Fort Calhoun Seniors 2009

Fort Calhoun Seniors 2009

Fort Calhoun Senior Class,

The PFE (Pioneers for Education) will award a non-renewable $500 scholarship for up to two members of this year’sgraduating class. Because we are a volunteer service organization, we want to have our scholarships reflect our ideals of helping our community.

PFE Scholarship Requirements:Starting May 1, students who willgraduate the following May must complete 100 total hours to be eligible for one of the two $500 PFE scholarships. The hours must be broken down as follows:

1)Between May 1st following the 8th grade and May 1stof their 11thgrade year,students must complete a total of 50 volunteer hours, including 12.5 hours to the PFE and/or school events/organizations;

2)Between May 1stof their junior year and April 24thof their senior (12thgrade) year, 50 volunteer hours must be completed, including 5 hours to the PFE and/or school events/organizations.

The PFE Scholarships are awarded solely on volunteer hours worked in our surrounding communities,to graduating seniors who are either a PFE member or whose parent/guardian is a member by October 31. Everyone who successfully completes the requirements will have an equal chance at receiving the scholarship.

Attached, please find the paperwork you need, including one Individual Project Form. More Individual Project forms will be available at the office of the guidance counselor, Mrs. Hernandez, or on the school’s web site: click on the PFE tab, then PFE Documents. You must staple all of your Individual Project Forms to your Application form before turning them into Mrs. Hernandez, so make sure you keep them in a safe place until April 24th, 2017.

On or around February 1, please contact a member of the PFE Scholarship Committee or a PFE officer to verify that your volunteer hours qualify. If you have ANY questions throughout the year about what qualifies and what doesn’t, please ask. Also, it is a good idea to work more than the required hours, in case some hours do not qualify. See the back of this letter for a sample of qualifying events.

We hope that all of you will take advantage of this opportunity to help your community and earn a chance to win a scholarship!

PFE President, Robyn Lammers

PFE Vice President, Ami Melville

Treasurer, Dara Waters

Secretary, Melanie Bonacci

Senior Requirements

1)You (or a parent/guardian)must bea member of the PFE by October 31.

2)In addition to the 50 hours of service completed in 9th – 11th grade, complete 50 hours of validated service your senior year, as indicated above.

3)Service must be rendered during your senior year up until April 24th.

Samples of Approved Community Service

Spread mulch on school playground / PFE / 3.5
Coached a Jr High 3-on-3 basketball team / Ft Calhoun Jr High / 2
Led residents in BINGO games / Autumn Pointe Asst Living / 6
Tutored a Jr High student in 2 subjects / Ft Calhoun Jr High / 3
Volunteered at county recycling / Wash County Recycling / 10
Helped set up and serve at Lasagna dinner / Post Prom committee / 4
Worked in concession stands / Booster Club / 12.5
Delivered flyers to apartments / City of Ft Calhoun / 2
Presented during Red Ribbon week / Ft Calhoun Elementary / 7.5
Did yard work at Frahm House & Museum / Wash County Historical Soc / 10
Volunteered at Jr High Amazing Race / Ft Calhoun Jr High / 3
Worked in a booth at the PFE Carnival / PFE / 2
Helped marching band (but not as a member) / Ft Calhoun High School / 48
Helped lead a Girl Scout troop’s meetings / Ft Calhoun youth / 16.5
Volunteered at FC recycling / Ft Calhoun community / 3.5
Kept stats at Jr High basketball game / Ft Calhoun Jr High / 2
Scraped paint, pulled up old floor tiles, etc. / Rebuilding Omaha / 8.5
Babysat during PFE meetings / PFE / 8
Volunteered at 8th grade orientation / Ft Calhoun Jr/Sr High / 3
Helped set up for PFE craft fair / PFE / 3
Helped clean up Kindergarten classroom / Ft Calhoun Elementary / 5
Helped set up for Woodworking Show / American Legion / 4
Taught knots/bridge making to Cub Scouts / Ft Calhoun youth / 1.5
Helped at a track meet (not on team or mgr) / Ft Calhoun Jr High / 2
Chaperoned students at band contest / Ft Calhoun Jr High band / 11

The following page is the Application form which must be completed and stapled to the top of your Individual Project forms by April 24th:
PFE Scholarship Application Form

Name: ______

PFE Member?: (check one) ____ You____ Parent/Guardian

Will all classes required to graduate and enter college be completed?

(check one)____ Yes____ No

Future Plans/Goals (this does not add or detract from your scholarship chances)

  1. College/University: ______
  2. Total of Service Hours: ______

(the PFE Scholarship Committee has to validate these for inclusion)

PFE President, Robyn Lammers

PFE Vice President, Ami Melville

Treasurer, Dara Waters

Secretary, Melanie Bonacci