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Excellence, Employability and Enterprise

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Role Profile: Lecturer in Early Years and Childcare

Salary: c. £23.3k -£29.5k per annum, pro rata where applicable Points 23 – 31 on the harmonised scale

Cluster:Technical & Service Industries

Accountable to:Head of Academy

Primary Purpose:To deliver high quality teaching and learning across a range of full-time and part-time programmes

Location: ncn College sites and out centres

Overview of responsibilities

Carry out teaching and related duties as described in the contract of employment.

Contribute to curriculum development and undertake responsibility for the development of specified aspects of curriculum on occasions.

Undertake tutorial duties and responsibilities.

Carry out duties related to the co-ordination and organisation of learning programmes to which you contribute as a lecturer.

Carry out those duties necessary to ensure that information to support the administrative processes of student entry, progression, achievement and destination is captured by the College effectively and efficiently.

Support the online testing of students.

Identify personal professional development needs and work to achieve continuous improvement in professional practice.

Participate in and contribute to team and organisational events related to providing advice and guidance for students and facilitating entry into the College.

Participate fully in team and general staff development events.

General responsibilities:

Work effectively and in accordance with organisational values to achieve the College’s mission and strategic priorities.

Support, contribute to and take personal responsibility for implementing the College’s commitment to Equality and Diversity.

Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement through participation in the Professional Development Review process.

Support and participate in all initiatives to ensure the College has a safe and healthy environment for all students, staff and visitors.

Carry out other duties that are required within the role as it evolves within the development of the organisation

The duties of any teacher will include but will not be limited to:

Formal scheduled teaching, tutorials and student assessment, management of learning programmes and curriculum development, student admissions, educational guidance, counselling, preparation of learning materials and student assignments, marking of students’ work, management and supervision of student visit programmes, research and other forms of scholarly activity, marketing activities, consultancy, leadership and staff management, administration and personal professional development.

The precise nature of an individual’s duties and responsibilities will evolve and change over time. While providing opportunities for further professional development, these changes require the individual lecturer to update their immediate professional competence and to take account of and prepare for changes impacting on the processes by which students’ access learning.

Academy responsibilities

To be responsible for formal scheduled teaching duties, in the programme area of Early Years and Childcare, and related areas, including teaching, workshops, student assignments and the preparation of learning materials and students’ assignments.

To accept responsibility as personal tutor for the pastoral and general welfare of a group of students, if required.


This job profile is intended to provide a general guide to the duties and responsibilities of the post and aims to set this in the context of the framework within which the post holder is expected to operate.

This job profile should not be viewed as a legal document or a set of conditions of service and it can be reviewed at any time in light of the needs of New College Nottingham. Any amendments to the job profile will be discussed with the line manager and post holder and subsequently confirmed in writing.

This job profile has been prepared by Ruth Ajaiband is correct as at January 2016. It will be updated in consultation with the post holder through the PDR process as and when circumstances change.

New College Nottingham is seeking to promote the employment of disabled people and will make any adjustments considered reasonable to the above duties under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 to accommodate a suitable candidate with a disability.

Person Specification

Post: Lecturer in Early Years and Childcare / A / I / T
Education and Qualifications:
1 /

Hold or be prepared to achieve a recognised teaching qualification within an agreed timescale

/ X / X
2 /

Hold a level 3 or above qualification in a relevant vocation

/ X
3 /

Hold a level 2 in Maths and English

/ X
4 / Proven professional experience in an early years/care background / X / X
5 / Have the organisational experience and mature communication skills necessary to the role. / X / X
6 / Have an understanding of license to practice programmes and professional standards / X
7 / Have experience and knowledge of a wide variety of teaching / learning strategies and be able to teach across the range of programmes offered within the team / X / X / X
Skills, abilities and competency:
8 / Committed to the delivery of high quality education / X
9 / Enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge through innovative approaches to learning / X / X
10 / Willingness and ability to liaise with staff in other teams / X
11 / Ability to deal with people and situations in a patient, objective and good-humoured manner / X
12 / Work flexibly to meet student needs and those of the team / X / X
13 /

Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, with a wide range of people

/ X / X / X
14 / Ability to present information confidently and in a structured manner / X / X
15 / Evidence of personal commitment and contribution to diversity and equality of opportunity / X
16 / Commitment to quality and excellence through evidence of continuing professional development. / X / X
17 / A respectful and inclusive attitude to learners and colleagues. / X
18 / Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Safeguarding /Child Protection issues relevant to the post / X / X
Key: The criteria for this post will be assessed as follows:
A / By Application Form
I / By Interview
T / By Test as part of the Selection Assessment process