Er. R. ARUMUGAM, B.E., M.Tech.(IITD) EU/SE/ENL/PQ39-07-08/2008 09

Er. R. ARUMUGAM, B.E., M.Tech.(IITD) EU/SE/ENL/PQ39-07-08/2008 09

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Er. R. ARUMUGAM, B.E., M.Tech.(IITD) EU/SE/ENL/PQ39-07-08/2008 – 09

Superintending Engineer

January 16, 2009


Sub:Enlistment of Contractors (Civil / Electrical / Furniture) - Reg.

Ref: Notice No: 39/PQ / 2007 – 08.


With reference to the above subject, contractors who have already registered with IIT Madras in the category of Civil / Electrical (Class A / B / C) and those who have applied for new registration with respect to the above notice and those willing to apply for registration with IIT Madras, the following information may be noted and appropriate documents may be submitted;

1.1 The unqualified and previously qualified contractors (who have not applied for new qualification) to submit the missing details / documents with in a specific period before 31st January 2009. In this regard, separate letters will be sent to the contractors/applicants.

1.2In case the applicant failed to qualify, the applicant may be qualified for the next lower class in the same category if he / she found eligible from the available documents after obtaining concurrence from him/her.

1.3The registered contractor should participate in at least one tender in a year or otherwise he / she may be disqualified during the next revalidation process.

1.4The enlistment process will be done throughout the year and the set of applications will be received and processed and the same will be made effective after obtaining approval from the competent authority of the Institute. Accordingly, the enlistment list will be modified quarterly.

1.5Enlistment rules and applications will be published in the Institute / Engineering Unit web site. The contractors willing to apply for the registration can download the applications and rules throughout the year and shall submit the relevant documents and fees as prescribed in the notice inviting enlistment applications.

1.6Till finalizing the entire process of the new enlistment, the present list of the registered contractors will also be valid. If those who have already registered with IIT Madras in the Class A, B, C category of Civil / Electrical will be valid only upto finalizing the applications which will be received upto January 31st 2009 with respect to the above notice. After that the existing registration will become null and void.

Yours sincerely,


Superintending Engineer

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