Have Your Say on the Future of Pinkenba/ Eagle Farm

Have Your Say on the Future of Pinkenba/ Eagle Farm

Have your say on the future ofPinkenba/Eagle Farm

August 2012

The Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan area plays a vital role in the economy of Brisbane with its proximity to the Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane and its location within the Australia TradeCoast region.

Since 2007 Brisbane City Council has been working with your community to create a neighbourhood plan that preserves the residential amenity of Pinkenba Village while firmly establishing the area as a thriving industrial hub, providing jobs and new business opportunities for a growing Brisbane.

Planning for this area has taken longer than anticipated due to some complex issues brought about by new State planning provisions. Council sincerely thanks everyone for their patience and now invites you to comment on the draft Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan.

This is your final chance to comment on the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Public notification commences on Monday 13 August 2012 and formal submissions must be received by 5pm, Monday 24 September 2012.

The draft Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan provides guidance for new development and proposed changes to area classification (zoning).

Prior to developing the draft plan, Council presented a set of master plan options to the community for comment. Your feedback on these options was considered in preparing the draft plan.

Council endorsed the draft Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan in March 2011 for Queensland Government review. The Queensland Government has now approved the draft plan for public consultation.

You are invited to attend ‘Get to know your draft Neighbourhood Plan’ sessions on Wednesday22 August 2012 to ask any questions you may have about the draft plan.

Key highlights of the draft Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan

The highlights of the draft plan include:

  • protection of scarce industrial land for large scale low, medium and high impact and port related uses that need to be buffered from residential and other sensitive land uses
  • limits on new residential uses in the Pinkenba Village to minimise impacts on and fromsurrounding industries
  • future road upgrades to cater for new industrial growth
  • nominating a future industry area and structure planning for the Myrtletown Precinct to facilitate development of high impact industries
  • adoption of a new minimum floor level tominimise impacts on development from tidalflooding, storm surge and future sea level rises
  • allowing residents to raise their homes higher than 8.5 metres to minimise the
    risk of flooding.

Get to know your draft Neighbourhood Plan

Council is holding ‘Get to know your draft Neighbourhood Plan’ sessions where you can find out what is planned for the future of your area. This is your opportunity to talk one-on-one with a planner or technical specialist, ask specific questions and get more information on how to have your say.

Please note there will not be a formal presentation by Council at the sessions.

Get to know your draft Neighbourhood Plan session details:

Date:Wednesday 22 August 2012

Time:Drop in any time between 7.30-9.30am OR 4.30-6.30pm

Location:Brisbane Athletic Football Club, 339 Main Myrtletown Road, Pinkenba

Photo of the Pinkenba Heritage Trail information board which is held up by large wooden poles and shows image and text descriptions

Above image: Pinkenba Heritage Trail, a collaborative, neighbourhood planning project between residents, Port of Brisbane and Council.

How to have your say on the draft Neighbourhood Plan

If you would like to comment on the draft Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan, you must make a formal, written submission with your name, address and signature.

Obtain a copy of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and a fact sheet about how to make a formal submission. To do this:

  • download the draft plan and fact sheet at
  • call Council on (07) 3403 8888
  • visit your local ward office or a Brisbane City Council customer service centre
  • email: .

Ensure your written submission is received by Council before 5pm, Monday 24 September 2012.


Neighbourhood Planning (Pinkenba/Eagle Farm)

Brisbane City Council

GPO Box 1434

Brisbane Qld 4001

Next steps

All written submissions will be reviewed and responded to by Council when finalising the plan. Once any changes have been made, the draft plan is then sent to the Queensland Government for final review and approval to adopt.

Once approved, the Pinkenba/Eagle Farm Neighbourhood Plan will be formally adopted by Council and included in Brisbane City Plan 2000 as a legal document that guides development in the area.