Guidance for School Districts to Use the SAMPLE Eligibility Form

Guidance for School Districts to Use the SAMPLE Eligibility Form

Guidance for School Districts to use the SAMPLE Eligibility Form

fortheAlaska Performance Scholarship (APS)

In ensuring courses meet the requirements of 4 AAC 43.030 – Curriculum Requirements for APS, the Department of Education & Early Development (EED) developed a sample course eligibility form. This form is only for those rare cases where a course may not match the coursecurriculumlisted in EED regulations. The courses are also listed on the 2015 APS Eligibility Progress Checklist.

Students have specific core courses they must take in order to be APS eligible, courses that are:

1)college or industry preparatory courses; and

2) meet or exceed the standards and grade-level expectations for a high school course established in the department's publication Alaska Standards: Content and Performance Standards for Alaska Students. EED expects school districts to use the Revised Alaska Standards.

Examples of core courses that the school district would deem equivalent to the courses listed on the 2015 Eligibility Progress Checklist.

  • Integrated Math –ifthis course meets the math standards for Algebra I or Algebra II
  • English 9 through English 12–Composition and American Literature
  • Algebra for Tech Careers – Algebra II equivalent

Examples of additional courses the school district must review for rigor and meeting state content standards for APS Eligibility:

  • Shakespeare, Sports Literature
  • Introduction to Basic Pathophysiology
  • Consumer Math

These forms are for guidance purposes and if used, should be kept on file at your district office for potential EED audit purposes. EED does require each School District to provide a spreadsheet/matrix of your school district’s approved courses.

If you have questions or would like to receive further guidance, contact:

Erin Thompson, APS Program Coordinator

Email: r 907.465.6535

Directions for Completing the Sample APS Course Equivalency Form

District Information

Enter district contact information (District Name, APS Course Contact, Email and Contact Phone Number).

Check the appropriate box for the reason for review and fill in information next to the checked box. The following are examples:

  • Additional Course Approval(Example: your district may offer a “Shakespeare” course and notice “Shakespeare” is not listed in regulation. Your district should complete the APS samplecourse form, describing how this course may fulfilla Language Arts option and is aligned to state standards).

Course Information

Course Description:

Enter the Course Name, Course Number and High School Credit given.

Provide a description of your course from the district handbook. Limit 100 words.

Course Pre-requisites:

Any courses required to have been taken before this particular course.

Course Outline

Alaska Standards addressed:

List the ELA/Math Alaska Standards as addressed in the course.

EED expects school districts to use the ELA/Math Alaska Standards (2012).

Course Topics & Timeline:

List the topics to be covered throughout the course. Provide a timeline with the amount of time each of the topics will be covered (e.g. number of weeks).

Course Instructional Resources:

List the resources used throughout the course with the publication date, as appropriate.Resources may include textbooks, mock trials, recent newspaper articles, etc.

Course Assessment Plan:

Describe how students’ progress is assessed throughout this course. Provide details which may include specific projects, number of exams, number of essays, etc.

Form #05-13-008a

Alaska Department of Education &Early Development

Revised April 2015