Hijrah to Madinah

Hijrah to Madinah


The Sheppard’s Path

Prophets Dream before moving to Madinah was a dream of a place with dates, between two volcanic mountains.

Pledge of Aqabah: Ansar agreed to provide for a place that would allow him to be safe

  1. Muslims started migrating to migrate
  2. Abu Salama bin Asad and Umm Salamah went to Makkah after just coming directly from Habasha.
  3. The Makkans would not just let any one to leave with out their terms. Abu Salama tried to leave Makkah in day time. However, his wife’s family came and took her and his child. In the struggle to save her, her husband dislocated her shoulder.
  4. The husbands family said that the child was theirs and took him.
  5. She used to stand in the window and stare at Madinah missing her husband as she cried. One day a relative of hers came as she cried, he asked why she was crying, she told him. He went to speak to the elders of her clan, and they agreed to let her go. At the same time, the husband’s family let her child go.
  6. She left, unafraid to be lost in the desert. When she got to the border of Makkah, taneem, Usman Ibn Abi Talhah he asked her “where is a young lady like yourself going”. He said that he would take her all the way to Madinah. He was very kind and generous to her, he would show her the rest places, not impede her privacy. She said that “I don’t know any one who is as kind as Usman ibn Talhah”. He did all of this without a cost even though he wasn’t a muslim. He took her to Madinah and directed her to her husband.
  7. When she got to Madinah, she found that he had been martyred. When she found out she said that she would wail for a year to show the arabs how sad she was. Instead whenever there is a calamity say “Alahumma Ajarni Fe Museebati wa khuluku li khayran minha.” “Oh Allah reward me in this calamity”.
  8. When she didn’t realize anyone who was better than Abu Salamah however, later she married to H. Muhammad (SAW).
  9. Lesson: Don’t ask for calamity, but when it comes be firm.
  10. Souhaib ibn Sanin bin Runin or Shoib the Roman
  11. He was a enslaved by the Romans however eventually he became freed and became rich. The Makkans said “do you think he would we would let you go when you got rich off of our money.” Shoib said that he would give them all his money in return for freedom
  12. Hazrat Muhammad knew about this through revelation and when he met Shoib he said, your agreement was profitable. Because he was able to give up all his money and keep his religion.
  13. There may come a time when they will say to you that you came here from your country as a poor student, we want you to go away and keep your deen or you could stay and keep your wealth.
  14. Umar bin Khattab
  15. Made an appointment with other people: Aaish and Hisham
  16. Hisham bin Aas was withheld and didn’t let him go. He gave up his religion.
  17. Aaish: your mother has vowed to not comb her hair and refused to take shade until you decide to stay. Aaish decided to stay. H. Umar gave him his camel so if he changed his mind he could come back.
  18. It was believed that they couldn’t become muslim after giving up their faith, so
  19. Most companions left at night time. So they were unable to take a lot of things with you for the fear of someone realizing that you are traveling. Abu Bakr asked H. Muhammad repeatedly whether he could leave, but rthe request was denied.
  20. Quraish realized that the muslims were leaving and knew that H. Muhammad (SAW) would be leaving next because they didn’t want H. Muhammad to rally the Madinan. People of Madina were well allied and good fighters as that was a civil war torn city. So they gathered all their leaders together in Nadwa. The only person not to invite was the Nadwan was Abu Lahab because he was a part H. Muhammad’s clan. Shatan joined them as a old wise man and asked to join the Nadwa and provide input
  21. Ideas were: Imprisonment, Iblis: No, his people will eventually free him
  22. Wanted to kill the prophet but would be a tribal war if this happened. The Bani Hashim was a strong tribe, because the Bani Hashim would kill in return for the sake of honor
  23. Ideas were: Exile Muhammad to never set foot in Makkah, Abu Jahal: He will gather the tribes and crush Makkah
  24. Abu Jahl said: that if one tribe killed him then there would be a war, but if all tribes assign one strong man and all kill him at once. Bani Hashim will be forced to take the blood money. Iblis said: That is a good plan. The meeting adjourned at noon at Qailulah time.
