For Immediate Release: June 24, 2008

For Immediate Release: June 24, 2008

For Immediate Release: June 25, 2008

Contact: Amber Rowland, 512-809-6857



KittyPalooza ‘08

Austin TX – Summer’s on, so this weekend is the purrfect time to join a lot of really cool cats at the first-ever KittyPalooza! at TownLakeAnimalCenter! Greatcats will put on very cool shows on multiple stages. “We’ve booked a wide variety of acts,” said Shelter Director Dorinda Pulliam, “so you’re sure to find groups and solo cats that appeal to your taste!”

From old favorites like The Steve Litter Band and the Mewbie Brothers to some of the best new artists like DogSmack and Groom Day,these talented felines are sure to put on a great show. And unlike mostconcerts and music festivals, the shelter will make it easy to take your favorite artist (or artists) home with you, for a lifetime of entertainment!

“Many of these young groups have really matured beautifully, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch them grow and come into their own,” said Foster Coordinator Sarah Hammond. “Now we want to help them get the exposure and recognition they deserve, and we’re hoping to get multiple (adoption) contracts signedon this exciting weekend!”

It’s just $35 to sign a solo artist likeFogCat or Bruce Stringspring, or take home a member of Purrvana, Groom Day, orJoan Jett & the Blackcats!

“Summer is the time when we see waay too many homeless cats and kittens, but we’re hoping events like KittyPalooza! will help Austin come to be known as “The Live Kitty Capital of the World,” said Adoption Program Manager Amber Rowland.

A Partial List of the Cats and Kittens to be Featured for KittyPalooza ‘08

Classic Rock

  • The Mewbie Brothers
  • Tom Petme & The Heartbreakers
  • Stevie Ray Pawghn
  • Elvis Purrsley
  • Claws n’ Noses
  • Joan Jett & the Blackcats
  • Ozzie Fuzzborne
  • Blue Oyster Cat
  • Big Bad Neuter Daddy
  • Bruce Springstring
  • FogCat


  • Cold Purr
  • Black Kits
  • Fall Out Cat
  • Catboy Slim
  • Purrl Jam
  • The Jesus & Mary Litter
  • The Black Stripes
  • 9 Inch Tails
  • The Flaming Whiskers
  • Dogsmack
  • OutKats


  • Britney Spays
  • Mariah Kitty
  • Furgie
  • Justin Timberlap
  • The Pussycat Dolls
  • Hissy Elliot
  • Meowin’ 5
  • Jessie McCatney

Triple A

  • James McPurrtry
  • Kitty Rodriguez
  • Clawnye West
  • John Meower
  • Grupo Catasma
  • What Made A Kitty Famous


  • Rascal Cats
  • Kittie Underwood
  • Tabby Keith
  • Tim McClaw
  • The Dixie Kits
  • The Cat in Black – Johnny Catsh

Public Service Announcements

Head down to TownLakeAnimalCenter this weekend to see, and meet, some of the most talented cats around at KittyPalooza! The Mewbie Brothers, Groom Day, and Purrvana are just some of the performers you’ll enjoy on KittyPalooza’s multiple stages. There’s no cover - your completed Adoption Application is your ticket to a great show and the option to “sign” a great cat for yourself. That’s a lifetime of entertainment for just 35 bucks! Doors open at 11:30 this Saturday and Sunday at TownLakeAnimalCenter, 1156 West Cesar Chavez!!


The hottest ticket in town this weekend is KittyPalooza! at TownLakeAnimalCenter! This weekend festival features some of the most talented cats around, including TheSteve Litter Band, Purrl Jam and Ozzy Fuzzborne! Complete an Adoption Application and you can take one of these great artists home for just 35 dollars! It’s KittyPalooza! at TownLakeAnimalCenter, 1156 West Cesar Chavez. Doors open at 11:30 this Saturday and Sunday!

TownLakeAnimalCenter and its Pet Adoption Program are services of

the City of Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services Department.