Grade Level:5Domain:Life Science Physical Science Earth and Space

Grade Level:5Domain:Life Science Physical Science Earth and Space

Grade Level:5Domain:Life Science Physical Science Earth and Space

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STEM Scope: Basic Needs

Illuminate Do Expand Assess

# of Lessons (approximately): 8 to 10(40 minute) periods

Connections to Journeys program: Unit:2Lesson(s):6 and 8

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What are the learning objectives?

The student is expected to develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.

What activities do students participate in?

1 Period

Accessing Prior Knowledge:

In this activity, students match organisms with their correct environments.


Through a persuasive paragraph, students write about the basic needs of a potential pet.

Vocabulary: (under Expand)




1 Period

Before Do 1: Reading section: A, B, or C and answer questions (under Expand)

The reading contains information about the interdependence of plants and animals (centering around a fawn).

1-2 Periods

Do 1: (Activity)

Students create a 3D model of an animal’s habitat that contains different elements to meet the animal’s needs.

4-5 Periods

Do 2: (PBL)

This Project Based Learning Challenge is to solve the problem of the decreased population of a local species now considered endangered. Students research and brainstorm to develop solutions to meet the basic needs of an endangered species and create a presentation to inform the public about what can be done to help the endangered species. Knowledge of local and outside resources needed to help with implementation of the solutions, as well as the impact of housing developments upon the local ecosystem affecting the endangered species are included.

*This PBL will likely take 4-5 class periods. There are many details to consider prior to beginning the project.

1 Period


C-E-R: The Big Woods Forest near Mississippi is about to be chopped down to build a shopping mall. There are a number of animals found there, and information is provided describing how each of three animals will likely be affected by the change. The prompt is: “Write a scientific explanation stating which of the Big Woods animals (deer, armadillo, or opossum) will have the most trouble meeting its needs when the forest is chopped down, and they are forced to move.”

Notes about short answer or open-ended response:

Multiple-choice- several questions require students to read charts or graphics to gather information.

Open-ended: Can be used for quick write/prompt for writing block, sponge activity, etc.

Extension only

Recommended activities under “Expand”:

Safari with Suraj

“Gone Fishing” shows an ecosystem that students would be familiar with- tapping into their background knowledge.