  25. Allah told H. Muhammad about the plan. H. Muhammad covered his face and went to Abu Bakrs house at the Qailulah time (like night time its an emergency). H. Muhammad asks Abu Bakr to make all of his family to leave the house (because they were going to plan the hijrah). H. Abu Bakr says, let them stay because they are your family (H. Muhammad is married to Aisha at this time). H. Muhammad says its time to go to hijrah and H. Muhammad would be Abu Bakr’s companion and H. Abu bakr cries with could tears because he was so happy. He was happy regardless of the fact that people were planjing of killing H. Abu Bakr.
  26. When a woman is proposed to for marriage, her wali has to ask for her permission, if she is quite and she hasn’t married before, that is yes because she is shy. If she starts to cry touch her tears: if her tears are cool then she is happy, if they are hot she is angry or unhappy.
  27. H. Abu Bakr said that I have prepared two camels to go. H. Muhammad said he would pay for the camel. This gives us a lesson, as a dawi you must be self sufficient and independent as possible so that you can speak the truth and contribute to Islam.
  28. H. Muhammad had money and capital and had people who would work for him. When he married Khadijah, he was able to hire people to do what Khadijah had once hired him to do.
  29. H. Muhammad asked H. Ali that he wanted him to sleep in the prophets clothes and on his bed. H. Muhammad also instructed Ali to return all the trusts that people had given to Muhammad. Cpuldnt return them before without arousing suspicion. H. Ali was worried since he knew that H. Muhammad was about to be killed. H. Muhammad told him not to be worried as Allah would look after him. This made him brave.
  30. At nightfall H. Muhammad went out the back door when the potential killer were surrounding his house. Upon exiting he threw sand from his hand. Allah directed the sand on all of the watchers eyes. H. Muhammad recited Yasin to ayah 9 which brought sleep to there eyes. In the early morning they woke only to be told by a passing woman that Muhammad was outside the city. They didn’t believe her and went inside only to find Ali in Muhammad’s bed. They beat Ali to get information from him. Ali didn’t know anything.
  31. H. Muhammad stayed in the cave for three days to calm the search down. H. Asma bint Abi Bakr was to bring food every day Abdullah bin Abi Bakr of the news. The problem with this was that there were footprints and there was a need to erase the footprints. Amr ibn fuhairah, would take care of the sheep of Abu Bakr near the cave. This served two purpose: 1. Bring milk and 2. Have a whole bunch of footprints to cover the foot prints.
  32. Abu Jahl was the first to go to Abu Bakrs house to ask where Abu Bakr is. He asks Asma and she said she didn’t know. He was so angry because the plan had failed that he slapped her so hard that her earrings flew off.
  33. Permissible to lie in times of war, when some ones life is in danger, to make peace between two feuding friends, and when praising your spouse. You can also decide to lie as a last resort to cover your sins.
  34. Quraish immediately hired the best trackers, and they led them to the cave in which they were hiding. Abu Bakr, said if the Quraish were to look down they would see them. P. Muhammad said, what are two men compared with the might of Allah.
  35. H. Muhammad was calm because he had done all he could. Now he placed all his trust in Allah.
  36. He had hired a non-muslim guide Abdullah ibn Urkud to guide them from the cave to Madinah.
  37. When it comes to dawah you should always get the best not the second best. Even if you have to hire a non-muslim to do it.
  38. Quraish sent a message to all people in Makkah and around Makkah to bring Muhammad dead or alive to the Quraish for the price of 100 camels.
