

Host Report Short Term Scientific Mission IS1305-310815-059484

COST STSM Reference Number: COST-STSM-IS1305-310815-059484

Period: 31-08-2015 to 18-09-2015

Duration: 13 working days.

COST Action: IS1305

STSM type: Regular (from Belgium to Austria)

STSM Title: Study of e-lexicography for Arabic dictionaries

Guest/STSM applicant: Lore Baeten, KU Leuven

Host: Karlheinz Mörth (represented by Eveline Wandl-Vogt), Austrian Academy for Science; Austrian Centre for digital humanities),

1. Purpose of the STSM

Study of e-lexicography for Arabic dictionaries

2. Report

Lore Baeten was introduced to the newly founded elexicography Team at the newly established Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH; 1.1.2015-) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which is one of the first Lexicography Labs in the framework of Digital Humanities within Europe.

In doing so, she was confronted with the dynamics of young teams within evolving technologies, competitive research requirements as well as lived international interdisciplinarity.

During Lores research trip the host focussed on the following issues:

1)Connect Lore to the most recent developments in Lexicography in the framework of Digital Humanities as lived at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
in general e.g. semantic technologies, NLP, research infrastructures, interdisciplinarity, cultural lexicography
more specific e.g. social-media-data-corpus, standards, ONTOLEX / TEI, enterprise 2.0.

2)Connect Lore with people who are working in fields that might be relevant to develop her research questions on Arabic dictionaries to start building an interdisciplinary network

3)Connect Lore to ongoing projects from an Arabic dictionaries scope

  1. to evaluate existing Arabic dictionaries and elexicography “market” (DictObserver)
  2. to get into VICAV project (Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties) from a Linguistic User point of view
  3. to get into TUNICO project

4)Support and invite Lore to build her own ideas on a PHD thesis and grow her Viennese network from a technical, lexicographical and private point of view.

5)Allow Lore to participate in our jour fixe and social meetings to get an idea on HR-management amongst scientists in the elexicography-DH-framework.

Though Lore´s expectations on working on a concrete dataset on Syrian was – unfortunately – not offered during her stay, I suppose the offered topics were established in a good way to further her scientific development. They offer a lot of cooperation opportunities; I hope Lore will pick some of them and come back to our team.

We are ready for supporting her.

3. References

Groups, Lore has been connected to with what aim:

1)ACDH: Host:

  1. Eveline Wandl-Vogt
    ACDH: coordinator of elexicography research group
    EU: connect with EGI ENGAGE project and lexicography in the framework of research infrastructures; DARIAH-EU, CLARIN: connect to the ongoing research initiatives
  2. Karlheinz Mörth
    ACDH: director of ACDH
    AT: coordinator of DARIAH-AT, CLARIN-AT; connect to ongoing initiatives in the framework of research infrastructures, connect to the VICAV-project, connect to university of Vienna

2)Research group elexicography:

  1. Jack Bowers (ACDH-interoperability, standards)
  2. Julia Unger (ACDH-traditional linguistics)
  3. Amelie Dorn (ACDH-linguistics, phonetics)

3)TUNICO-project members:

  1. Ines Dallaji (University of Vienna)
  2. Ines Gabsi (ACDH)

4)VICAV-project members:

  1. Rima Aldoukhi (University of Vienna, ACDH: VICAV Damascus)
  2. Omar Siam (ACDH – technical staff, VICAV)

5)University of Vienna:

  1. Anna Telic (University of Vienna)
  2. Carmen Berlinches Ramos (University of Vienna)

Eveline Wandl-Vogt
Research Group elexicography Coordinator
Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS)