Fueling Field Trips

Fueling Field Trips

Ray Knight

Memorial Scholarship

Fueling Field Trips

SendCompleted Applications to:

2445 Old Penitentiary Road Boise, ID 83712


Deadline for Applications: February 10, 2017

(Notification to Grant Recipients: March 10, 2017)

The purpose of this grant is to create an educational experience outside the classroom at one of Idaho’s most unique sites; the Old Idaho Penitentiary. In order to be awarded a grant you must make a reservation in advance of receiving the grant. Remember space and time is limited. We recommend you make arrangements as soon as possible (208-334-2844). Award money must be used in the same calendar year or returned.

Please fill out the following pages completely and thoroughly. Contact information should be accurate. This is a competitive grant with limited funds so read instructions carefully. Grants will be awarded on the basis of need, distance travelled,and field trip application in the classroom.Criteria are weighted so lacking one qualification will not necessarily disqualify your school. Grants should be filled out by a representative from your school or supporting parent-teacher organization/association. Awarded grants will not be written to private individuals.

Failure to fill out this form thoroughly and completely will lead to your immediate disqualification from consideration. By signing below you acknowledge that all the information you provided is an accurate and factual representation of your school’s needs. Funds must be reimbursed fully if applications are found to be misleading or purposefully inaccurate.

Please use black ink and write legibly.

School Name:______


Contact Name:______

Phone Number:______

Email Address:______


Requested amount of funds:


Awarded money will be used for (circle one or both):

TransportationAdmission Fees

Are you visiting any other museums in the Boise area on the day of your field trip?

Yes (Please List):______


How many students are enrolled in your school district?______

How many students attend your entire school?______

How many students will attend your field trip(s)? ______

Your school’s estimated cost of field trip(s):

Admission Fees$ ______

Transportation Costs$ ______

Other (Specify)$ ______

Total+ ______

Willstudents pay admission fees (circle one)?

Yes, regardlessYes, if no or only a partial scholarshipNo

If your school does not receive this scholarship will you cancel your field trip?


Approximate distance from your school to the site:

Old Idaho Penitentiary (2445 Old Penitentiary Rd. Boise, ID 83712): ______miles

Are you a Title I school?YesNo

On a separate page please answer the following questions in 1500 words or less:(Answers should be typed and attached to this page)

  1. Please describe why your school needs these extra funds?
  1. How will you use your field trip experience in the classroom? Be specific.
  1. Have you attempted to find any other funding? If yes, were you successful?