Executive Director Job Distribution Revision

Executive Director Job Distribution Revision

Executive Director – Job Distribution Revision

Proposal: Breakdown the current Executive Director position into two positions. (Director of Operations and Director of Membership Engagement)

Financial: Current amount going out is: $41,200 to ED, $2,000 to Ed Chair, $2,000 to Temp Help = $45,200. Two positions would split $45,200 ($22,600). Accountant confirmed that salary taxes would remain relatively the same (about $150 more).

Financial Considerations: Propose that in lieu of a 3% annual salary increase, that the amount be put toward temporary help to continue to help with editing and database management during conferences and eligibility. 3% of $41,200 is $1236. (Projected to spend less than $1000 on temp help this year). Also, in lieu of Ed Chair giving up $2000 stipend, request that Ed Chair be given first right of refusal for any complimentary registrations the chapter receives as a result of event sponsorship.

Job Responsibility Chart:

Operations / Finance / Induction / Eligibility / Leadership Succession / Education / Scholarship / Membership Engagement / Service / Technology and Communication
Handles all member issues and inquiries(ex. missing membership packages, renewals, etc. ) / Approve reimbursement requests and submit to Treasurer for payment – tracking included. / Creates and maintains all induction materials. / Coordinates and manages the creation of the eligibility report with UOP / Revise and post all election and leadership succession information for the web site. / Manages registration process for all education meetings / Maintains information on the web site. / Assists the Vice President with the ME mentorship / Manages the water.org campaign – including financial, communications and web site. / Oversees the Technology Internship
Manages the RFP/contracts for Board Meetings. (When an education meeting is being held with a Board meeting – defers to Ed Chair and secures event orders for Board meeting only) / Coordinate the completion of the taxes with the Treasurer and Accountant / Handles all questions related to induction. / Creates all reports and databases related to eligibility in STTI system / Create the ballot and candidate web page for the election, tally the votes and posts election results annually. / Utilizes communication tools (Circle, fb, blasts) to alert members to availability of events. / Utilizes communication tools (Circle, fb, blasts) to alert members to availability. / Assist the ME committee with any needed support such as web site posting, communications, etc. / Assists the Immediate Past President in managing all service campaigns. Including financial, communications and web site. / Manages the chapter’s postings on social media
Creates agendas and materials for all board meetings / Handle monthly accounting reports and issues with the bookkeeper / Processes all induction expense reports and submits for approval / Answers all inquiries related to eligibility. Phone and email. / Create and distribute officer contracts each year and assist with officer training. / Handles all aspects of the CE process for education events. / Coordinates scholarship review with committee / Creates and distributes the annual General Membership survey / Assists the Immediate Past President with the Past President’s Council / Creates and distributes the chapter’s monthly newsletter and STTI newsletter
Handles all operational tasks – mailings, ordering supplies, etc. / Handle payroll and bank account management / Maintains induction information on the web site. / Maintains eligibility and membership information on the web site. / Handles all aspects of the evaluation process for education events / Send award letters and request payment for all quarterly scholarships and annual research scholarships / Manages the process and creates drafts of all chapter awards
Runs the 90 day report and any other requested reports – such as mailing lists, etc. / Management payment of contract workers. / Communicates with the campuses to help facilitate induction events. / Handles the nurse leader process with the Governance Committee / Completes speaker contracts, needed supplies and speaker expense reports / Handles all aspects of the Jo Hoffmeier award
Maintains Board distribution lists and board information on the Board Review page. / Manages the induction RSVP process / Handles the process for all non-UOP membership inquiries and submissions. / Participates in all planning meetings for education events. / Manages the STTI Foundation contract and relationship.
Update all calendars and tracking reports each year. / Handles the General Membership Meeting. / Handles the UOP Academic Scholarship process
Completes the annual filing with the State of AZ. / Manages the RFP/contracts for Education Meetings. / Handles any additional scholarships or sponsorships that the chapter considers awarding – such as One Nurse at a Time