  39. They took the coastal route then the mountainous route and sig zaged to go to Madinah instead of the normal route. Company: AbuBakr, Aamir ibn Fuaiarah, Muhammad, nonmuslim
  40. Surakah ibn Malik was a beduion leader and upon hearing about the bounty he wanted to try for it. One of his people saw Muhammad and his companion and told him about this. Muhammad and companions had come to him a little while back but said that they weren’t the “wanted” he sat a little longer, went home asked his servant to bring the horse behind a sand dune, he dragged his spear. He got so close to the Prophet that he was able to hear the recitation of H. Muhammad. Abu Bakr was worried that there was someone behind him. H. Muhammad continued to read. When Surakah tried to move his horse in the Prophet’s direction the horse world move and bucked him off. Surakah fell off the horse again and then he picked lots. The lots said go home again and again. He disobeyed the lots and tried to go again and a ball of dust pops in his face. And now he realized that Prophet was protected by Allah. So he says that Oh Prophet of Allah, I seek your protection and drops all wepeons and comes to the Prophet and asks him I want you to leave me and my people alone. After getting this in writing, Prophet Muhammad SAW asks him to deceive the Quraish. He went back to the Quraish and said that he had searched his territory and Muhammad was not there
  41. What do you think of the day that you will put on bracelets of the king of Persia. Surakah became a muslim later after fighting the muslims, becoming captured, producing the written protection,
  42. In times of hardship remember the VICTORY.
  43. People knew Abu Bakr because he was a merchant and they didn’t know H. Muhammad as much so when they asked who this man was, Abu Bakr said he was his guide
  44. On the way to hijrah H. Muhammad continued making dawah,
  45. Umm Ma’bud and her husband were very generous and asked if she had anything for them since they needed him. She said that you wouldn’t need to ask if I had anything. He looked out and he saw a little skinny sick sheep. H. Muhammad asked to milk the sheep and received a small glass. He asked for a bucket. He said bismillah and milked the sheep and gives milk to her and all companions and is last to drink. The person who serves should be last to eat.When Umm Ma’bud’s husband came home he found a bucket of milk and he asked who gave this to you. She said the loveliest man came to visit. When her husband askemd her to describe him she said: Bright face, no defect of stomach, smooth skinny, heavy (strong) but good looking, dark of eyes, eyelashes drooping long, soft voice, thick in beard and eyebrows, dignified while quite and graceful speaking, most beautiful of men when far and when close very love, sweet tongue, clear of talk, precise in expression as if pearls falling down his lips, what ever he said was full of wisdom, speak slowly one word at a time (Aisha (RA) said if someone wanted to count his words they would be able to) of average height or a little taller whose tallness couldn’t be contended, nor short for eyes to fall on, a branch between two branches, he had companions who were quick at service, and he was neither scowling nor impressed with them. Met
  46. Met Buraydah bin Aslami called to Islam tribe of Aslami also convert.
  47. Made dawah to two thieves: must give dawah to those who have been given up on by society.
  48. Entering Madinah: Before arriving in Madinah he was met with a caravan led by muslims and received new clothing. Enter with new clothing. There were two main entrances to Madinah.
  49. South-town Qubah stay on top trees hoping to
  50. A Jew saw the prophet arrive a screamed “Oh Arabs your grandfather has arrived.”
  51. The Arabs came in full armour gear to protect the Prophet with their lives. When someone very respected comes the arrival is greeted with swords.
  52. They didn’t know who the prophet was and mistaked Abu Bakr for him since he walked in all humble like but when Abu Bakr went to shade the prophet they knew he was the prophet.
  53. He arrived on Monday to Quba and established a masjid
  54. He got to Madinah on Friday
  1. Extend peace greetings among yourselves, provide food to needy, maintain upright relations, observe prayer at night while people are asleep, then you will peacefully enter the Gardens (Paradise).
  2. Extend peace greetings among yourselves:
  3. this is an ibadah: Assalamalikum (10 rewards) Warahmatullahi (20 rewards) Rabbilalameen (30 rewards)
  4. Give salam when you arrive and when you leave, when there is a partition between you and your partner, say salam again
  5. When you give salam to someone give a warm salam,
  6. If you give salam to someone you don’t know, you will develop a bond
  7. This develops love in the community which means
  8. Sign of Day of Judgement is that people will only give salam when they know you or if they need something.
  9. Provide food to needy
  10. You should not give Zakat to anyone outside your community unless you have taken care of every one in your community.
