For Each of the Health Information Questions Below Decide Which Tag You Would Assign Before

For Each of the Health Information Questions Below Decide Which Tag You Would Assign Before

Role Preparation for Health Advisors – Handling Medicines Calls

Introduction to Medicines Calls for Health Advisors

For each of the medicines questions below decide which tag,P4Q,M1, M2 orM3you would assign before adding the call to the National Health Information Queue.

Question / Tag / Reason
1 / I missed a dose of my usual blood pressure tablet yesterday. Should I take two now?
2 / I take the contraceptive pill and have been given antibiotics for a chest infection. Will my pill still work?
3 / I missed my contraceptive pill for two days. Do I need the ‘morning after’ pill?
4 / Which travel vaccinations do I need for Saudi Arabia?
5 / I’ve taken two doses of my antidepressant instead of one? Will I be OK? I’m really worried I’ve taken an overdose.
6 / Is there a late-night pharmacy in my area?
7 / I’ve just picked up a prescription for my elderly mother. Her usual medicine is Hydralazine. This packet says Hydroxyzine. Is it the same thing?
8 / What are the side effects of anti-malarial tablets? I’m going on holiday in two months time.
Question / Tag / Reason
9 / Can I give my daughter Nurofen® and Tixylix®?
10 / Where can I get my repeat prescription?
11 / The doctor has given me co-amoxiclav tablets for a throat infection. I can’t swallow very well. Is it ok to crush the tablets?
12 / My wife and I are due to have our flu jabs next week. Will it be safe with the other medicines we take?
13 / I gave my baby Calpol® after his first vaccinations at two months old. He is now 9 months old. If he needs Calpol® again should I buy a new bottle?
14 / My baby is due to have the MMR vaccination. What are the risks?
15 / I’m thinking of trying to get pregnant. I read that folic acid is important. Can you give me some information?
16 / I’m breastfeeding my baby. Is it OK to take something for my hayfever?
17 / What is the best time of day to take my cholesterol medicine?
18 / I read in the paper that statins cause muscle damage. I don’t want that to happen to me so should I stop my tablets? I’m very scared now.
19 / I am thinking of buying some herbal tablets for my arthritis. Will it be ok with the tablets the doctor gave me?
Question / Tag / Reason
20 / I need ‘the morning after pill’. Where can I get it?
21 / I want to buy some muscle building tablets from the Internet. Will they work?
22 / Is it safe to use head lice treatment for all the family?
23 / I take a herbal remedy, Valerian, to help me sleep. Can I still have a glass or two of wine?
24 / One of my children has worms. Do we all need to take tablets?
25 / My husband uses oxygen and his cylinder is running low. How do I get another one? I’m starting to panic.
26 / My parents are planning a weekend away. My mother is in a wheelchair and takes oxygen. Can we get a smaller cylinder for use during her trip?
27 / The label on my medicine usually says Thyroxine. This time it says Levothyroxine. I think someone has made a mistake. If they have I will be making a complaint. I’m very angry.
28 / The nurse is due to give my husband an injection for his prostate cancer next week. Will there be any side effects?

Role Preparation for Health Advisors

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