Fourth Form English Language

Fourth Form English Language




Rationale:This aspect of the SBA assignment is geared at allowing students to summarize the processes, procedures and outcomes of their research.

ASSIGNMENT– Written Report – April 24, 2017

The following is to be completed INDIVIDUALLY.

Students are to create their written reports in continuous prose based on the following:

1.Should have a Title/Cover Page which displays: the name of the assignment, the issue/topic/theme/event, name of teacher, name of class and date (Centre Aligned).

2.A summary of the data collected

3.Three reasons for the selection of the data

4.Analysis of the data.

5.Works Cited Page

NB: The written report should be done in Times New Roman, 12 font and double spaced with about 250-300 words (one and a half pages, excluding Title and Works Cited Page) in total.


Facets of Tasks / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Content of Report / Findings inappropriate.
Source of data unclear. / Key points incompletely identified.
Limited coverage of what was done,
Response inadequate. / Context of task implied, not stated.
Some important key points not addresses.
Key points maintained.
Too repetitious and vague in parts. / Data source referenced.
Easy to follow.
Reporting expressed smoothly. / Context explicitly stated.
Easy to follow reporting.
Tasks for each student are similar.
Tasks are clearly defined.
Evidence of Investigation/Inquiry/Research / Many responses misrepresent the issue.
Inadequate use of referencing. / Experiences of participants not well used.
Weak use of world-wide web.
Summary inadequate. / All analysis focus on the key issues.
Discussion well focused.
Probing patterns, line by line, of text.
Patterns are identified and used.
Ample evidence of research. / Citing well used.
Facts and opinions well distinguished.
Important movements are synthesized.
Important issues are probed under 2 or more different methods.
Synthesizing findings.
Language Use and Vocabulary / Too many basic grammatical errors.
Large errors occasionally found. / Basic words not used well.
Limited range of grammatical expressions.
Paragraphs contain little cohesion.
Sentences are stilted. / Good control of basic grammar.
Good use of appropriate words.
Paragraphs carefully constructed.
Reliance on formulaic expressions. / Arguments logically arranged.
Accurate spelling.
Wide range of sentences.
Report clearly organised.

Score awarded = ______+ ______+ ______= ______

Name of student: ______

Name of assessor: ______

Time/Date of assessment: ______/______

Time/Date Due: ______/______