Feedback 8 Suplementary Book Teog1

Feedback 8 Suplementary Book Teog1




Sayfa 4 Etkinlik 2

1)selfish 2) have a barbecue 3) gofor a bikeride 4) goshopping 5) makefriends 6) havelunch in a cafe

7) secret 8) have a party 9) to be jealous 10) classicalmusic 11) goskateboarding 12) buddy

Sayfa 5 Etkinlik 3

1)playtennis 2) play video game 3) an animated film 4) gofor a walk 5) meetfriends 6) textfriends

7) gardening 8) goto a rockconcert 9) watch a footballmatch 10) gotocinema 11) symphonyorchestra

12) makepopcorn

Sayfa 7 Etkinlik 4

1)b 2) b3) b4) b5) a6) a7) b8) b9) a10) a

Sayfa 8 Etkinlik 5

1)like2) Shall 3) good4) How5) definitely6) make it7) Fancy8) afraid

9) come 10) for sure 11) awesome 12) get on13) busy 14) Cool!15) anything16) Sure

17) any 18) full

Etkinlik 6

1)Making2) Accepting3) Making4) Refusing5) Making6) Making7) Refusing

8) Accepting9) Making10) Making11) Refusing12) Making

Sayfa 9 Etkinlik 7

1)Accepting2) Refusing3) Refusing4) Accepting5) Refusing6) Refusing7) Accepting

8) Accepting

Etkinlik 8

1)secrets 2) get on3) laidback4) help 5) afraid6) definitely7) full 8) busy 9) comealong

10) Fancy11) awesome12) mates13) tournament14) get

Sayfa 10 Etkinlik 9

1)havebarbecue 2) meet friends 3) go shopping 4) play basketball 5) best friend 6) another time

Etkinlik 10

1)for sure2) count on3) laid back4) back up5) come along6) bike ride

Etkinlik 11

1)for sure2) jealous3) growup4) worried5) good at6) bring7) arrow / swiftly

8) seeyou9) as soon as10) promise11) together12) talk to13) concert14) join

Sayfa 11 Etkinlik 12

1)I am planning a slumberparty

2) He is helping his dadwiththegardening

3) Wearehaving a barbecuenextweekend

4) My cousin is organising a volleyballtournamentnext Sunday

5) She is goingfor a ridebike

6) Theyaregoingtotherockconcerttonight.

Sayfa 12 Etkinlik 13

1)am going2) arehaving3) aregoing4) am taking5) is justgoing6) is watching

Etkinlik 14

1)am goingto 2) aregoingtoplay3) aregoingtohave4) am goingtotake5) aregoingtomeet

6) is goingtowatch

Sayfa 13 Etkinlik 15

1)starts2) organise3) begins4) arrives

Sayfa 15 Etkinlik 16

1)What2) Whose3) Where4) Why5) Who6) What time

Sayfa 16 Etkinlik 17

1)b2) a3) a4) b5) a6) b7) a8) a9) b10) a

Etkinlik 18

3Suzy : It sounds good.

2Yuliya : I am going to a concert of the symphony orchestra.

7Suzy : I’m having some mates round for a sleepover.

8Yuliya : OK, another time, maybe

5Suzy : I’d love to, but I can’t

6Yuliya : Why not?

1Suzy : What are you doing on Sunday evening?

4Yuliya: I have two tickets. Would you like to go with me?

Sayfa 17 Etkinlik 18


Hi, friends,

I’m writing to invite you to my barbecue party. It is at my house next Sunday afternoon. I am having some mates round for the party. Barış is going to bring some music CDs, and I’m going to get lots of meat. Denizcan is going to get the drinks. We are going to eat, listen to music and dance. It is going to be great party.

I hope you can come.



Hi, Mert,Hi, Mert;

Thanks for inviting me to your BBQ party. Thanks for inviting me to your BBQ party.

It sounds awesome. I really love barbecueI’d love to but I can’t. Because I’m taking my

I’ll be there for sure.cousin to the cinema on Sunday afternoon.

KeremI promised her. Anyway, I hope you’ll have a

great party.


Etkinlik 19

1)F2) T3) T4) F5) T6) F

Sayfa 18 Etkinlik 21

1)T2) F3) F4) T5) F6) T

Etkinlik 22

1)worried2) friend3) hobbies4) on a bikeride5) make6) jeaolus7) volleyball

Sayfa 19 Etkinlik 23

Dear David,

We’re playing basketball on Sunday. The match starts at three thirty. After the match, we’re having

barbecue at my house. I hope you can make it.



