Freight NOC Application Form

Freight NOC Application Form

Freight NOC Application Form

Operating Goods Vehicles 2.5T>

To gain a Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport NOC for freight/transport related commercial activities, please completeall the required fields below and send to Please note that all fields are mandatory. If you do not provide the information for all sections your account will be declined which will cause a delay in your Commercial Licence application.

If your company does not operate or intend to operate goods vehicles above 2.5 tonnes unladen weight within the licence period please complete the separate declaration form instead.

Who does the NOC apply to?

This NOC applies to any company who intends to apply for or renew an Abu Dhabi commercial licence for one or more of the following commercial activities listed below. Please tick which Commercial Licence applies you.

Commercial Licence Categories Affected
Activity Code / Activity description / * / Activity Code / Activity Description / *
4669110 / Dismantling and
Destruction of Means of
Transport (resale) / ☐ / 4923001 / Goods land Transportation / ☐ /
4923002 / Raw Materials Land
Transportation / ☐ / 4923003 / Furniture Transportation / ☐ /
4923004 / Petroleum Materials Land
Transportation / ☐ / 4923005 / Water Transportation / ☐ /
4923006 / Refrigerated Transportation / ☐ / 4923007 / Transportation Via Specialised
Cars / ☐ /
4923007.1 / Transport Cement
Materials / ☐ / 4923008 / Transport of Hazardous Materials / ☐ /
4923009 / Transport of Materials
Assembly Heavy Truck / ☐ / 4923010 / Transport of Materials Assemble
Light Trucks / ☐ /
4923011 / General Transportation / ☐ / 5221001 / (Without Repair) Towing and
Transporting of Broken Down Cars / ☐ /
5221004 / Heavy Transportation on
Road Organising Services / ☐ / 5221006 / Towing and Transporting of
Motorcycle / ☐ /
5224004 / Goods Land Shipment
Services / ☐ / 5229010 / Passenger Baggage Delivery / ☐ /
7710002 / Trucks Rental / ☐ / 771006 / Liquid Gas Transporting Tank
Rental / ☐ /
Company Details
Company Name: / No & Building Name:
Street Address: / PO Box:
Town/City: / Emirate:
Commercial Licence Number: / Traffic Code Number:
Authorised Company Representative
Title: / First Name:
Family Name: / Position in Company:
Emirates ID number: / Email:
Contact Numbers
Mobile: / Landline:

Supporting Documents

I confirm I have attached the following documents:

Commercial Licence / (If you are renewing your licence you must upload a copy of your commercial licence) / ☐
Powers of Attorney / (If you are an “Authorised Company Representative” you must provide proof of Power of Attorney) / ☐
Emirates ID / ☐

Transport Manager

The person nominated should be responsible for, the practical management of your company’s goods vehicles. It is important to put the right persons contact details as we will send important regulatory and operational information to them.

Transport Manager Details
Title: / First Name:
Family Name: / Position in Company:
Emirates ID Number: / Email:
Contact Numbers
Mobile: / Landline:

Vehicle Details

It is important that you accurately provide the number of goods vehicles over 2.5 tonnes unladen weight that you currently operate.

You must also indicate the maximum number of additional goods vehicles you wish to be authorised to operate under this licence over the next 12 months, if any.

Vehicle Details
Vehicle Type / Definition / Current number of vehicles / Maximum additional vehicles
/ Rigid goods vehicle > 2.5t / A heavy goods vehicle with its body fixed to the chassis and cab. Its primary role is to transport goods / /
/ Articulated goods vehicle > 2.5t / A heavy good vehicle consisting of a separate trailer head and trailer, connected via a single pivot or ‘pin.’ Its primary role is to transport goods (maximum of 6 axles) / /
/ Other goods vehicle > 2.5t / Any heavy good vehicle, not included in the rigid or articulated category and is used for time transport of goods (Maximum of 6 axles) /
/ Abnormal load vehicle > 2.5t / A heavy goods vehicle used to carry loads outside typical weights and dimensions / /


Now take the time to carefully read all the undertakings below. Failure to comply with these undertakings may result in the goods licence being suspended, restricted or revoked.

I. / I confirm that I am an “Authorised Company Representative” and I have official power to sign this declaration on behalf of my company.
ii. / I confirm that all the relevant Federal and Local laws and regulations in respect of the operation and management of vehicles authorised under this licence are observed.
iii. / I confirm that goods vehicles authorised under this licence will not be loaded in excess of their design weight.
iv. / I will notify the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport of any current or pending judicial court judgements against myself, or the company, business partner(s), the company directors, nominated transport manager(s) named in this application, or employees or agents of the applicant for this licence. If any judicial court judgements are received after receiving the commercial licence, these will be communicated to the Department of Transport.
v. / I will operate no more than the total number of goods vehicles stated in the application (current – maximum additional)
vi. / I will ensure that the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport is notified within 28 days of any other changes, for example a change to the personnel identified in the application; number of goods vehicles; company address or status (e.g. if placed in liquidation or receivership), that might affect the issue of this NOC.
Confirm / *
Please tick to confirm that you have read, understood and will comply with the undertakings set out in the application / ☐ /
Tick here to declare that all statements made in this application are true and that all supporting evidence supplied with regard to this application are correct. I understand that it is an offence to make a false declaration. / ☐ /
Your Full Name / Emirates ID Number / Date