Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

Date:Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Time: 4:00 P.M.

Location:University Rooms Markee Pioneer Student Center

Officers: Laura Anderson (Chair), Mark Zidon (Vice Chair), Benjamin V.C. Collins (Secretary)

Quorum - Minimum number of 11 voting members needed to call a meeting to order

Elected Members

☐Christopher Baxter (2018) / ☐Benjamin V.C. Collins (2017) / ☐Amy Nemmetz (2019)
☐Tera Montgomery (2017) / ☐Charles Cornett (2019) / ☐ Evan Larson (2018)
☐Amanda Trewin (2019) / ☐ James Swenson (2018) / ☐ Amanda Tucker (2017)
Academic Staff / Academic Staff / Academic Staff
☐Misty Lemon-Rogers (2017) / ☐Ali Soleimanbeigi (2019) / ☐ T.A. Sandberg (2018)
At-Large / At-Large / At-Large
☐ Mary Rose Williams (2018) / ☐Nancy Turner (2017) / ☐ Laura Anderson (2018)
☐ Mark Zidon (2017) / ☐ Colleen McCabe (2017)
Library / ☐Kory Wein (2019)
☐John-Leonard Berg (2017)

Non-Voting Members

☐Elizabeth Throop (Provost, ex officio) / ☐Dennis J. Shields (Chancellor, ex officio) / ☐ Terry Burns (Parliamentarian)
☐ Lisa Merkes-Kress (Rec. Secretary) / ☐Matthew Castelaz (Student Senate Liaison) / ☐Paula Kueter (Ac. Staff Senate, Liaison)


I / Opening of the Meeting
Call the Meeting to Order
Approval of the Minutes of Tuesday, October 25, 2016
II / Reports / Presenter
3. / Appointments and Elections Committee / J. Swenson
4. / Academic Planning Council: Departmental Name Change from Electrical Engineering to Electrical and Computer Engineering / T. Nelson/ A. Pawl/ P. Sealy
5. / Bylaws Committee: Proposed Amendments to Faculty Bylaws
Part II, Article III, Section 1 “Definitions and General Procedures,” Part II, Article III, Section 3 “University Budget Commission,” and
Part II, Article IV, Section 6 “Student Discipline Committee” / S. White
6. / University Rank, Salary, and Tenure Policy Commission: Post-Tenure Review Policy Document with RevisionsRequired by UW System / S. Hansen
III / Unfinished Business / Presenter
7. / none
IV / New Business / Presenter
8. / Faculty Representation on Data Stewardship Committee / R. Cramer/T. Carothers
9. / Faculty Representation on Budget Advisory Committee Pending Approval of Changes to Bylaws / L. Anderson
V / Announcements / L. Anderson
VI / Close Meeting / Next Meeting:Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Faculty Senate meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. For location, please see the Faculty Senate website. The Faculty Senate agenda is composed of items from many sources. If you wish to have an item placed on the agenda, please submit it to a Senate officer no later than eight days prior to the Senate meeting. The meetings are open to the public and all faculty members are invited to attend. The agenda is distributed to the faculty in advance of the meeting to give faculty members the opportunity to contact members of the Senate to express views on topics being discussed.