Etkinlik 24

am / want / am celebrating / hope / arecoming / want / is making / is decorating / starts / will be

Sayfa 24 Etkinlik 25

1)Friend / Buddy / Mate6) Backup / Help

2) Rely on / Count on / Depend on / Trust7) Make it / Come

3) Laidback / Relaxed / Not worried8) For sure / Definitely / Certainly

4) Great / Awesome / Fantastic9) Get / Buy

5) Slumberparty / Pyjamaparty / Slumber

Sayfa 25 Etkinlik 26

1)d2) a3) c4) c5) c6) a7) c8)a9)d10) b11) c12) a13) b14) d15) a

16) a17) c18) b19) a20) c21) b22) c23) d24) b25) c26) d27) c28) c 29) b30) a

Etkinlik 27

1)a2) a3) b4) a5) a6) b7) b8) b9) b10) a11) b12) a13) a14) a

Test (Vocabulary)

1)c2) a3) a4) b5) b6) c7) a8) d

TEOG Time 1

1)b2) d3) a4) c5) c6) a7) c8) d9) b10) a11) c12) c13) c14) d15) d

16) a17) b18) c19) a20) a


Sayfa 31 Etkinlik 1

1)casual2) fashion3) impressive4) nerd5) outfit6) snob7) trendy

Sayfa 32 Etkinlik 2

1)snob2) impressive3) fashion4) outfit5) casual6) trendy8) nerd

Sayfa 33 Etkinlik 4

1)stylish2) teenager3) serious4) ridiculous5) unbearable6) terrific

Sayfa 34 Etkinlik 5

1)trendy / impressive2) nerd / unstylish / unattractive3) loud / unbearable

Sayfa 35 Etkinlik 6

1)surf2) catches3) has4) starts5) do6) ride7) has

Sayfa 36 Etkinlik 7

1)catches 2) goes3) get4) listen 5) have6) does 7) likes8) spend 9) help10) has

Etkinlik 8

getsdressed / has breakfast / leaveshome / catchesthebus/ starts/ has lunch / hangsoutwith his friends / finishes / goesto an after-schoolclub / is / goesback / does his homework / has dinner / chatsfriends / surf

Sayfa 37 Etkinlik 9

1)He gets up at 6:306) Yes, he does

2) He goes to school by bus7) He goes to Drama Club

3) It starts at 8:30 8) He finishes his homework at about 7 p.m.

4) He has lunch at school9) He chats friends online or surf the Net

5) He hangs out with his friends10) He goes to bed at 23:00

Sayfa 38 Etkinlik 10

1)I often cook lunch4) He hardly ever watches soap opera

2) She sometimes bakes cookies5) I go to theatre twice a month

3) I usually help my dad in the garden6) I hang out the mall once a week

Etkinlik 11

1)I hardly ever go rollerblading 4) Miranda never turns off the TV when a fashion programme comes on

2) She sometimes goes to shopping centre5) Angelina usually talks about fashion with her friends

3) I always wear trendy clothes6) I rarely wear formal clothes (rarely)

Sayfa 39 Etkinlik 12

(5) Kate : Usually. I wear clothes in fashion. I spend a lot of money on clothes.

(4) Sera : Do you often buy anything?

(3) Kate : I love trying on trendy clothes, so I usually go shopping mall with my friends.

(2) Sera : Hmm, I usually watch TV, but I also listen to music.

(1) Kate : What do you do at the weekends?

Sayfa 40 Etkinlik 13

Jenny Miles 1) b2) a3) b4) a5) b6) a

NazlıÖzkurt1) a2) b3) a4) b5) b6) b

Sayfa 42 Etkinlik 14

1)School Life 2) Famil Life3) School Life4) Free Time5) Free Time

6) Family Life7) School Life9) Family Life10) Free Time

Sayfa 43 Etkinlik 15

(1)A. Which one do you prefer Britney; listening to rock music or listening to classical music?

(4) B. It’s energetic.

(2) B. Well, I think I prefer rock music.

(3) A. Why do you prefer it?

(5) A. I see. I prefer classical music because I find it so relaxing

Etkinlik 16

1)Terry prefers travelling by plane to travelling by car.

2) I prefer surfing on the Net to playing online games.

3) Sarp prefers going to amusement park to going to shopping centre

4) Pınar prefers watching fashion programmes to watching football matches

5) Ece prefers baking cookies to making pancakes

6) Nil prefers sewing to knitting

Etkinlik 17

(3) Teresa : What type of music do you prefer?

(2) Susan : I usually watch TV, but I also listen to music.

(5) Teresa : I love classical. And to be honest, I never listen to rock music. I can’t stand it. I think it’s loud and unbearable.

(4) Susan : I love rock. How about you?

(1) Teresa : What do you do in the evenings?

