FY 2018INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE FORM:First Round - April21, 2017

FY 2018INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE FORM:First Round - April21, 2017

Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI)

FY 2018INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE FORM:First Round - April21, 2017

This Internship Experience form must be submitted as an e-mail file attachment in Microsoft Word no later than March 1 for first round participation. This is a “form” document. You simply tab through the document to enter information in the gray shaded areas, save the file, and submit it as an e-mail file attachment to . Please do not “unlock” the form.

In order for supervisorsto make informed decisions on offering an internship and for students to make informed decisions on accepting an internship offer, both parties must have a clear understanding of the nature of the internship.

In the space below, please identify Goals and Objectivesfor this internship experience. Goals should be related to learning about the agency’s mission and then address the nature of the unit’s responsibilities. Objectives should delineate what the intern will be expected to accomplish during the internship. After addressing the Goals and Objectives for the internship, please specify the Experiential Learning Outcomesthat will result from this internship. For example, what skills will be developed and what knowledge will be gained from the internship experience. In order for an internship to be a valuable experience for both the intern and the agency, the overall scope of the internship should be clearlydefined.

A GPSI internship is meant to foster a mentoring relationship between the intern and the supervisor. Successful GPSI internships require supervisors and interns who are willing to make such a commitment.

Please note: An intern who accepts a GPSI internship that is less than a graduate level, experiential learning opportunity will have the option to resign and accept another opportunity. Likewise, an agency that engages a GPSI intern that has inflated their credentials on the resume and/or during the interview will have the option to end the internship and seek another intern.

Supervisor’s Name:


Bureau / Division:

Agency Website:

GPSI Internship Title:

GPSI Code: N/A

Please provide an internship title that connects the position to the nature of the internship experience and includes GPSI Intern in the title. For example, Energy Assistance GPSI Intern or Policy Analyst – GPSI Intern.

AGENCY VEHICLE: The State of Illinois Auto Liability Self-Insurance Plan that covers state agencies extends to cover GPSI interns as long as interns are driving the state vehicle as a part of state business for the agency. Accordingly, will this internship require the intern to drive an agency motor pool vehicle to fulfill their internship experience?


Goals and objectives for this internship experience:

Experiential learning outcomes for the intern based on the goals and objectives:

FY 2018 SKILLS:First Round - April 21, 2017

  • From the list below, please “click” the experience, knowledge, and/or skills that would be valuable for this internship. Please click all that apply.

Accounting Advising/Counseling Agricultural Skills

Archiving Athletics Audio/Visual

Auditing Broadcasting Budgeting

Case Management Child Welfare City Management

Computer Use Computer Programming: C# Computer Programming: Java Computer Programming: Python Computer Programming: SQL Customer Service

Data Analysis Economic Analysis Editing

Environmental Issues Finance/Revenue Fundraising

Graphics Historical Research Human Resources

Labor Relations Laboratory ResearchLaw Enforcement

Legal Research/Writing Library Research Lobbying

Management Marketing Microsoft Office: Access

Microsoft Office: Excel Microsoft Office: Outlook Microsoft Office: PowerPoint

Microsoft Office: Publisher Microsoft Office: WordNegotiation Skills

PhotographyPolicy Analysis Public Health Screening

Public RelationsPublic Speaking Recycling/Waste Management

Social Media: Facebook Social Media: Twitter Student Housing

Student Organizations Survey Research Teaching

Training Development Website Design Other (please specify):


The formmust be submitted as an E-MAIL FILE ATTACHMENT (Word format) to Rance Carpenter at