  11. If you help the people in your neighborhood it strengthen bond of the community around you
  12. There is no envy because when rich give to the poor. Poor are people who are envious of those who have money.
  13. Sadaqah you can give to anyone
  14. Help the homeless and other people,
  15. Maintain uptight relations
  16. Know your family members so you can enjoin relations
  17. Know you lineage
  18. Observe prayer at night while people are sleep
  19. Strengthen your connection with Allah Subhanallah
  1. When he arrived in Madina he had three goals: establishing a masjid, establishing brotherhood, and establishing rules and regulations.
  2. He was able to make major changes such as changing rules to changing the name because he entered Madinah as a leader.
  3. Madinah is Taybah or something good
  1. When he entered madinah everyone wanted to host the Prophet. The decision was left to the camel being guided by Allah.
  2. The camel sat down in a yard that belonged to two orphans, Sahl and Suhail
  3. The orphan’s guardian was Ayyub Al-Ansari aka Zaid ibn Khalid Al Ansari had blessing of hosting him.
  4. They were willing to give the land to P. Muhammad, but the Prophet asked their guardian for the going rate for the land and paid them that amount. Although the guardians too were willing to give it up for free, Prophet insisted on paying to set an example.
  5. Wisdom: You cannot do any transactions with an orphan who is not aware of the value of the merchandise. All transactions must be done through the guardian.
  6. They built the Masjid An-Nabwi: the house area had two bed rooms one for Aisha and Sauda.
  7. Place for prayer and recitation of quran
  8. University of the time and the back of the masjid were the dorms for the university students and served as a standing army
  9. Prisoners of war were kept in the masjid
  10. Show how well muslims treated them
  11. Great dawah
  12. Got best part of the food to the prisoner
  13. Meeting place
  14. Weak could meet and voice opinions to the leadership
  15. In the beginning, P. Muhammad lived with Abu Ayyub al Ansari on the first floor
  16. Abu Ayyub tried to make good food for H. Muhammad. One day he made food and P. Muhammad hadn’t eaten anything, when asked why, he said onion and garlic made his breath smell bad and since Jibrael came down with revelation, and he didn’t want to have bad breath when he did.
  17. Brushed teeth about 5 times a day
  18. With manners there is no halal and haraam ruling just have common sense and be respectful
  19. Moved to the top floor per Ayyub Al-Ansari’s request
  20. Have love and respect for guests, people of knowledge,
  21. Building the brotherhood:
  22. A religion, city or cause are only as strong as its followers.
  23. Help your brothers and sisters physically, spiritually, emotionally, monetarily etc.
  24. Assigned the emigrants to live with a complimenting host.
  25. When a convert comes into Islam you should host them or assign them to a companion to help them embrace Islam
  26. When the Ansar came to Madinah they had nothing. Ansar said that they would give the immigrants half their land. Prophet Muhammad said that that would not be necessary (since the Makkans were merchants and not farmers) and asked that they take them and work together on the farms and share the profits.A
  27. Ansari knew more of these (farming) things: One day H. Muhammad
  28. When it comes to worldly things you should prefer others over what you have, but when it comes to deen compete for the best
  29. Abdurahman bin Auf: Was a muhajereen. His companion offered him half of what he had and one of his wives in marriage.
  30. Muhajereen didn’t take advantage of this: May allah bless you and your family
  31. [page 23] Constitution of Madinah: In the Name of Allah :
  32. They are one nation to the exclusion of other people.
  33. Madinah are one people, clans and tribes don’t matter
  34. Establishmen
  35. Abolishment of the tribal law: Support your brother whether he is the oppressed or the oppressor
  36. One of the 10 actions that will eliminate a person’s iman. If required to do something, than do the minimal possible.
  37. In sight of Allah every one is given protection
  38. Establishment of the Madinah Treaty with Jews:
  39. Jews: Banu Kainuka, Bunu Nazir, and Banu Kaidah
  40. Jews will have freedom of religion
  41. Will be allied
  42. Based on whatever is good in sight of Allah, Counsel can not over ride Allah’s law
  43. Commercial boycott of Quraysh