Sayfa 44 Etkinlik 18

1)b2) c3) a4) c5) b6) a7) b8) c

Sayfa 51 Etkinlik 19

1)c2) b3) a4) c5) b6) d7) c8) a9) b10) d11) c12) a13) a14) c15) d

16) c17) b18) a19) b20) c21) a22) a23) b)24) a25) a26) c27) c28) d29) b30) b

Sayfa 52 Etkinlik 20

1)d2) a3) b4) a5) d6) a7) d8) b9) b10) a11) c12) c13) b14) a15) c

Etkinlik 21

1)C2) E3)A4) F5) B6) D7) I8) J9) G10) H

Sayfa 53 Etkinlik 22

1)a2) b3) a4) b5) a6) b7) a8) a9) b10) a11) b12) b13) a14) b15) b

TEOG Time 2

1)b2) c3) d4) a5) c6) a7) c8) a9) d10) b11) c12) a13) c14) a15) c

16) c / d (ikisi de doğru cevap) 17) a18) c19) b20) d


Sayfa 58 Etkinlik 2

1)Pour 2) Put 3) Add 4) Stir 5) Mix 6) Knead 7) Mash 8) melt 9) Serve 10) chop 11) peel 12) slice

Sayfa 59 Etkinlik 3

1)b2) a 3) c4) a5) c6) b7) a8) a9) c

Etkinlik 4

1)saucepan2) tin opener3) fryingpan4) grater 5) Soak 6) dough7) Mash 8) hold 9) put 10) Break

Sayfa 60 Etkinlik 5

1)host2) useful 3) grill 4) Onions 5) salt 6) boil 7) Put 8) dish 9) delicious 10) Bake 11) Yummy

12) serve 13) try 14) burn 15) recipe 16) salty 17) spicy

Sayfa 61 Etkinlik 6

1)It’s from Carlos

2) It’s to Hakan

3) It’s spaghetti

4) It’s popular in Italy

5) They need pasta, salt, tomatoes and oil

6) They cook pasta in salted boiling water. Then put the grated tomatoes and some oil into the saucepan. Stir and boil them. Add a teaspoon of salt and some sugar to the sauce. Finally put the sauce on spaghetti and serve it.

7) They serve it with tomatoes sauce

Sayfa 63 Etkinlik 7

1)c 2) a3) a4) b5) a6) c7) b8) c9) b10) a

Etkinlik 8

1)roast2) grill3) bake4) fry5) boil6) steam

Sayfa 64 Etkinlik 9

1)b2) d3) a4) e5) c6) f

Etkinlik 10

1)roast(D)2) bake (F)3) fry (A)4) steam (B)5) grill (C)6) boil(E)

Sayfa 65 Etkinlik 11



Sayfa 66 Etkinlik 13

1)Mix2) knead3) pour4) Stir5) Add6) Put

Sayfa 67 Etkinlik 14

1)Heat2) ingredients3) mixingbowl4) bakingpan5) Bake6) knife

Sayfa 68 Etkinlik 15

1)Peel 2) Mash 3) Bake 4) Grill 5) Stir 6) Heat 7) Slice 8) Fry

Etkinlik 16

1)Grill2) Cut3) Fry4) Slice5) Bake6) Mash

Sayfa 69 Etkinlik 18

1)Peelthefruit2) Turn on theblender3) Addsomeiceintotheglass

4) Slicethefruit5) Put thefruitintotheblender6) Pourthejuiceinto a glass

Sayfa 70 Etkinlik 19

1)Peel2) Slice 3) Chop 4) Beat5) Heat / fry6) Pour 8) minutes9) Sprinkle10) Serve

Sayfa 71 Etkinlik 20

Next / First / Finally / Afterthat / Then

Etkinlik 21

1)wash2) peel / chop3) chop4) mix5) on top of6) oliveoil

Sayfa 72 Etkinlik 22

1)a2) c

Etkinlik 23

4 / 1 / 7 / 5 / 2 / 3 / 6

Sayfa 73 Etkinlik 24

1)Twocups of flour, one cup of sugar, threeeggsandsomechocolate

2) Theyaregoingtomake a cake

3) No, theydon’t

4) Theyaregoingtobake a cake

5) Theyhavetopourthemixtureinto a pan

6) Theyhavetopreheattheovento 200o C

Etkinlik 25

1)grill3) crack 4) Pour 5) traditional 6) preheat 7) delicious 8) bake 9) Stir

Sayfa 78 Etkinlik 26

1)b2) c3) b4) c5) a6) d7) b8) b9) d10) a

Sayfa 81 Etkinlik 27

1)d2) a3) a4)b5) b6) d7) c8) a9) d10) a11) b12) c13) c14) c15) d

16) c17) a18) a19) b20) a21) d22) c23) c24) a25) a26) c27) b28) b29) d30) a

Sayfa 82/83 Etkinlik 28

1)a2) a3) b4) a5) b6) b7) a8) b9) a10) a11) b12) a13) b14) b15) a

TEOG Time 3

1)B2) D3) A4) A5) A6) D7) C8) C9) C10) D11) D12) C13) D14) B15) C

16) D17) B18) A19) B20) C

TEOG Time 3 (Test 2)

1)A2) C3) B4) A5) C6) D7) B8) D9) D10) D11) D12) B13) C/D 14) C 15) D 16) C 17) B 18) C 19) A 20) D