Expression of Interest - Opportunity for Local Aboriginal Artist to Design Illustrations

Expression of Interest - Opportunity for Local Aboriginal Artist to Design Illustrations

Expression of Interest

Opportunity for local Aboriginal artist to design illustrations

to feature onsignage in ACT parks and reserves


The ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) isdeveloping interpretative signage forone of Canberra’s newest nature reserves - Molonglo River Reserve. Part of this work involves creating feature signage that will highlight the ecological values of the Molonglo River corridor as well as emphasise thecontinuing cultural connections to this landscape.

The current project seeks to install five customised interpretative pillars. Each pillarwill showcase a single emblematic fauna or flora species strongly associated with the Molonglo Reserve corridor, but which also serves as an importantcultural ‘totem’ associated with local Aboriginal culture. Selected species include: River she-oak, Casuarina cunninghamiana (tree); Chocolate lily, Arthropodium fibriatum (wildflower); Rainbow bee-eater, Merops ornatus(migratory bird); Eastern wallaroo, Macropus robustus robustus (mammal); and Marbled gecko, Christinus marmoratus (reptile).

In respect to First Peoples continuing custodianship and relationship toCountry, PCS are specifically seeking a local Traditional Custodian to assist with the customised design and interpretation of these five signage pillars. Specifically, we are seeking:

(1) the development of artworks unique to each plant and animal, which communicates a story of the cultural connection toeach plant and animal;

(2) one or two sentences that will accompany each artwork, very briefly explaining the message of the artwork and/or the value of each plant and animal to Aboriginal culture.


In your submission, please submit a draft sketch of one or two of the plant or animals listed above to demonstrate your artwork style.Submissions can be made by using the online application form which can also be found at

Alternatively submissions can be emailed, posted or hand delivered to the contact officer (details below). Your interpretation and creativity is strongly encouraged to be reflected in your designs.

Graphic design requirements for final artwork

The artist will be required to create an artwork for all five species that will be showcased in each of the interpretative pillars. All sketches will need to have a reasonably similar/consistent style across all five signs and fit within the 300mm x 2400mm panel dimensions. Please providedigital artwork (EPS or .ai format). Hand drawn artwork will also be accepted. No colour is required for artworks as these will all be laser cut-out of Cor-ten steel using a waterjet laser. The artwork will need to work as a design both as a reversed and a positive image. The successful artist will be asked to provide a final version of all five sketches/artworks.


Artists must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a local Traditional Custodian of the Canberra region.
  • Be 18 years old or above.

Quote and artist rights

In your submission please provide a quote that clearly outlines the cost of the designs and copyright purchase. The chosen designs will be converted to digital format and will be used on PCSsignage (and may also appear onwebsite pages, social media, promotional materials and publications). The successful artist will be required to sign a contract, a two way agreement outlining copyright requirements and other terms and conditions. For further questions about copyright or for other enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the contact officer.

Assessment and selection

The artist’s proposal will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Simplicity and consistency of style and design
  2. Demonstrated relevance of the design
  3. Demonstrated ability to work within the specified timeframe
  4. Affordability and value for money


Task / Details / Date
Draft Submission /
  1. Draft sketch of one or two of the plant/animals that will be showcased
  2. Proposed quote which includes cost of all designs and copyright purchase
/ 5pm Monday 5June 2017
Sign Contract / Meet with ACT Parks staff, agree on timeline and sign contract / MidJune 2017
Submit final designs /
  1. Submit final designs for all five artworks in monochromatic format in A4 or A3 size
  2. Submit final invoice
/ 5pmMonday
31 July 2017
Verify suitability / Project officer to supply artworks to signage graphics designer and fabricators to verify suitability of designs for signage dimensions and to confirm intricacies for laser cut-out.
Payment / ACT Parks to process invoice / Early August 2017

Contact officer

Darren Le Roux, Environmental Project Officer ACT Parks and Conservation Service Address: Level 3, Dame Pattie Menzies, 16 Challis Street, Dickson Phone: 02 62072422 Email:

Submissions are due 5 pm Monday5June 2017