Final Irp-Form-2016 V2

Final Irp-Form-2016 V2

Max Length: 8 pages Total pages:5

Individual Research Plan (IRP) Form – 2016/17


This form enables you to request a research allowance that will be considered when determining your workload for the next academic year. All academic staff requesting a research allowance and all professorial staff should complete an IRP. No research allowances will be given unless supported by an approved IRP. Members of academic staff who have a proportion of their time already allocated to on-going research projects need to complete an IRP, but contract research staff working on specific projects with fixed-term contracts do not. VC2020 staff in their first year of appointment are not eligible to apply and should refer to their Head of School for further guidance. Please note that relevant UoA Coordinators will have access to these forms. Further detailed guidance can be found at

Please complete this form and return it to your Faculty Research Support Office together with your up-to-date Research Record form. The IRP form will need to be saved in Word format to enable feedback from the panel to be incorporated; PDF documents will not be suitable. The deadline for the return of the forms is Friday1st April 2016 at 5pm. The maximum length of the form is 8 pages.

Faculty / Contact Name / Email address
Art, Design & Humanities / Hema Naran / adhresearch&
Business & Law / Jan Holland /
Health & Life Sciences / Danielle Beavon /
Technology / Anne Smith /

Individual Information

Title / Choose a title / First name / Surname
Faculty / Choose a Faculty / School/Dept / Choose aSchool/Dept / Research Group / Choose a Research Group. /
Position / Choose a position / FTE / Start Date
Orcid ID*

*For information and to register for an Orcid ID please go to:

Research Allowance Awarded for the Current Academic Year (please indicate current band)

Band A / Band B / Band C / Band D / Band E / Band F / Band G / Allowance
81-100% / 61-80% / 41-60% / 21-40% / 11-20% / 6-10% / 1-5% / Choose a band. /

Research Allowance Requested for the Next Academic Year (please indicate requested band)

Band A / Band B / Band C / Band D / Band E / Band F / Band G / Allowance
81-100% / 61-80% / 41-60% / 21-40% / 11-20% / 6-10% / 1-5% / Choose a band. /

Do you have any individual circumstances which may affect your application?Choose Yes/No

If yes, please discuss this with your Faculty Head of Research and Innovation.

Do you consider yourself to be a: Choose a researcher experience level.

Review of Progress to Date against the Current Academic Year’s IRP (If Applicable)

Please copy (and summarise) your actions from last year into the box below and provide a commentary on the progress made. Note that the panel will take information regarding published and submitted outputs from 1/1/2014 to the academic year to date from your Research Record Form. If explicitly relevant to the allowance being requesteddetails of outputs before 1/1/2014 can be included here. (Max. 500 words including up to 4 outputs)

Please identify in the table below any research/knowledge exchange proposals submitted during the current academic year: (These data should be validated with the faculty research support office before submission)

Funder / Call / Title / Role
(PI/CI etc) / Start / End date / Status / Value / % of FTE/Number of hours

If you are bought out on research projects, how many hours are you bought out in total (across the academic year)? (if possible, give figures for academic year 2016/17 – information can be obtained from your faculty research support office)

Total number of hours bought out:

Please outline any activities that you have undertaken in this academic year to generate impact from your research, which can include: organising public events, giving evidence to inquiries, writing newspaper articles or producing policy/research briefings. You may also outline activities undertaken with the aim of measuring the impact of your research (for example stakeholder surveys).(Max. 300 words)

Planned Research for the Next Academic Year

Please describe how you plan to use your requested research allowance for the next academic year, making reference to how it supports relevant research group/school/faculty priorities and strategies (note that planned outputs and funding should be detailedin the tables below). You should include information about both on-going and new projects, and should clearly articulate the stage of the research. (Max. 500 words)

Please list any existing projects which include “buy-out” of a proportion of your time over the next academic year. Include both internally and externally funded awards, and include the project title as it appears in DMU’s records. Note that it is assumed that this time is a constituent part of the requested research allocation. For example, if 50% of your time is “bought-out”, the minimum requested Research Allowance should be Band C (41-60%).

Funder / Project Title / Role
(PI/CI etc) / Start / End date / % of FTE

Please list full details of your outputs and outcomes that are intended for the academic year ahead. Please complete the further details column for output/outcome types: Other Editorial work – e.g., correcting proofs, responding to substantial reviewers comments etc.;Other Output –e.g., policy report, book review, practise-based output);Milestone – e.g., data collection or archival work, completion of a pilot study etc – please specify the nature of these;Other Outcomes –please specify the nature of these. If your intended output is for a journal, please identify the specific journal you plan to target and its Impact Factor (if available).

Title/Description / When expected / Output/Outcome type / Further details(for other editorial work, other output/outcome, milestone, specific journal and impact factor)
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /
Choose a type. /

Please give full details of any internal and external funding applicationsrelated to research or commercial/consultancy projects that are planned for the coming academic year. Include likely funder details, draft project title, role in project (eg Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator etc), estimated start date, estimated end date, estimated project value to DMU and percentage of your time to be bought-out. These data will be shared with the Research Support Team in the RBI, to ensure appropriate support.

Funder / Call / Title / Role
(PI/CI etc) / Start / End date / Value / % of FTE

Please give details of any impact and associated activities you anticipate arising from current or previous research and indicate how much time these will require. These data will be shared with the REF Officer (Research Impact) in the RBI, whom you should liaise with in order to receive specialist support. (Max. 300 words)

Please identify any development and training needs that are required to help you deliver your planned research.(Max. 100 words)

Do you have a research mentor? / Choose Y/N /
If no, would you like a research mentor? / Choose Y/N /

If you have requested a research mentor, please identify the kind of mentoring you require (e.g. help with external funding applications, publication strategies, etc). (Max. 100 words)

Longer Term Plans

Please outline your longer term (5 year) research objectives. You may wish to include the major research questions you seek to answer, the partnerships you may wish to develop, and your key objectives and milestones, and to reflect on the sustainability of the plan. Highlight, where relevant, the expected impact of your work both within academia and more widely. (Max. 500 words)

Review Sheet

Applicant declaration

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge that the information presented in this form is correct
Name: Date:
Comments from IRP Panel Review
Review of research outcomes to date from current Academic Year (whereapplicable)
Review of research plans for the next Academic Year
Recommended Allowance: Band: Choose a band. Level: Choose a level
Panel Chair: Date:
Line Manager Responsible for Resource Allocation Comments
Final Allocated Allowance: Band: Choose a band. FTE (%):
Name: Date: